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Golfers can carry a bag by themselves, or by caddie as before, when they return to compete in the American women’s professional golf system.

This is a temporary option for the remainder of the 2020 season. LPGA Tour will rejoin the season from 23/7 after months of the epidemic and have to cancel 11 tournaments and reposition 13 events. The golfer can then manually transport the “Labor tools” on the field if desired, according to the 20/5 on LPGA Tour. This mechanism is designed to protect people who do not have their own caddie, before the risk of nCoV infection from hiring unfamiliar native “assistants”.

Because of the rules of the epidemic, female golfers can carry their own clubs, rather than by caddie as usual. Photo: Golf Digest.

Because of the rules of the epidemic, female golfers can carry their own clubs, rather than by caddie as usual. Photo: Golf Digest.

“We expect many golfers to use full-time caddie when we reopen the arena. This is mainly to avoid the situation of working with the local people while the information of each other is unknown. This will lead to health worries when coordinating with non-acquaintances, “says LPGA Tour director Christina Lance confirms and explains the information.

Despite the safety of public health in the season, this is an unfun information for many caddie who are eager to return to their work.

John Killeen is the veteran caddie at LPGA Tour and has been side-by-party such as Patty Sheehan, Meg Mallon, Ayako Okamoto and Cristie Kerr. While listening to the “caddie option”, he was worried about having to immediately message the LPGA Tour member Mike Whan.

“I ask Mike,” whether this is the end of the caddie we know. Is that the path we were forced to be. Mike replied ‘ No life ‘, “Killeen tells.

The Director of communication Lance also asserts “not a link”. “100% sure we’re still on the caddie side. This is not the beginning of a long-term plan to remove the caddie from the game. That’s the truth, “this taste says.

Les Luark carried a bag for Lydia Ko and collaborated with Ariya Jutanugarn. He confirms the viewpoint in favor of the organization’s safety event operations. But the caddie also cares that some of the golfers will abuse the open mechanism, and not only have you been concerned about it.

“Multi-part golfer welcomes our way of earning a living. The mechanism for the caddie issue will not affect those who are working in hand. However, I think there will be no fewer golfers taking advantage of this to earn a money advantage, “Luark expressed his personal worries.

“For many young golfers who graduate or in the second-class Symetra arena have no stable income or simply do not appreciate caddie, they will think ‘ oh I can save 1,300-1,400 per week for four months without caddie ‘. I think I’m getting upset, “the pocket man for two former numbers of a world is determined.

“Caddie plans to come back and have a phone call and listen to golfer saying ‘ oh sorry, now I don’t need you. ‘ Heartbroken “, Killeen said, shared with many colleagues. Killeen is now 61 years old. For the first time, he thought of only eight months. “Then 38 years later I was caddie. It’s a Wonderful Life, “says Killeen about love.

The open regulation of using caddie makes people like Killeen worried. Photo: Golf Digest.

The open regulation of using caddie makes people like Killeen worried. Photo: Golf Digest.

He also worried the impact of the open mechanism on caddie’s general life and unfun consequences if the epidemic was suspended for the following year. On 21/5, he was in a group chat with 10 caddie. They not only share those worries but are afraid to arise in the profession resentment against the golfer on the field.

“If the golfer A or B has caddie, but doesn’t use the story will spread in the community. It’s horrible to speak, but don’t say it’s annoying, “Killeen says.

A series of questions laid out for the new caddie mechanism, whether temporary, such as “no caddie, who scraped sand, cleaned the ball? How does caddie feel, to withstand the golfer’s view of the bag itself by carrying on the shoulder or pulling in a car?, how does the scene affect professional-style imagery?

Pernilla Lindberg, champion of Major ANA Inspiration 2018, understood the flexible bond between golfer and caddie. She is married to private caddie Daniel Taylor.

“I’m close to many caddie. I and some of the golfers are worried about the caddie in this tough time. We want to bring the opportunity toBack to them. Hopefully members with regular partners on the field will bring the player to the pitch when rematch. We are in professional arena and caddie help better fight. We want them to be tied to the expertise and hopefully others will look closely at the problem, “Lindberg has an idea of carrying bags.

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