Maradona and his lover’s history with Napoli


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Despite the many waves, seven years of sticking between them were the seven-year splendor of Diego Maradona, as well as the history of Naples.

The place of Love begins

On sunny summer day Chang 5/7/1984, Diego Armando Maradona presented the village as a rookie of Naples. The world record contract valued at 6.9 million in the table to the San Paolo Stadium by helicopter, in the excitement of more than 70,000 spectators paid to see Maradona in a meat-bone. Rumpus in the stands show that Napoli yearns for a “Messiah”.

During the long talks with Barca, there were the true Neapolitan to make the team buy by Maradona. A man even chained to the San Paolo fence to cause pressure on the leader board. When the assignment was completed, a local newspaper wrote: “There is no mayor, house, school, bus, jobs and hygiene… It’s okay, because we already have Maradona! “.

Napoli wanted to recruit Maradona from 1979, but this young man hardly knew about a future destination. He reimagined: “To me, Napoli didn’t mean nothing more than something of Italy, like pizza.” Meanwhile, it would be difficult to describe the longing of Napoli with Maradona. The team represented the third largest city of Italy but never won A Serie A since its establishment in 1926. They were runners-up in 1968 and 1975, but heavy investments never gave them the scudetto-what the northern rivals such as Juventus, AC Milan and Inter repeatedly possessed. Their traditional room, as before the Maradona appeared, consisted of only two Italian Cups in 1962 and 1976. Since 1981, Napoli ended Serie A in the 3rd, 4th, 10th and 12th positions.

In 1984, the new Serie A had 16 teams and three plates were relegated. Selecting the top force for Napoli then meant that Maradona opted to join a team just over the group to be properly relegated to a point! But the 23-year-old boy needs a new start after the unforgettable time at Barca. In 1982, he traveled to Catalonia from Boca Juniors as the world’s most outstanding and expensive player. But the injuries and disagreement had ruined his time in Barca. In 9/1983, Maradona was thoroughly removed by “Bilbao’s Dude” Andoni Goikoetxea to the point of attaching two screws to the ankle and sitting outside three months. Reaching the King’s Cup final at the Santiago Bernabeu, Maradona was floating and started the brawl with Bilbao players.

The act of ugly the above takes place shortly before King Juan Carlos on the stand and is streamed to millions of spectators. President Jose Luis Nunez had no choice but to sell Maradona, despite his great talent. Juventus expressed interest, but Napoli was a more athletic challenge to the Maradona. In addition, the financial benefits of joining Napoli are also more attractive, with 15% of the transfer amount quoted to Maradona. However, the cremation of the game makes Maradona’s debt so much that he has no hand.

Maradona as the Queen came to Cinderella Napoli. Photo: Pa.

When Maradona arrived in Italy, he viewed Napoli as a Serie B team. The moment Maradona heard the history and risk of the team’s relegation, he… I signed the contract. At the launch, Maradona walked into the tunnel in a white T-shirt, a blue sports jacket and a Napoli scarf. He waved his hands, laughed with the crowd and flattered before dropping a beam of balloons to heaven. The crowd wanted to be foolish, with a song composed privately calling Maradona to lead the way only to the team.

After 15 minutes of demonstration, Maradona left the field to catch the flight back to Buenos Aires. He felt his two feet trembling when going down the stairs and hugging his girlfriend Claudia Villafane crying out. He reimagined in his autobiography El Diego: “Everything is so big and we immediately understand that we are starting over and betting on the lives. We do it in a city that is so meaningful to me. The words I said to the reporter are the gut of the liver: ‘ I want to be the idol of the poor children in Naples, because of them I am still living in Buenos Aires ‘.

The Living saint of Naples

The start of Maradona in Napoli is a disaster. Under the Rino Marchesi COACH, the team obtained only nine points from 13 games before Christmas (when each win was counted only two points). The 1980 was the extreme stage of Calcio: Juventus had Michel Platini and Giovanni Trapattoni, Milan preparing to acquire Silvio Berlusconi and bring back to Arrigo Sacchi. Inter will have Giuseppe Bergomi, Alessandro ALtobelli, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Lothar Matthaus.

From 1982 to 1990, eight of the nine European gold balls played in Serie A: Paolo Rossi (1982), Platini (1983-1985), Ruud Gullit (1987), Marco van Basten (1988-1989) and Matthaus (1990). The exception was Igor Belanov of the year 1986, but the Ukrainian title was awarded because it was only honored by the magazine’s European players. France Football. If fair, the winners of the 1986 year must be Maradona with the world’s second Argentine battle trophy.

The achievement of Napoli ‘ bowl causes Maradona to “deal not to open the table on the team” when returning to Buenos Aires. Before returning, he was involved in a press conference with the president, CLUB Corrado Ferlaino. Many questions revolve around how Napoli has enough money for the most expensive contract of football history. The reporter suspected the involvement of the local mafia ice Camorrra. According to the Jimmy Burns pen, Napoli expects the tickets to sell three times, while the black market ticket sells the mafia. Even Maradona also realized this, but nobody dared to publicly evacuate the table. When a French reporter stood up asking Maradona if the assignment was backed by mafia, President Ferlaino considered it “insulting with the honest city of Naples” and for protecting the reporter from the meeting room.

Maradona on the first episode with the new teammates Napoli on 27/7/1984. Photo: Pa.

After the holiday, everything began to start after the 4-3 victory over Udinese in January. Napoli only received one loss from then until the end of the season, while Maradona scored 14 goals – only after Altobelli and Platini in the top scorer list. But the eighth position generally did not make the Maradona satisfied. In the summer, Maradona made a book with Ferlaino: will leave unless the CLUB enhances the squad. It sounds brave, but Maradona admits that he is regarded as a saint living in Naples, and Ferlaino has no liver selling him.

He even instructed the chairman, “buy three more, four players, and sell those who are spectator. Let the whistling voice be the ruler. If I pass the ball to a player and the guy is whistling, bye bye. If I can’t do it, just sell me, ‘ cause I can’t keep staying like this. ‘

Maradona get what he wants as a kid at the toy shop. These “Toys” were all quality players: Claudio Garella, Alessandro Renica, while Ciro Ferrara was raised from the youth team. Maradona writes in the diary: “I started a new era in Naples and made people respect the team. Before I arrived, Paolo Rossi refused to join Napoli for saying that the city was not suitable for him, for the mafia. The truth is before I come, nobody wants to go to Napoli. “

The best rookie is Bruno Giordano. In the summer of 1985, one would expect a team like Napoli to recruit players based on the assessment of the recruit and COACH’s opinion. But the truth is not that. Giordano was acquired solely because of the impression of Maradona when Napoli headed for Lazio. When the two teams negotiated, Lazio wanted to receive US $3 million. This caused Ferlaino to see Maradona and “weeping, lamented that he had no money”. Maradona replied, “Just try to do it, old man”.

Also in that summer, Napoli appointed MANAGER Ottavio Bianchi. The man from this Brescia was soon hated by Maradona. He described, “he is difficult, there is no latinized but more German. The AI of the mouth caught him laughing. ”

The following conversation section accurately describes the relationship between two people:

Bianchi: “Diego, I want you to practice this exercise.”

Maradona: “What’s the song?”

Bianchi: “I’ll throw the ball and you’re trying to get the ball, set with both feet.” Maradona: “I do not have any life. I just hit the ground when the enemy is guilty. “

Bianchi: “Oh, so we’re going to have a problem all year long.”

Maradona: “OK. Then you’re going to go. “

There was a question, but Maradona and Bianchi were still in common, and help Napoli gradually fly.

In the first season Bianchi led, Napoli folded in third position. The summer of 1986 – after Argentina champions the world by the Maradona – Napoli recruit and add Fernando De Napoli, Francesco Romano and Andrea Carnevale. At this time, Maradona was like God in Naples and the scandals began to appear dense by the life of the prince with the party with Black Society, women, wine, cars and drugs.

May 9/1986, young girl Cristiana Sinagra gives birth to a boy and insists it is the son of Maradona, while the player has a negative ink. She decided to name her son Diego Armando, a newspaper action that “CWhat else named me Jesus Christ “in Naples. By the year 1993, a court ruling confirmed Maradona as the father of the child.

In addition to the burglar affair, Maradona is addicted to drugs and is ignored by Napoli, even tolerated. According to author John Foot of the book Calcio: A History of Italian Football, Napoli even trample the Maradona urine prototype and the unknowns are unaware. Maradona has even been on the radio to support a movement… Anti-narcotics. He asserted: “If my words about drug harm can help save even one person, it will also mean more than 100 goals for Napoli!”.

The love of Naples for Maradona was so great that it was impossible to describe the words for the outsitors. The locals feel close to the rebellious nature and the indigent identity of the Maradona. John Foot estimates that 86% of the audience in San Paolo bought tickets all season when Maradona played the ball here, and 25% of new children were born named “Diego”. Maradona can’t walk on the road, as himself himself: “I can’t go buy a pair of shoes by just five minutes later, the shop glass door will shatter with the thousands of people pouring in.”

Even the journalists are unable to keep the neutral. An Agnew writer reimagined the memory of Napoli’s 2-1 victory over Como in 1986: “When Maradona came, all the reporters around me were as irritated, pushing the shoved to move towards him. Not to put the microphone to the Maradona answer or ask questions, but merely to shake hands, hug or even kiss him “.

The fanaticism can fully understand. Today’s modern audiences can still float on the bumps as they review the Napoli-era Maradona tapes. The goals were spectacular: from pressing the ball, the show to the bend as a banana. Maradona can score from all posture: a one-off from over 30 meters, one that ends up lying on earth and even from corner dots. Maradona holds a good focus on the level of defenders that have difficulty from breaking bugs. He was a brave man, willing to head just 20 cm from the ground or dribbling straight into the dirt-filled yard with ready-to-wait guys.

Maradona transforms Napoli into challenges from the south before the dominance of the northern nations in Italian football in the second half of the year 1980.

Legendary defender Franco Baresi asserted: “We have to play organized ball, force pressure and double up, triple number of people with just to limit his talent. Because if there is only one duel with Maradona, you firmly hold the loser “.

The Championships

Inspired by Maradona, Napoli won as a bamboo split. Prior to the 1986-1987 season, the northern Italy clubs only won four Serie A Championships. Exceptions include Cagliari (1970), Lazio (1974), and Rome (1942, 1983). On 10/5/1987, Napoli just had to single a point ahead of Fiorentina in San Paolo to win the first scudetto in history.

The excitement was difficult to describe. According to Agnew, a salesman named Giuseppe was asked by the store owner to wear a whole week of Maradona before the match decided to take place. When you reject this request, you… Fired. At these shops, a prayer begins to be spread. In it, Napoli was the kingdom, and Maradona was the supreme one that the sheep had directed.

Final, Napoli Hòa 1-1. The whole stadium San Paolo was frantically for its championship. Ferlaino was given the channel as a king, while Maradona was besieged. When he was on the dressing room, he took off the ceiling and snatches the correspondent’s microphone to pretend to interview his teammates. He asserted that this scudetto was “not comparable”, even with the 1986 World Cup Championship. Maradona wrote in his later reconstruction: “We built Napoli from the ruins. This scudetto belongs to both the city and the people begin to realize that nothing must be afraid. The glory belongs to the most fighting people, the most hungry and not the ones who have the most money. I’m the captain of the ship, the first flag. They can be toying with who I am, it’s simple.

During the endless feast, Maradona receives himself as a child of Naples. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people poured out filling the streets. Book The Ball is Round Noted “The street parties that took place throughout the city for a week”, while John Foot asserted Napoli’s Serie A Championship as “the biggest celebration of Italian football history”. Buses are blocked from the road, while Maradona-like curly hair breeds as expensive as fresh shrimp.

Maradona celebrates Scudetto in 1987 with Napoli.

The CĐV Napoli made fake funerals with full of talents and eulogy… Juventus and Milan. In the local elections, more than 20,000 ballots are counted as worthless by the C-elect”Viva Maradona”. On local cemetery walls, someone wrote: “You don’t know what you’re missing!”

After the championship, the new representative Guillermo Coppola tried to negotiate the Maradona a new contract, replacing the original contract valued at 1989. Ferlaino’s presidency was somewhat unanticipated, while Milan’s owner Silvio Berlusconi clearly articulated the Maradona admiration. But the Argentine player does not believe in a transfer: “Deep in the heart, I know I can’t play for any Italian team outside of Napoli. By fans of Naples will kill me and whoever buys me “. He spoke directly to Berlusconi: “If this is the same, we will both leave Italy. You’re going to lose your food, as Naples will break the English daily. I’m still not alive. “

By early Nov, when Napoi arrived in Milan in preparation for a match against Como, Coppola silently arrived at the residence of Berlusconi. Milan would like Maradona when he expired his contract with Napoli and offered to double his salary for Maradona without asking for the current salary. A journalist from Maradona’s close friend posted the story and all the books from the Maradona were accepted in the day. The Maradona benefits were initially three times higher, and he was even given exclusive cars that were never present in the market.

The 1987-1988 season is considered as one of the best seasons of Maradona. He devoted all, though sometimes feeling exhausted by constantly being badly played and not resting. For regular access to the pitch, Maradona needs the help of doctors, analgesics and drugs. He became the top scorer with 15 goals and formed the great Offensive trio with Giordano and Careca.

Maradona is so important that Bianchi allows this superstar to be free at your own discretion. In the usual weeks, Maradona only exercises a full three sessions. On Fridays, he will practice free kicks and go for a massage. By the end of the season, Napoli was lost by Milan, although led by a five-point gap in only five matches. Many of the players blamed Bianchi and the four men Moreno Ferrario, Salvatore Bagni, Garella, and Giordano even called for his dismissal. But Bianchi eventually renewed the contract and caused Maradona to be furious.

In his autobiography, Maradona resented the “one that made Bianchi a bigger man than the Maradona”. Player No. 10 consider themselves superstar, captain, COACH, technical director and Chairman of Napoli. He wrote: “I feel like eating a single flea. They’re credited to our MANAGER for everything we win. They forgot to hurry. I was the one who came here before him, the fight against the ranks, struggling with Ferlaino, getting him to buy new players… “.

Maradona used to leave Napoli for boredom and fear.

The loss of the championship caused many people to suspect Camorra intervention. The mafia tape organizes the illegal fish and many Neapolitan people have put their trust in the pet team after the first championship. If Napoli won for the second time in a while, Camorra would lose a fortune. Maradona brought his wife about Buenos Aires to the uncertainties and was disappointed when he returned, seeing Bianchi still there.

The counter-opposition was sold, prompting Maradona to seriously think about leaving. The boss Bernard Tapie-who would go to prison after a few years of bribery, speaking for Maradona about Marseille. France is a peaceful place over Italy and the winter is synonymous with a vacation in his hometown of Argentina. But Maradona understands that this mission is unlikely, as anyone so he leaves Napoli will never be forgiven.

When Napoli met Bayern 4/1989 in the UEFA Cup semifinals, Ferlaino promised Maradona to let him go to Marseille, if they won the Cup. However, when Napoli defeated Stuttgart in the final, the president broke down, and wanted Maradona to adhere to the contract. Ferlaino’s whispering sentence causes Maradona to “hit the trophy straight into the head”. He felt betrayed, while his relatives were later related to the second team in Serie A.

Maradona threatened to leave the team and nearly left the real, after the press posted his shot with mafia Carmine Giuliano. With Maradona, communication with the Black society is a great experience and “innocent”. Meanwhile, the hammering axe was accused of joining the drug wholesale line. The allegations were so severe that Maradona fled to Argentina for a long time and returned to Naples only in 9/1989, when the season took place four rounds.

The first mark he left was a penalty kick-off at home in front of Fiorentina. But none of these. The disparation between Maradona and the CV ended when he forgave the fans, but he still raised his resentment with Ferlaino for not protecting him. The 1989-90 season recorded Maradona as Rocky. COACH Bianchi has Replaced by Alberto Bigon – who is more in harmony with Maradona.

The parallel race between Napoli and Milan witnessed the turning point in Jan. 4/1990. During the Battle of Naples against Atalanta, the team’s player Alemao unexpectedly collapsed after being thrown a coin from the stand. At the time, the ratio was 0-0 and only 15 minutes left. Dr. Salvatore Carmando quickly ran out and took Alemao from the field. He was sent to the hospital and personally visited by Ferlaino. During the press conference, Ferlaino claimed that Alemao was stunned to the extent that he could not recognize him and suggested that the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) punished Atalanta by treating Napoli with a winning match. A few days later, Napoli won 2-0.

The ruling caused Milan to oppose the fierce. They hire specialists to read the slogan and to detect Dr. Carmando who told Alemao to “Keep lying”. When he moved to Atalanta a few years later, Alemao admitted that he “deepening”. Milan’s ununresentful feelings were increased in the fold after a 2-1 defeat at Verona, during which the Milan side was expelled from his COACH Sacchi to the Van Basten pillars, Frank Rijkaard and Alessandro Costacurta.

At the end of the season, Napoli won on Milan for exactly two points. Maradona is the most rapture. Only 10 months earlier, he was also called “Mafia Dudes” and “addicts”. When a reporter asked whether Naples ‘ Championship was inferior to glitter because of the voices, Maradona replied: “This is the new victory!”

Maradona and fellow Scudetto celebrate the second of three years, on day 29/4/1990.

The second Scudetto helped Maradona to return to the holy place living in Naples, but at the same time also made him an enemy in the eyes of the rest of Italy’s football, most of the north-where Juventus, Inter and AC Milan were located. When the World Cup took place in Italy Summer 1990, Maradona was caught by the Roman amphitheater. In the semifinals against Italy took place in Naples itself, Maradona urged the indigenous people of Argentina to cheer. Local fans still cheer on Italy, but respect Argentina for their hero.

Argentina defeated the host of Italy in the semifinals by penalty shootout, before failing in the final against West Germany. That was the final pinnacle of Maradona. The 1990-1991 season notes that he is overweight, untreated on grass pitch and downhill without brakes. In May 3/1991, Maradona failed during an unexpected stimulant examination of the FIGC, and received a 15-month suspension sentence.

Many people think that it is the way that the Italian revenge of Maradona was eliminated from the World Cup. The Maradona himself believed in the hypothesis: “After the semifinals, FIGC Antonio Matarrese looked at me with the gaze of a mafia. At the moment, I knew I was hard to live in Italy. “

Later, Maradona is no longer wearing Napoli. He did not know that the penalty for success in 4-1 failed before Sampdoria was the last goal scored for Napoli. Maradona calls it “the saddest goal of life”. After the penalty, Maradona left Napoli to Sevilla. But Napoli never forgot about him, as Maradona did unwitnessed things at San Paolo and brought back the only Serie A championships in history.

In 2000, Napoli permanently suspended the Maradona’s No. 10 shirt and would have named him the stadium if the Italian law did not specify that the stadium was named after a minimum of 10 years. Maradona was the number one of Naples ‘ historic goalscorer with 115 goals, until Marek Hamsik broke the record in 2017.

But Maradona’s legacy in Naples does not stop at the goals. Years later, he looked back: “The most important stuff I bring is pride. Before I arrived, nobody wanted to go to Naples. I came to the belief that it was a magnificent bay in the Mediterranean and only that. But I’ve conquered them all by being afraid to confront anybody. So today, any Neapolitan people can affirm to you: ‘ The champions of that day are not made by presidents or directors. They are made up of a Maradona hand “.

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