Mourinho and the treble of a lifetime


The 10 years have passed since Jose Mourinho had won the three-plus Inter, but he and the old were still regarded as members of the family.

“I can book a 1,000 page about two years at Inter,” Mourinho told The Athletic.

When encouraged to write now, Mourinho thought a response. “Well, okay. But first I have to ask for permission to relate characters, because a lot of stories are forbidden to reveal, “he said, accompanied by smiles.

On 22/5, Mourinho walked around the stadium in Tottenham, revisiting the most glorious years of his career. Round 10 years ago, Inter became the only Italian football team to win a treble. Who ever watched a Milano derby understood how that achievement meant with Inter-fans the Nerazzurri. Inter had not been relegated, while Milan or Juventus had been playing in the ranks for a time. These two achievements create pride with Nerazzurri.

Mourinho chat with reporter The Athletic In a dazzling sunny summer day in London. Weather reminds him of a familiar party while at Inter. The assistant Jose Morais recalls the barbecue parties made by the Argentine group of Inter players. Captain Javier Zanetti often held this type of. “Oh, I remember the barbecue too,” Mourinho’s assistant said.

Zanetti organizes the party weekly. Midfielder Esteban Cambiasso lo buy beef. Defender Walter Samuel baked meat on the coal oven, and the striker Diego Milito assisted cooking. “Milito that eats is fast”, Dejan Stankovic says the teammate Hook.

Captain Zanetti has written on Twitterr to celebrate Mourinho’s birthday, with the commentary: “Loved Mourinho”. Photo: Twitter/Javierzanetti.

“The food is always delicious”, Mourinho said. “These parties also bear the greater significance of the quality of the pieces that the Argentine players have prepared. I feel like living in a family, and the teacher has never been far away. A decade later, the teacher was still as old as he was. “

Central defender Marco Materazzi also creates a WhatsApp group for the Inter-family, which makes Mourinho’s phone always vibrate for notifications. The goalkeeper Julio Cesar said: “The most texting and teasing in the group is Mourinho.”

Peak sports are always towards glory. If they do not to Porto, Mourinho cannot claim himself special to Chelsea. But the special things with Mourinho are the teachers and memories over five months. “Nobody has forgotten the birthday or old photos. Nobody refuses to help one another. People are still living the new life, but still towards each other as a family, “Mourinho said. “I’m now working in Tottenham, but I still have old students. They’re always sending messages: ‘ Good luck ‘ before my match. They congratulate me after the victory, and the following staff failed. If I turn the phone off for a while then open up, it will surely get a lot of WhatsApp messages. To me, the most important teacher. My most glorious victories appear in the family-sealed teams. Any success has come from the same sentiment, and Inter contains that emotional Chan “.

Stories originating from midnight on 11/3/2008. Liverpool and Fernando Torres were both Internazionale in the 1/8 Champions League round. Roberto Mancini for an overwhelm emotion. Prior to pressure from the Italian press, Mancini revealed he had told President Massimo Moratti about to break up at the end of the season. Everyone was surprised, by Mancini just extended to 2012. A few days later, when he repulated, Mancini said that the decision was very fluffy. Mancini withdrew his intentions, to stay. But, the mirror broke.

Mancini in the 1/8 Champions League match against Liverpool, Day 11/3/2008.

Mancini lost his face to the entire team, at the same time opposite the trauma crisis. Inter free fall, losing 11 points distance from the second team in Serie A. To the end of the host Parma, Zlatan Ibrahimovic Although not yet healthy, still on the second half and scoring the decision to help Inter defend Scudetto. At the time, the Mourinho rumors of Mancini appeared more and more. The Italian strategy was really worried when the journalist Fabio Monti himself Inter revealed Moratti would appoint Mourinho within 48 hours. Last May 5/2008, a photograph of Moratti and Mourinho for dinner at La Tour D’argent restaurant in Paris was revealed. Confidential exposure.

Only a few days later, Mourinho made a very overwhelmed way. As in Chelsea, Mourinho soon became a symbol in Milan. During his debut meeting, a reporter asked whether Frank Lampard had the foot to Inter. Mourinho did not want to talk about another team player, but he did not stop there. Portuguese armed forces say a sentence for the launch Wing VI was enchanted. “Io Non solo Pirla”, he speaks in Italian, the Milano dialect. That said, “I’m not an idiot.”

Mourinho launched Inter month 6/2008. Photo: Ap.

Mourinho gradually seized the feelings of Italian tradition, as well as the superstructure Inter. The Italian Army was subject to the honour of the COACH Training Center in Coverciano. No matter how successful someone is in the past, they still have to demonstrate the real force in Italy, especially those who are such as Mourinho. Mancini won the scudetto for Inter year 2007, after 18 years of white hand. When Mourinho appeared, Inter dominated Serie A three consecutive years. The expectation for former Chelsea COACH was soaring. Scudetto winners with a 10 point difference in the first year are not enough. Mourinho was urged to succeed in Europe, with a three-year treble in 2010.

People only evaluate Mourinho based on achievement in the Champions League. Although Ibrahimovic had hit the beams and Stankovic wasted a series of opportunities, Inter remained under Man UTD in the 1/8 year 2009. Two consecutive years in the first knock-out round, Moratti could not be satisfied. He said: “I’ve never been so angry. That’s the only time I’m exposing my emotions. ” Mourinho may have gone the summer 2009, as Ibrahimovic. Real wants to welcome him to Madrid. “Moratti suggested I Stay”, Mourinho said. “I replied, ‘ agree. Because I came here to make his dream with Internazionale a ‘ reality ‘.

The dream Mourinho mentioned had appeared in the minds of Moratti when he acquired Inter in the year 1995. The oil tycoon wanted to recreate his father’s achievement, Angelo Moratti. In the years 60 of the previous century, Angelo helped Internazionale win two European Cups, thanks to the COACH ‘ witch ‘ Helenio Herrera. Inter lost 45 years of waiting for Europe’s most noble title. In order to startled the position of Italy’s greatest team, Inter needed to champion the Champions League, at least again.

Mourinho was the saving wing for several Inter pillars, who were across the side of the career. Zanetti and Materazzi were 36 years old. Ivan Cordoba 33 years old, Stankovic 31 and Cambiasso and Julio Cesar also took 30. Their chances are shrinking.

“Players near the end of the career bring different perspectives”, Mourinho said. “Some people just want to add a few years of contracts, pocketed a million, then hang shoes. Someone still tries to reach the top, trying new things. Inter pillars are talented, but many players are not kicked out but are still important to the team. Materazzi, Francesco Toldo, Paolo Orlandoni and Cordoba do not play much, are always ready to help their team, teammates and COACHES. I’m thrilled with the treble. But nothing happier than seeing a pupil enjoy the glory. Most importantly, they make a dream. “

The first Champions League appears when Internazionale ranks second after Panathinaikos, in the 2008-2009 season. They reconcded Anorthosis 3-3 and lost to Werder Bremen 1-2. Mourinho had to improve the 2009 summer team. Inter spent the first successful transfer of football in history, although the years earlier they brought back San Siro many failed contracts. Moratti and sports Director Marco Branca were responsible for such commercial services as Ricardo Quaresma or Amantino Mancini. The success of the 2009 summer transfer period has a partial work of Mourinho.

Inter started the 2009 summer by turning on the green light for Ibrahimovic to Barca, provided that they received Samuel Eto’o and 56 million. The exchange was probably the most successful history, with Inter. Eto’o having just eaten three with Barca, and no doubt the Cameroonian striker prepared to reappear with Inter. Materazzi and Mourinho contributed to the Eto’o call to San Siro. Message Materazzi: “Come here Eto’o, and we will win every title”. Mourinho sent to Eto’o, with the number 9 in the back. He wrote: “Your shirt. We’re waiting for you. ” How can Eto’o reject such invitations?

Eto’o is one of the most successful historical contracts for Inter. PHOTOS: Reuters.

“It’s strange that a player like Eto’o hasn’t won the Golden Ball,” Mourinho said. So far George Weah is still the only African player to earn this award.

Inter Summer Socks 2009, when replacing the blood squad from the player to the. Lucio was visited from Bayern Munich to help Inter-airline flexibly. Branca exchanged the present future, bringing Leonardo Bonucci to Genoa, in exchange for the central midfielder Thiago Motta and the Milito striker. Materazzi said that “the Prince” Milito Wasted time with Genoa, because he always fired in the crucifixion. Milito hits the Inter station shortly after scoring 24 goals in 2008-2009, only one table from the top scorer Ibrahimovic. Materazzi believe that Milito deserves more acclaim. Even after the Inter-season of Internazionale, Milito played key roles but did not even contribute in the listH Compact Golden Ball.

Mourinho still actively calls and texts when the assignment closes close. He texts Wesley Sneijder, who was sold by Real money after they recruited Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka. “Mourinho’s message convinced me to Inter”, Sneijder said then. The Netherlands’s 10th midfielder landed at Malpensa Airport, just a few hours before the Milano Derby day of 29/8/2009. Sneijder immediately pierced the shoe into the yard, playing about 20 minutes late. He did not contribute to the goal, but the influence helped Internazionale lower Milan 4-0.

“Sneijder played in that season,” Mourinho said. “He won the treble and reached the World Cup final in 2010”. Moreover, he created six goals for Inter in the Champions League, and scored five goals as the top scorer in the World Cup. But, no player of Inter-won the Golden Ball. Mourinho could not have explained this individual title. He said: “We were awarded the 2010 Golden Ball award ceremony. My boys didn’t even go to the top 3. They appear only in the typical squad. “

Nobody thinks Inter is the winner of the Champions League 2009-2010. The dealer brings Barca and Real to his head. In the group stage, the specialisation does not change the perspective. Inter remained struggling, while not winning the first three group stage matches. In the fourth turn in Ukraine, they were led by Dinamo Kiev 1-0 after the first half, and the player who opened the ratio was Andriy Shevchenko-striker for Milan, who scored 14 goals in the grid Inter. Mourinho said: “I was pushed to the same line, and never would have forgotten one like that”

Zanetti used to reveal the conversation of the entire team during the break, in his personal autobiography. He wrote: “Mourinho spoke to us as if he was researching a team training in Appiano Gentile. He calmly said, ‘ you hear this. We are about to be eliminated from the Champions League, due to not reading good matches. We have to change. The player moves back to three defenders, with Zanetti, Lucio and Maicon. Walter Samuel will give higher, kicking the midfielder with Motta. Cambiasso is on the bench. Sneijder is calm, pushed higher and shoot more. -Milito look under Sneijder that runs. In Balotelli and Eto’o rock drift. Understand? Drift. At that time, the Dynamo would have to stick with the two and reveal gaps. Sneijder and Milito Let’s exploit that vulnerability ‘. Mourinho’s adjustments promote real effects “.

Inter cornered and created many opportunities, but the goal came only to 86 minutes. Milito received the Sneijder’s pass in the prohibition, ending the goalkeeper of Stanislav Bogush. The decisive goal came after three minutes. Sulley Muntari Reserve on the pitch and the point ends forcing Bogush to push out. The Ukrainian goalkeeper refuses the effort of Milito, but the danger hasn’t passed. Sneijder entered and scored a 2-1 win, which followed Moratti’s dream.

Sneijder (No. 10) is the conductor, which leads Inter to a three-year treble 2010. Photo: Rte.

Mourinho considered the upstream in Kiev as the buffer step for the Inter-confident in Europe. He said: “The strong teams focused on the semifinals and the finals, and Inter was hard at the beginning. Hit the Barca in the group stage, Inter could not take the table peak. Of course our goal is just to pass the group stage, as Barca will occupy the remaining power. The victory in Kiev shows how we fought. Inter also had to experience the cold winter of Russia, when hosts Rubin Kazan 1-1. All matches contain trouble “.

Inter under Mourinho’s progress on many angles. “The secret I can convey is thought,” he said in the Inter player premiere. “You will learn to think when you practice, think about the tactics I set, think about how to play soccer. Non-thinking players can’t play the ball. Understand? You’re going to make more progress by thinking. “

Then Cambiasso has just ended the course as an EMPLOYEE. I always ask about tactical diagrams. Gradually, the whole team read the match much better. Inter prepares every opponent, every tactic. In a memorable match against Siena in 1/2010, Mourinho pushed Samuel to the stone striker when the team was led 2-3. Sneijder kicked the second table in the match, unreconced 3-3. By 92, Samuel scored the decision to help Inter-earn three points.

The second Inter-season team under the Mourinho was versatile to envy. Zanetti has just played the Edge defender, playing midfielder. But there are no versatile players like Eto’o. Middle Cameroon had to drift at the border and play as a defender.

“In Serie A, we used the 4-4-2 diagram, with a diamond-like midfielder”, Mourinho said. “Eto’o rocks with Milito on the public. But in the Champions League, many team-owned defender attacks were very nice. They were ready to play in front of us, unlike Serie A teams. When hitting the strongest teams like Chelsea or BARCA, I needed to find another way to balance the squad. I want to use two defensive midfielder to The players run more drift wings out of marginal. To do that, I have to type the striker, or go to them in new positions. I finally used three striker, the Milito, Eto’o and Goran Pandev. But only the Milito was stone plugged. Eto’o washed left, while Pandev left the leg should be washed. They create a lot of opportunities and can be scored at any time. They also support better defence for the team. Sneijder, Milito, Eto’o and Pandev are four attacking players, kicking on the two anchor deposits. But I also need them remote defence. “

As fate, Mourinho reawakened Chelsea in the round 1/8. “Chelsea is of course the champion candidate,” he said. “I understood them very well because the Chelsea squad was built by me, plus a few new elements like Nicolas Anelka. Chelsea players also entered maturity, about 28 years old, such as John Terry, Michael Essien, Lampard, Didier Drogba or Petr Cech. They are hard-to-believe clubs. “

Last week, Eto’o told La Gazzetta dello Sport That he could not forget the 1-0 win against the Chelsea landlord at Stamford Bridge, where he scored the only goal. There are two special elements in Eto’o eye. The first was the words of Mourinho before the battle: “I can’t lose to any team he has ever led.” The second factor is the entry psychology of Inter. Eto’o said: “That match we entered with the other determination. The whole team not only played for themselves, but also to the master Mourinho. “

Reimages the victory in Stamford Bridge, Mourinho said: “Players only believe in victory when they think they will fight for the COACH”.

Lucio (left) during the 1/8 Champions League round-up against Chelsea on 24/2/2010. Photo: Bein.

Two matches against Chelsea became a turning point with Inter. Four days before the turn, he was the unclouded spirit of Sampdoria in Serie A. Samuel and Cordoba receiving a red card for seven minutes. Mourinho responds to arbitration by creating two wrist-tied shapes. Despite having to play almost 60 minutes with nine people, Inter does conceding. They wielding Antonio Cassano and teammate 0-0. Inter’s ‘ll appear shortly afterwards, before being exalted in a semi-finals match against Barca in Camp Nou.

The battle with Barca shaped an Inter-defeat. Two weeks earlier, Mourinho was also victorious against the rival semi-finals on the San Siro Stadium. Sneijder, Maicon and Milito both opened fire in 3-1. Inter’s outstanding performance was partially obscured by Barca having to move the road to Milan, as the volcano Eyjafjallajokull erupted in Iceland. Inter could not play that in the last game, when Motta received the red card after only 30 minutes. The red card of Motta came after the classic image of Sergio Busquets-the player sits on his face but his eyes.

Keeping the net clean before Sampdoria for 60 Minutes was good, do it before the most powerful team in history as Barca is outstanding. Zanetti tells a moment that his brother Eto’o-player then plays as a wingback. Eto’o has just strived to stop Lionel Messi’s end. Zanetti said: “Come on, Eto’o. It’s going to end now. ” The two then look up the ratio table, seeing the new match pass 37 minutes.

Mourinho admitted Inter did not want to hold the ball. They just need to control the space. Barca controlled up to 86.4% of the length, but still failed with a total of 2-3. With Mourinho, the result is indisputable evidence for the pupil’s comrade. He said: “The children have to play for 10 people over 60 minutes before Barca in Camp Nou. Tactics or defensive systems, just a fraction. What they do is far beyond football, reaching the human side “.

After the chronic whistle, Mourinho ran into the courtyard and pointed to the sky. At the same time, the taps on the Camp Nou pop up. The assistant Jose Morais said: “I’ve never been so comfortable bathing.”

“I didn’t even realize they sprayed water up,” Mourinho told. “Everyone celebrates in different ways. Someone cry. Someone knelt down. Someone is exhausted and rolling out the pitch. Someone ran towards the Inter audience to break fun. Then we’re crank the pants again. Barca’s sprinkler action is not beautiful, but they are not lacking professionally. I studied in Barca and knew they were always in professional practice. But sometimes we are emotionally dominant, leading to unbeautiful action. But no problem, that celebration is still beautiful in my eyes. “

Motta (right) get red card after colliding with Busquets. Photo: Ap.

Over the past few days, Inter won the Italian Cup final, and returned to the Serie A Group. Previously, they were hit by Roma at number one beginning in March 4/2010, following the mistake of the Cesar goalkeeper at the harmonic 2-2. Materazzi revealed Mourinho Once “tore the pupil” after losing the season. After the draw in FiorenTina, Mourinho’s the three. Upon entering the dressing room in Florence, Mourinho proceeded and scolded Cesar. “Things just settle down after the angry master and kick the ice barrel, then slide the leg down to the floor,” Materazzi said.

The Inter family members respect each other, and are not reserved for resentment. The debates all have breakpoints. Players and coaches are all honest with each other. “We go through a lot of tough times that only the top team is going through,” Mourinho said.

Over Rome 11 points at the end of May 1/2010, Inter fell into the chase as the player’s legs disintegrated with a dense schedule. But the pressure reversed Rome when they lost to Sampdoria 1-2. Central defender Philippe Mexes cried. Inter retook the top of the table, only three rounds before the season.

Since then, Milito has the Inter burden on his shoulders. “Milito is extraordinary,” Mourinho said. “When I spoke of the treble, I wanted to emphasize the last three games. Milito scored only in Rome’s 1-0 victory in the final of the Italian Cup, scoring the only goal against Siena and Scudetto, scoring both goals before Bayern in the Champions League 2010 final. Incredible “.

Milito congratulated the ratio to 2-0 in the Champions League final 2010 against Bayern at Bernabeu. Photo: Reuters.

When Zanetti placed the Champions League on his head, Inter went on to the Italian football record book, and Moratti also agreed to the decade. Three years later, no longer the goal of striving, Moratti sold the team.

The most unshakable image after the Champions League final that year, when Mourinho walked outside Bernabeu. He jumped on a car, which was said to be of Real Madrid. After getting out of the car, Mourinho was touched, to embrace the Materazzi. Middle defender has asked Mourinho to stay in Inter over the past month. “Do you realize we’re going to be separated?”, Materazzi told Mourinho. But the Portuguese COACH didn’t head over. It ended.

“When hugging Materazzi to say the last words before the goodbye, I feel like being the whole team hug,” Mourinho said. “I don’t want to be from each pupil. I was celebrating with them on the field, but then I didn’t dare to the dressing room. Because I don’t want to say farewell. I’m too touched. I didn’t want to go back to Milan and the whole team, because everyone said I was signed to Real. Believe it’s inaccurate. I have not signed a contract, only my mouth agreement. “

Mourinho hug Materazzi

Mourinho embraced Materazzi and cried when he spoke goodbye.

“I’d love to Real. After winning the English Premier League and Serie A, I wanted to continue conquering La Liga. I’m concerned I can’t leave, if the same team returns to Milan. I can say I had to run away. Right. I ran away, at Inter’s legendary night. A few days later, I signed with Real. Then I came back to Milan, dinner with Moratti and his family. On the table, he exhibited the Champions League. Interestingly, when Moratti’s nephew sat on the trophy, Mourinho added.

A decade has passed, and the WhatsApp group is named ‘ Eat three ‘ bustling with nostalgic messages about Rome, Siena and Bavaria. The planned sum of the meeting was canceled because of the Covid-19 epidemic. But Mourinho said: “I am still on them every day. Most importantly, we are still facing each other “.

The 57-year-old COACH from Setubal had won many of his career glory. But when it comes to Inter, “the Special One” always considers the treble as a special anniversary.

Xuan Binh (According to The Athletic)


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