Lazio and Serie A fairy tale


Serie A season 1999-2000 recorded Lazio’s COACH Sven-Goran Eriksson overcame Juventus to win the Scudetto in a strange way that never saw.

“Returning to Rome many years later, people there still realized me when meeting in the hotel,” Eriksson told James Horncastle-the The Athletic. “It’s hard for me to pay for hotel, because they are too nice, too emotional, right Italy. Once you have helped their team to champion Serie A, they will always remember you “.

Yesterday 14/5 marked round 20 years after Lazio won the closest Scudetto and created a vibrant sight never seen in Rome. Visitors to the capital of Italy have now easily noticed the works of Grafitti (murals) that were born in the excitement of Lazio CĐV 20 years ago. One of them is the pale blue-coloured traditional coat of Lazio, with the inscription “Thank Sven”. Eriksson-was 72 years old and hidden in his hometown of Sweden-still remember to print intense emotions from the glorious journey of the 1999-2000 season.

“People poured out everywhere,” he told. “They even climbed my Volvo, and took a while, the police appeared. They told me: ‘ Invite him here ‘. I was surprised to ask, ‘ What do you mean? ‘, and they responded, ‘ A man of ours will drive his car, and he’s over here. We’re going to take him by the police car, and no, and he’ll be home soon. ‘ So the police took me back, and the next day I came to the police department in Formello to get back the Volvo. “

The 2000 Serie A Championship with Lazio was the culmination of Eriksson’s career in the army. Photo: Afp.

Eriksson is one of the world’s most moving COACHES, with 16 team changes, having a troop experience in both Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. But months 5/2000 and four years in Lazio (1997-2001) are probably the most exciting and memorable stages of their career. Four days after the Scudetto, Eriksson and Lazio completed the domestic double with the Italian Cup, having won the Inter 2-1 final through the two finals. By January 9/2000, the glory came when his mentor won the Italian Super Cup, winning the Inter 4-3.

Not long after Scudetto, he was contacted to invite him to the manager. Also from England, Man Utd viewed the Swedish army chief who was the ideal candidate to take over manager’s seat in 2002, after Sir Alex Ferguson intended to solve the technology. In less than four years, Eriksson and Lazio have reached seven cups in Italy, the world’s most competitive football platform. The glorious success with Lazio caused the name Eriksson to float like alcohol, and he was widely admitted as one of the best COACHES in the world.

Lazio is also highly appreciated for their earthly COACH. Seven cups are still considered modest, during the four years of the splendor of Lazio with Eriksson. As Roberto Mancini recently proudly: “We are a super team” and he is probably not too verbal. Lazio under Eriksson was one of the best collective history of Italian football. They have Alessandro Nesta, Sinisa Mihajlovic under the craft, Diego Simeone, Sebastian Veron in the middle of the pitch, Pavel Nedved, Sergio Conceicao in two marginal, and Mancini-Marcelo Salas in public. As a mutation from the bench, Erikson can choose Fernando Couto, Nestor Sensini, Dejan Stankovic, Fabrizio Ravanelli, Matias Almeyda, Simone Inzaghi and Alen Boksic. A collective of talented, high-depth enough to make every other army jealous.

“If I would like to have a new player, the boss Sergio Cragnotti really tries to get back to the player,” said Eriksson. “The only case he refused me was Gabriel Batistuta from Fiorentina, because the cost was too big, and he was older. In 1998, Batistuta was 29 years old. Sergio said to me, ‘ Why don’t you make a younger player? ‘ And the first name that came in my mind was Salas. Then he came and showed that it was a very bad player. “

Members of the Lazio squad won the Serie A season 1999-2000.

To celebrate the first scudetto of Lazio since 1974, in the summer of 2000, Cragnotti decided to play large, spending 58.5 million euros-the record of the world’s assignment at that time-to Hernan Crespo from Parma. The Lazio CBS were not surprised by the blockbuster, because they were too familiar with the previous games of “Sir Del Monte”-the alias was placed under the canned fruit Company where Cragnotti started and built up Cirio-the largest food empire in the world.

In 1998, the businessman was the agent of a strike entitled “Cappuccino”, by the CLUB’s Cwinner and the city of Rome. Accordingly, Rome’s call for bars in the city did not buy milk from Cirio, because of the suspectedThis level raises the price of dairy selling to cover the Cragnotti cost of 28 million euros to Christian Vieri from Atletico Madrid.

Once with Lazio “cheated” over many opponents to be the Serie A champion, but “Serginho”, the intimate name given to Cragnotti from his time to Brazil for food, did not cheat through the investigators of the financial fraud investigation in Cirio in 2002. This food empire collapsed because of a deficit of up to a billion euros, and Cragnotti was sentenced to six months imprisonment. As the god Icarus flies up too close to the sun in Greek mythology and burns wings, the fun of Lazio is also coming to an end. The CLUB had to sell a series of stars and lose a power position in Serie A, until the team returned, competing in the Scudetto flat casino in 2019-2020.

Before the sad final chapter of the Cragnotti era, Lazio under Eriksson has flew up to nine layers of clouds and lived in the most brilliant, glorious months. “When I pick up to Lazio, Cragnotti said: ‘ Sir, we’re here to win. I haven’t had any titles with Lazio at all. I have invested a lot of money for the team, and will continue to invest big with him, but we must win ‘. ‘ OK, we’re going to try ‘, I said.

The endless ambition and love for Lazio were the Cragnotti (left), which was reflected in countless blockbuster missions, turning the team into a full-star group.

In fact, without Cragnotti, Eriksson also had the ambition to conquer when he arrived at Lazio in 1997. He was then seen as a “successful loser”-the irony-heavy alias assigned by Eriksson and Roma in a somewhat confusing and failed way on the Scudetto race track in 1986-1987. Italian teams then led-Fiorentina and Sampdoria, who did not help him in his prayers, because they were “not ambitious.” With Lazio, Eriksson created a meticulously planned, but so expensive plan that this COACH also admitted was to make him feel a bit stressed when presented. But with Cragnotti in 1997, money is not a problem.

Eriksson tells: “I tell Cragnotti that if you want to champion Serie A once, buy the team to add three players. Mancini, Mihajlovic and Veron, take all three about a while. Cragnotti can’t do that, because it’s impossible. Then, when we had three of them, Lazio had won. And I repeat the old story: ‘ Three years ago, if the boss bought all three of them, now we must have had three scudetto. ‘ He replied, ‘ Sven, one with me is enough, I’m happy. ‘ “

All three names that Eriksson has offered at the inauguration were his former pupil at Sampdoria. Just Mancini followed Eriksson to Lazio in 1997, Mihajlovic joined the team a year later. Veron came last, in the 1999 summer, with another Argentine Diego Simeone-central midfielder being Inter-discharged with the reason “incompatible with Ronaldo”.

“Mancini is a genius”, the Swedish COACH told. “He reads the game faster than anyone else, and has an incredible keen identity label. In terms of tactics, Mancini has been a COACH since he played the ball on the ground. Football is Mancini’s life. I’m not surprised he later became a good COACH, a champion. With Mancini, failure, simplicity, is unacceptable. “

With Mancini, Eriksson has had an all-in-one tug in the Lazio collective, having a powerful arm on the field.

In 1997, Mancini was 33 years old-the twilight age of the player career. But Eriksson still a squid that entails a pet to Lazio, not only by experience, the great technique of marking a tone or temper. He is also seen in Mancini a “great singing” model capable of advancing his team forward to the same class. If anyone in the team makes Mancini disappointed, this “Captain” will not forgive the person.

“If you do not do exactly what you have to do on the pitch-defense, attack, Mancini will get mad now,” Eriksson tells the boy about his pet, who is now the head COACH of Italy. “And with the arbitrators, when faced, do not expect him to behave gentleman. No way. So sometimes, I have to withdraw Mancini from the field, otherwise the arbitrators also chase him. But also when I hesitation a long time, and the arbitrators replaced me for doing it. “

“But I saw in the Mancini shadow a champion, a rich and delirious man. When I refer to the delirium, it is not only that he ever invited the whole Sampdoria to dinner at once a week, all inclusive. Mancini also wanted the team to play well, winning, and he was willing to do it all. Mancini is also a great shift in the dressing room. I firmly believe that even when I was home after the exercises, Mancini couldn’t shake off the thoughts of the work. He’s always thinking about football, “U. A. Lazio MANAGER added.

Mihajlovic is also nearly similar. “If today you ask Sinisa whether he can play in Serie A anymore, the answer will be ‘ yes ‘. I firmly believe. Sinisa thought he was the fastest in Serie A, the time he was working with, “Eriksson said. “And when I told him not to hurry, Sinisa always said, ‘ but there’s a man who’s going to get over me, boss. ‘ He is very intelligent, and possesses a superb left loss, far more than any other player. I’m so fortunate to have such a pupil. I used to train a Mihajlovic with a depleted left-off, and a Beckham that has a superhuman. Sinisa not only gains harm in direct free kicks or corners, but also a true champion, always watching runner-up is pointless. I have a lot of memories with him. “

Mancini (second from left) and Mihajlovic (the other right) are two of the three pillars of Eriksson (left) in Sampdoria following him to Lazio because of his aspiration to conquer.

He continued: “After I reached Sampdoria, Sinisa also entered the team on loan from Rome, as a winger. After a while, I called him out and said, ‘ This Sinisa, you are not a winger, nor a striker, he is a defender ‘. ‘ No, certainly not, boss, ‘ he replied. This guy is stubborn really. Then I also convinced Sinisa to return to the left-back stone. But after a while, I realized he was not fast enough at that position. I thought of stacking Sinisa neutral stone, playing pairs with Pietro Vierchowod then right. He responds now: ‘ There’s no dentist, sir. It’s too good for me. But then a player injured, and in a match, somebody else was expelled, so I ordered Sinisa: ‘ Now you’re in the center of a defender. And since then, he’s always a defender.

The mix of big personality, superhuman football minds and outstanding talents has transformed Lazio into a formidable team. They are strong enough, skilful enough to crush every opponent and are also sophisticated enough to bully every opponent. “With Veron, we have another COACH on the pitch,” says Eriksson. “Veron and Mancini have the same type of technical zone,” Sir, we think we need to do this, then… “.

It is not coincidentally that at present, 10 of Eriksson’s former students in the first-in-Class “scude2000 Tto” Lazio squad were manager. They include Nesta (CLUB Frosinone), Mancini (Italy), Mihajlovic (Bologna), Simone Inzaghi (Lazio), Simeone (Atletico), Conceicao (Porto), Giuseppe Pancaro (Pistoiese), Stankovic (Red Star Belgrade) and Almeyda (San Jose Earthquakes).

“There were two names that surprised me,” Eriksson said, when he talked about the old students who were working in the army. “One is Inzaghi, but he is still relatively young when I left Lazio. The two are Conceicao, who is doing too well in Porto. In the rest of the people, Simeone is extremely skilled in tactics. During the competition, he was not the most intelligent player, but it was always an important position for the team. And Simeone was the same time as he was now, at a level always a warrior, a fiery blood. All 10 of them were smart players, and respected each other. Of course, there are also when they quarrel, but overall, they respect each other, and in a sense, they all understand that they are playing in an outstanding collective. They all understand that if I do my work, and others do their work, Lazio will become a great team. They felt the team could have won every title. ”

The Italian Cup in 1997-1998 was the first major title of Lazio in four magical years with Sven Eriksson.

But as Eriksson had gone in previous CLUBS, success did not come just on day two, even with the star beam he had. Lazio has no title for many years, and there is no cultural or a winning talent. At the end of May 4/1998-ie almost a year after Eriksson held the team, when Lazio won the Milan 3-2 final two of the Italian Cup finals. It was the first time after four decades of Lazio to achieve this Cup.

“I miss the Cup winners on a 4th day. Then a week later, we kicked the UEFA Cup final with Inter in Paris, and lost 0-3. It’s a lousy failure. We have not reached the highest level, and do not seem to care about that match. The team has no heart to win. With the CLUB, the players and the Tifosi, the Italian Cup was a big result. They are still like the clouds, while the worth of doing is to try and defeat Inter. We learned many things after that failure, “Erikson said.

Inter-Lazio Finals UEFA Cup 1998

However, it is not the final lesson before the Eriksson Lazio has become a champion. They won more Super Cup Italy in 1998, and became the last team to advance the European Cup C2 before the play was established in 1999. But also in the 1998-1999 season, Lazio had a advantage to lead seven points on the top of Serie A, which had to be finished runner-up with only a lesser point than the champion-AC Milan of COACH Alberto Zaccheroni In Parma in 1997, Lazio 1999 made the impression they lacked the original to make a decisive kick on the Scudetto race track.

In the 1999-2000 season, Milan continued to upgrade their squad with Andriy Shevchenko. Juventus are still conductor Zinedine Zidane behind the striker Del Piero-Pippo Inzaghi. Meanwhile, Lazio’s title candidate continued to be suspected, despite having defeated the Man Utd, who ate three seasons earlier-in the European Super Cup match just before the season. It was a match that Mancini almost scored with his great heels, and Mihajlovic, Nedved, as if he wanted to do goalkeeper Man Utd Raimond van der Gouw to break his hands when he broke the shots, before the Salas scored the only goal, helping Lazio win 1-0.

European Super Cup 1999: Lazio 1-0 Man UTD

European Super Cup 1999: Lazio 1-0 Man Utd.

As he reiterated the victory in Monaco, Eriksson shrugs, as if it were a match with nothing special. He said, “Yes… It was a tough opponent, but we also defeated them. ”

Victory over Man-Utd-eating-three seemed to push Lazio to a new level, a new heart, where unusual things with them always became too ordinary. The superproduct of Matias Almeyda fixed the victory over Parma at the end of March 9/1999-a myriad of cheeks in addition to making Gigi Buffon’s handpiece-the more reinforcing the perspectives that Lazio began to seriously truly desire champion.

Matias Almeyda scoring the Parma Nets

Almeyda’s great product to Parma.

However, by the mid-March 3/2000, after losing 0-1 on Hellas Verona, Erikson was seen to be left behind with a poor nine-point head of Juventus. The “Lazio sensation” will not champion survive a few weeks later, “the Eriksson reimagined. “Even Cragnotti is pessimistic. And I always believe the team will champion. ‘ We are having the opportunity to win Scudetto. Everything is not finished, ‘ I tell the whole team. ‘

A week before a guest trip in Turin, a significant turning point appeared. Lazio won back Rome 2-1 in the capital Derby, while Shevchenko scored the decision, helping Milan lower Juventus, and making the track open again. And the key Bridge on the Delle Alpi-the home of Juventus at the time-then arrived, the Turin CV pulled into the courtyard, but as Eriksson commanded the students, Lazio was not afraid. In the previous season, Lazio also won 1-0 on Juventus, and again, they returned with similar results. Simeone scored the decision, and congratulated the goal in a manner that was both proud and cold.

Serie A 1999-2000: Juventus 0-1 Lazio

Lazio Lower Juventus 1-0 on Delle Alpi at 1/4/2000.

But Juventus did not collapse shortly after that defeat. With the advantage of four more points, “ageing” quickly followed the victories against Bologna, Inter, Fiorentina. The championship door with Lazio is as narrow as possible.

The narrow door existed in front of Eriksson until the season was two rounds. Hellas Verona, under Cesare Prandelli, was again portrayed by his great-grandfather, unexpectedly struck Juventus 2-0. The fall as Carlo Ancelotti’s Juventus began shaking, although they retained the advantage of more than two points before entering the final round. The then Juventus pillar Antonio Conte, Ciro Ferrara, Edgar Davids continuously on a spiritual strung, that cannot be missed before the glory that is near. History seems to also support her “elders”, as the opponent in the last round is Perugia has run out of combat motivation. And this team has never won Juventus since the years 1970.

The Eriksson Lazio therefore won Reggina, and asked for a miracle to come at the Battle of Perugia-Juventus. And miracles came on Renato Curi Stadium. After the one draw 0-0, the rain suddenly rains in 15 minutes, causing the match to be postponed to 82 minutes. Due to heavy rain, the fiscal Pierluigi Collina had to go all over the field to inspect, and despite the floodplain, he remained for the landlord of Perugia and Juventus on the second half.

At the same time, in the Olimpico, Lazio won easy Reggina 3-0 with tables of Inzaghi, Veron and Simeone. In the meantime, Eriksson first reached the top of the table since May 2/2000, and had to wait in tension in the game’s performance in Perugia. “I sat there, in the dressing room and the players. Many people are not bored bathing, It’s not sad dressing. Some of them are kind of superstition. One of them is Simeone, who sits a seat for 45 minutes, waits and listens to the radio. I’m going out, to a small office, and going through for a while. Everything becomes extremely stressful. The feeling is so special, because you just sit there and hope, “Eriksson tells.

The Lazio moment won Serie A 2000

The rain in the Renato Curi yard and the carving of Lazio while waiting for the coronation.

Eriksson is hoping to COACH Perugia Carlo Mazzone-a high-temperature CTHE… Rome, will be a tribute to Lazio. They also hoped that the invisible defender Alessandro Calori had opened the ratio for Perugia in the fourth half minutes to be the only goal in a match. They also hoped that the red card of Zambrotta 15 minutes before the time of Juventus would be devastated. These are all very difficult, vague and fragile hopes, but, somehow, come true.

Lazio’s Eriksson was crowned in a unique way, helping the CLUB win the second Scudetto in 100 years of existence, after the first time in 1974. “I don’t think there’s any other team champion in the same circumstances we were, both before and after,” said Eriksson. He remembered the leader Maurizio Manzini “crying out as a child”. Manzini is a relative part of Lazio from the late 1970. “He’s just like my desk, it’s always been there before I come in the morning every day. When I was out, Manzini was still there. Sometimes I’m kidding him: ‘ You don’t have a house, you sleep here, huh? ‘. And on the day the Lazio crowned, Manzini as crazy. Many of us are crazy that day, but he’s the craziest. But I can understand that emotion, since Manzini like a lifetime with the CLUB, “Eriksson added.

With Eriksson, joy not only comes from the CLUB that has won the biggest title, but also because eventually, the team also has the spirit that he builds from the early days. “We won the Scudetto on Sunday. Four days later, on Wednesday, the team finished in the Italian Cup finals, meeting Inter. Opposition thoughts went through my head: ‘ Oh no, we’re going to lose and lose the Cup. But it’s okay. Anyway, it’s good to win. “

“I called the students again and told ‘ even if the team doesn’t practice, we’re still ready ‘. Then we entered the yard, won and won the Cup. As a comparison, the team then with the team in my first year in Lazio has a huge difference. The bottom line is not the quality or the tactic, but just the spirit. Lazio became a winning collective despite the restriction of preparation. We hit the field, and beat Inter, which is the Inter of Lippi. The New World is proud, “Eriksson continues.


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