La Roche-Posay takes care of my sensitive skin: discovery of the Effaclar range


I regularly have the opportunity to talk about it: my skin is giving me a hard time. At 35, with my combination skin, I still fight against some pimples and imperfections, have sensitive and reactive skin and a small allergic tendency. I use the most respectful products possible: fragrance-free (or natural fragrance) and suitable for combination skin (light, hydrating but non-greasy, etc.). The word “dermatological” is important for my purchases. Also, I was overwhelmed when La Roche-Posay offered to test several of its products from the Effaclar range to tell you about it. I was able to start to discover purifying foaming gel, Serozinc and the unifying duo (+). Goal : fight against imperfections. Here are my first impressions, after three weeks of use!

La Roche-Posay - Test of the Effaclar range ainti-imperfections

Effaclar purifying foaming gel

Effaclar purifying foaming gel (€ 12.20) is intended for cleanse the skin gently, purify the epidermis and promote the elimination of excess sebum. It contains mild cleaning agents and zinc pidolate. It is used by lathering a little gel in the palm of the wet hand and then massaging the face with it. Just rinse with clear water.

The purifying foaming gel can be used morning and evening. I used it every day, at least once, sometimes twice (often I use a micellar lotion for the other cleaning of the day, knowing that I don’t wear makeup). In use, the foam is fine and white and the smell of gel really evokes the thermal baths. Cleaning is pleasant. I then feel a real need hydration, even after applying a serum and my moisturizer, which I put on, when I can afford it before I go to work, a second coat. The skin pulls a little during the day and I am looking for one of my products that will be able to rehydrate my skin sufficiently after using the gel. This feeling is specific to me because I have only read reverse feedback to mine: on other women, the skin does not pull.

La Roche-Posay - Test of the Effaclar range ainti-imperfections


Serozinc (€ 7.10) is used in addition to cleaning with the purifying foaming gel Effaclar. It’s a astringent tonic for oily skin with imperfections which promises to soothe irritated skin. It sprays all over the face. Then just let it soak in for two to three minutes before dabbing the excess.

Spraying is a beauty step that I’m not used to thinking about, even though I know it could benefit me. So I held on to this new routine. A few minutes of freshness!

La Roche-Posay - Test of the Effaclar range ainti-imperfections

Effaclar duo tinted treatment + light unifying

Effaclar duo + light unifier (14.40 €) is a tinted anti-blemish and anti-recurrence treatment. Its composition is intended to fight against recurrence and free the skin of its imperfections and residual marks. This treatment unifies the complexion. It is intended to be light and easy to apply. This treatment is intended for women and men and is not intended to give a “makeup” look. It exists in two shades: light and medium.

When I started the test, it had been a while since my skin had looked as bad. Not necessarily the ideal conditions to fully appreciate the virtues of a new product!

From my experience, this tinted treatment really hides red pimples and scars. This can be really practical, especially in the professional context. On me, better not to apply it on the (new) pimples that are just waiting to get infected (sorry for these details) because it disturbs their healing compared to the way I usually treat them and I have struggling to get by. I use the treatment locally and not on the whole face. I have not yet seen, with the naked eye, improvement in my pushing of buttons but really like to know that what I apply is made for this use and is not a corrector without promise of care. The application is simple and the product has good hold.

La Roche-Posay - Test of the Effaclar range ainti-imperfections

I will need to test the products over a longer period of time to properly measure the effects of the range, but I am sure I will use everything. I am also an avid user of La Roche-Posay solar products!

The Effaclar range is available in pharmacies, drugstores and on the and websites.

La Roche-Posay - Test of the Effaclar range ainti-imperfections

And you, do you use brand products?

Thank you very much for allowing me to test these products!

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