Meeting of Parliament, China showing victory against Covid


The National Assembly session for the Chinese leadership the opportunity to represent that they can bear the economic consequence of Covid-19 but remain politically strong.

The National Congress of People’s Congress (NPC), the Chinese Parliament, began meeting from 22/5. Speaking at the inaugural session of the annual congress in Beijing today, the Chinese prime minister, Bao Cuong said instead of setting the goal of gross domestic product (GDP) as in previous years, China will prioritize employment stability and ensure the level of living after the Covid-19 epidemic.

This is the first time that China does not set the GDP target since the government started to announce such goals in 1990. China’s economy had a 6.8% decline in the first quarter over the same period last year. Military spending this year will increase by 6.6%, the lowest increase over the last 10 years.

Mr. Bao said the government will also “establish and improve the legal system and mechanisms for security protection” in Hong Kong. The China National Assembly is projected through the draft Security Law of Hong Kong, which prohibits the entire operation of secession, overthrowing, foreign intervention in matters of Hong Kong and terrorist activities in this city.

China president of the United States (left) and prime Minister of China, Cuong at the National Assembly session dated 22/5. Photo: Reuters.

China president of the United States (left) and prime Minister of China, Cuong at the National Assembly session dated 22/5. Photo: Reuters.

The two key policy actions said above demonstrate that even if China admitted they were being subjected to consequences from the epidemic, the Government was determined to show that the crisis would not cause them to stall politically.

Hong Kong’s work with security laws will mark significant changes from Beijing’s earlier decision on allowing the Hong Kong Legislative Council to draft and issue laws in the district. Last year, Hong Kong was shaken by seven consecutive months of protests, while also exacerbations of violence between protemen and police.

Information on the bill was quickly opposed by lawhouses and democratic activists in Hong Kong, calling it “the end of the period for Hong Kong”, with concerns the law would destabilize and tighten control of Beijing at the special district.

In addition, the Chinese Prime Minister Ly Cuong also announced a series of small measures that could be aimed to “take the heart” of the people with modest costs such as 15% cuts in broadband Internet access this year and increased basic health insurance subsidising for rural residents and non-working people in the urban more than USD 4 per person.

This year’s congress was scheduled to be held in March but delayed two months for the Covid-19. Now, with the organization of a leading political event, while many other countries are struggling to combat the epidemic, Beijing transmitted messages are very clear to international: unlike most of the world, China has come back to normal.

When approximately 3,000 NPC delegates gathered at the people’s great route in Beijing, many countries were still forced to impose strict restrictions. On 21/5, the World Health Organization (WHO) recorded the highest global nCoV infection in 24 hours, with nearly 2/3 being the case from the USA, Russia, Brazil and India. More than 5.1 million people have a global infection, nearly 335,000 deaths from nCoV.

However, in China, life gradually returns to normal due to the translation has been restraint since March. The National Assembly meeting is an opportunity for Beijing to remind citizens of that victory and to promote the story that the administration has saved the nation from public health disasters, eliminating the international criticism of their reaction in the early stages of outbreaks.

Last January and February, Chinese officials faced the anger of the public in the country because of preventing the physician from alerting early and lowering the severity of the epidemic. But the Chinese government was quickly appeased; The public anger finally settled down when the translation was controlled.

“Now most people in mainland China have thought the leadership has handled good depression,” said Christian Gobel, research professor on China at the University of Vienna. “If comparing the situation in China with the US, the UK or the rest of Europe, they can see that the translation is not well handled in those places.”

It’s a comparison that CCP wants people to draw. “Of course, it is propagating, but also not false,” Gobel said. The Chinese officials and the state media have emphasized successful anti-epidemic to arouse national pride, praising the country’s political system as the “greatest advantage” in translating the epidemic.

“Faced with the sudden appearance of the epidemic, the party leader paid attention to the altitude and implemented a range ofTo prevent, control the epidemic and treat the infected “, he said in the meeting early this month.

“We only take over a month to prevent the preliminary epidemic from spreading and about two months to limit the number of shifts in the daily community to two figures. After three months, we achieved the decisive outcome of the battle for the protection of Wuhan and Hubei. This is not an easy achievement for a large country with a population of 1.4 billion, “he practising further.

The message of success and solidarity will be amplified during the NPC sessions, when criticism from foreign countries increases. The struggle between Beijing and Washington on Covid-19 caused their tensions to be in a low-level relationship. Politicians in France, Australia and England also ask questions about how to handle Chinese translation.

“This is the occasion for him to affirm quite clearly that China has returned to normal,” said Steve Tsang, director of the Chinese Institute at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, said.

“They will emphasize that if China has no practice and CCP, China will be in the same state as the US or UK… CCP and his grandfather went through the epidemic of China, “he added.

Phuong VU (According to CNN/Washington Post)


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