Living with ‘ ma ‘ time Covid


When many people are at home to adhere to a community-wide regulation, they notice there are “weird friends” who live with them.

Adrian Gomez lives with his girlfriend in Los Angeles. The early days of the community were quiet. They work remotely, bake, walk more than 3 kilometres each morning and fix to a dishwasher. But one night, the front door handle began to shake sharply, the sound echoes all over the room even though no one at the door.

Between April 4, Gomez is lying in bed, the window blinds begin to vibrate even though the window closes and the panels in the next window are completely immobile. There are no bugs, birds or any small creatures trapped in the blinds. Gomez thought this was an earthquake.

“My trembling blanket is like you would see in horror movies, because it really scared me,” he said.

The home window of Adrian Gomez. Photo: NYTimes.

The home window of Adrian Gomez. Photo: NYTimes.

Both he and his girlfriend did not notice any unusual things at home before, but now they can hear the footsteps on the upper floor even if nobody is on the floor.

“I’m a pretty good person,” Gomez, 26, working in the information technology industry, said. “I try to think about the logical, tangible cause. But when there was no answer, I began to think: ‘ Maybe something else is happening ‘.

Maybe not only they live in the house.

For those who believe that they are living with the ghost, the days of community ways not only include remote or online meetings but also unknown voices from where, the virtual blur, the strangest incidents of electronic devices, the invisible cats located on the couch , the feeling of having an invisible hand touching the person or seeing the hovering ghosts. Some people are scared. Others simply consider having more “pregnant people”.

Although there is no scientific evidence of the existence of ghosts, many people believe they are real. According to YouGov’s survey in 2019, 45% of Americans mature believe Ma is real. In 2009, the PEW Research Center survey found that 18% of Americans believed they had seen or encountered ghosts.

Before New York asked the people at home, Patrick Hinds, 42 years old, left Manhattan with his partner and daughter to leave for 6 weeks in a lovely little house in western Massachusetts that they rented on the booking app.

One night, Hinds woke up at about 3h to drink water. He saw a white man out of 50 years old, wearing World War II military uniforms, sitting on a table.

“In an original volume, I didn’t realize the unusual thing, but when he turned to the look, he disappeared,” Hinds said. “But I don’t feel intimidated. I didn’t even tell my partner the next morning “.

John E.L. Tenney, who described himself as a mysterious phenomenon researcher and has led the TV program “Tracing the Ghost” on TV, indicating the 2019, averting a month 2-5 who believed him, said their home was haunted. Recently, figures were up to 5-10 people a week.

Tenney witnessed similar trends: in 1999, shortly before the Y2K incident (computer error occurred when switching to 2000), the number of people who said they saw Ma or UFO spike. “It seems to be related to our state of anxiety and high-level vigilances,” he said.

Tenney said many strange phenomena can be explained. As the sun rises and the house begins to warm, people are often at work, so when working at home, they are unfamiliar to hear the noise when bricks and wood hatch. “In the house there are always such sounds, but they do not pay attention to them until now”.

Does that argument be true to everyone? Janie Cowan, 26, believes she has met ghosts from the university age. She calls the ghost Matthew, who causes the voice to run up the stairs at night at her home in Colombia.

This sound is “not the natural noise of the house or the cat’s travel”, her husband, Will Cowan, accounting 31 years old, said. “He obviously wanted to take notice”.

The entrance to the stairs causes a bronze night at the Cowan House. Photo: NYTimes.

The entrance to the stairs causes noise at night at the Cowan House. Photo: NYTimes.

The couple noticed Matthew having feelings for Janie more. At the time the couple began to make a community way in March, Cowan used the bathroom for his wife, a night nurse, who could sleep quietly without being bothered. Matthew does not seem to like this change. In three times Cowan Bath in the guest room, hot water unexpectedly is turned off.

Madison Hill, a 24-year-old writer and teacher from North Carolina, USA, now living in apartment in Florence, Italy. She is always suspicious of the house, especially the bathroom. She feels someone is looking at her, the door is usually suddenly collapses, the scarves fall irregular on the base.

When she was a few weeks away from the community, she discovered on the top shelf with something unexpected: the camera lens she carried from the US was lost when it moved to the house. She gave up looking for it long ago.

Since then, other small objects, including a set of keys, suddenly appear in unusual places in the house. She considers that the camera lens reappears to be “mischievous gestures”, perhaps suggesting that this is the perfect time to Hill, who is specialized in film, returning to old interests.

Camera lenses and objects appear abnormal in the House of Madison Hill. Photo: NYTimes.

Camera lenses and objects appear abnormal in the House of Madison Hill. Photo: NYTimes.

Kerry Dunlap, 31-year-old teacher, lived in a bedroom apartment in Ridgewood, Queens along with his girlfriend Alexandra Cohl. Dunlap believes he first met Ghost at home in the last summer.

He sees her in the bathroom in the midnight: wearing the green dress, standing the way he pointed an arm. The woman seemed to glow but disappeared when he turned on the lights. Dunlap knows that his friends for rent have also seen ghosts. Both agreed they saw an Asian woman of small stature.

Each evening, Dunlap and girlfriend Cohl often “bracing” the small blanket they cover. Several weeks ago, Dunlap woke up late at night, feeling that Cohl was down in bed to adjust the blanket to cover it evenly in bed. But you don’t see a girlfriend on the back bed, you call her. Colh not answer.

Colh then from the toilet walked out, she was not the shepherd. “It’s confusing. It’s weird, “Dunlap said. But both he and Cohl have a positive impression: “invisible friend” seems to try to make two people feel more comfortable or help them avoid the controversy.

Kurt Gray, a professor at the University of North Carolina, said at the time when human beings are insecurity or have a big discomfort, they are more susceptible to feeling haunted, especially when the epidemic also has similarities to “Evil Ghosts” – invisible enemies at the unsuspecting victim.

This phenomenon can also be the side effect of loneliness. “When it comes to community, you are physically and psychostatic. Your world shrinks, “Gray said. “You are forced to stay home while you need to contact others. And it is comforting to think that there is a supernatural power that you can elect. “

Danielle, 39-year-old attorney, has taken the community way from before the outbreak. She was in a home illness in Richmond, British Columbia, after suffering a serious illness in winter. She first noticed the strange phenomenon in February, when detecting a lamp in the bedroom for guests to be turned on even though she remembered not turning it on. It is repeated. One day, she said aloud, “Don’t turn the lights on.”

The next time she walked into the room, the lamp was still off, but the ceiling lamp, which she never turned on, was morning Choang. She also hears a man’s voice and a woman but can’t hear what they say.

Recently, while sewing the page in this room, she had a sufficient amount of fabric to add a sew. But just in a moment of not paying attention, the remaining two pieces of cloth disappear.

“They disappear, in just 20 seconds. I checked the trash and the cloth stack but did not see anything. I searched all over the house but they never returned. “

Danielle describes herself as an extrapable person, who loves to communicate with everyone. Friends and family have been worried not know how you have to overcome the time of the community. “Now I feel like somebody appears to make me happy or make sure I don’t feel lonely,” she said.

“If ‘ mystical forces ‘ can help these people overcome loneliness, that’s great,” said Professor Gray. “As long as the ghost does not ask them to come to the emergency room without wearing a page and kissing everyone”.

Did you hear the weird noise between the night? Do you see people when you get to the basement or upstairs? Don’t be scared. Be careful to observe, you may soon find a reasonable explanation. Know where strange noise in 14h50 days is just a truck shipped?, Tenney said.

But he also added: “One can argue that the ghost does not suddenly appear in your home, it has long been present. You are the person who changed, maybe you’re listening closer. Maybe we are now starting to notice the world more exotic than we think “.

Phuong VU (According to NYTimes)


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