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Cheap calls to all networks, send messages, surf the Internet or stream music – cheap mobile rates make it possible. The German Internet provider 1&1 puts another on it. In addition to its all-net flat fares, new customers can choose from a variety of rewards – either for free or for a relatively small monthly fee. Technology fans in particular will be affected by the deals 1&1 Advantage World be thrilled.

What is the 1&1 advantage world?

The 1&1 advantage world is the premium shop of the mobile and internet provider from Montabaur. Since mid-2019, customers can choose one of the products offered when completing the 1&1 All-Net Flat Fares M (10 GB data volume), L (20 GB data volume), XL (40 GB data volume) and XXL Unlimited (unlimited data volume). If you leave the offers cold, you opt instead for a monthly price advantage of 10 euros. Looking at the first twelve months of the contract, this results in a discount of 120 euros. Both premium offers and price advantages are only valid in conjunction with mobile phone contracts with a term of 24 months.

What are the rewards in the 1&1 advantage world?

The premiums of the 1&1 advantage world are primarily aimed at a young, tech-savvy target group. In addition to current gaming consoles or a street-approved e-scooter, the reward shop also offers various Bluetooth speakers and other consumer electronics. With smart watches, a drone and a fully automatic coffee machine with app control, 1&1 also has rewards for a slightly older customer base.

For whom are the premiums from the 1&1 advantage world worthwhile?

In its world of advantages, 1&1 only boasts high-quality premiums, the value of which is significantly higher than the alternative price advantage of 120 euros. In addition, 1&1 is always up-to-date in terms of the latest technology trends. The deals change regularly. Therefore, it is worth to visit the 1&1 advantage world regularly and, if necessary, to wait a little longer with the conclusion of a new mobile phone contract.

However, not all products are free. For the particularly high-quality gadgets, the customer has to pay a monthly additional payment – depending on the value of the respective item. If you are already toying with the purchase of a new audio device, a smart watch or another technical companion, you should consider a premium from the 1&1 advantage world. If you are looking for a suitable gift for partners, children, parents or friends, you will also find it here.

Apple AirPods – listen to wireless music and make calls

Apple’s wireless headphones, the “AirPods,” score with even longer speaking time and improved audio and voice playback sound. Control via the Siri digital assistant provides convenient access to music and audio files. The headphones activate themselves as soon as you take them out of the supplied case. Clever: the Apple Air Pods detect if they are in the ears and pause when they are taken out. With a battery charge, a playback time of about five hours and a speaking time of about three hours are possible.

AndroidPIT airpods per 5

Apple AirPods Pro: Compact in-ear headphones with ANC. © Ben Miller / AndroidPIT

The Apple AirPods can be purchased in the 1&1 advantage world at all all-net flat fares without additional payment. The Apple AirPods with wireless charging case are available for 1.99 euros per month. For 4.99 euros monthly co-payment there is the latest model, the Apple AirPods Pro. The prerequisite is the conclusion of an all-net flat fare with a contract term of 24 months.

Devil Boomster – the ghetto blaster is back

With the devil Boomster, the premium hi-fi manufacturer reinterprets the legendary ghetto blaster of the eighties. The stereo Bluetooth radio ensures up to 16 hours of music enjoyment, leaving the competition far behind. The integrated lithium-ion battery is fully charged in just 3 hours. Alternatively, the Teufel Boomster can also be operated with batteries.

AndroidPIT teufel boomster 2017 2005

Devil Boomster: The return of the ghetto blaster. / © AndroidPIT

Whether streaming music from a smartphone or tablet or digital and FM radio: the Teufel Boomster offers crystal clear sound across all playback channels thanks to the 3-way system with 2 high, 2 midrange drivers and a powerful subwoofer. It can also be used as a hands-free device for phone calls. The control is done either via the robust sensor buttons or via the digital voice assistants from Google or Amazon. If you complete one of the All-Net Flat tariffs at 1&1, you can secure this multifunctional audio device for a monthly additional payment of 1.99 euros over the contract period of 24 months.

DeLonghi Expert – Coffee enjoyment with app control

Preparing the black mimmer maker after getting up or the latte macchiato in the afternoon by means of timer control at the right time – this feature distinguishes the Nespressomachine De’Longhi Expert & Milk EN 355 GAE. Thanks to Bluetooth Smart technology and the Nespresso app, the coffee preparation can be started at the desired time or programmed via the timer. The app also gives an overview of the capsule stocks and reminds us of the regular descaling.

Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo, Americano, Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino: The preparation of the most popular coffee specialities becomes a breeze with the De’Longhi Expert & Milk EN 355.GAE. Hot milk – also foamed on request – and tea water is also in the range of the multi-talented. Caffeine junkies can secure the smart coffee maker for a monthly supplement of 2.99 euros in the 1&1 advantage world. This requires the conclusion of an all-net flat fare with a term of 24 months.

The Galaxy Watch Active2 – Personal Trainer and Wrist Assistant

The Galaxy Watch Active2 offers a wide range of features around sports, health, appointment coordination, communication and entertainment. Equipped with voice control, the numerous features of the smartwatch can be conveniently accessed via audio command. The Galaxy Watch Active2 with many Android and iOS smartphones. There are hundreds of songs on their built-in memory – the ideal soundtrack for sporting activities. An integrated heart rate monitor with eight photodiodes measures stress levels and heart rate. An operating time of up to 45 hours makes this technical accessory particularly suitable for everyday use.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 Outdoor

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: The personal trainer on the wrist. / © AndroidPIT

In addition, the personal trainer and assistant for the wrist also makes a visually right thing to do: the bracelets are available in the colours pink and black. When displaying time, you are spoilt for choice between a variety of designs. If you like, give the dial a personal touch with your own photo motifs.

For 2.99 euros per month, the Galaxy Watch Active2 is available in the 1&1 advantage world. To secure the smart companion, you only have to complete one of the All-Net Flat fares with a term of 24 months.

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