Mutu and the fallen of the Chelsea passage


Andrian Mutu has been seen as the successor to Hagi’s throne in Romanian football, and will be arranged by fate for a brilliant future. But the full-phase parsniffs sank him into the abyss.

“I’m not a crime, or a kind of a.”

Adrian Mutu defended himself in a 2018 interview, but it seems that nobody believes in that excuse. They just spin into the Chelsea story that cuts his contract 16 years ago.

At one level, Mutu is a world-caliber star. He was elected four times as the best player in Romania, with Gheorghe Hagi becoming the most goals scoring for the national team and wearing the best CLUBS in Europe such as Inter, Juventus and Fiorentina.

But speaking of Mutu, it was only cycled on a scandal led by Chelsea after being positive for cocaine. Because of this, he was banned from football for seven months. Worse, Chelsea sued the court and the court ruling forced him to compensate for the London 13.5 million CLUB table (about 16.5 million).

It is possible to summarize the litigation as follows: 2003 summer, Mutu striker was one of the 11 players signed by Chelsea after Roman Abramovich followed the CLUB. With 15.8 million returns to Parma, Mutu is the fourth-most expensive contract, after Damien Duff (17 million), Hernan Crespo (16.8 million) and Claude Makelele (16 million).

In his hometown of Romania, fans are crazy because Mutu is in the country football, making the value of the Romanian players rise on the European stage. The media is as well, and his name has been worn out for the keyboard.

Costin Stucan, journalist and sports journalist Gazeta Sporturilor, explained: “For Romanians, this is the sky soccer event. Mutu signed a contract with Chelsea and Cristian Chivu headed for Rome two weeks later. Romanian football at that time as there is a bright future, a new generation of gold replaces the player who reached the quarterfinals of the 1994 World Cup.

Then, the fame of the Premier League has already covered everywhere. Many Romanian players have played here in the year 1990 such as Ilie Dumitrescu, Gheorghe Popescu, Dan Petrescu and Florin Raducioiu. But when Mutu signed a contract with Chelsea, it was actually a blockbuster. Wow, finally we also have a big player dressed in a great CLUB. Mutu is considered the new Hagi “.

Mutu (right) in Chelsea shirt color. Standing by his side were the other players of the London team) Hernan Crespo and Damian Duff. Photo: EMPICS.

And to find the reason for Mutu to be astray, we must return from the beginning. In the early south, Mutu played for a small CLUB, Arges Pitesti. The opportunity came to Britain in 1989 when the top CLUBS in the country such as Dinamo Bucharest, Steaua Bucharest and Rapid Bucharest contested his signature.

Dinamo has been desperate for the competition, so it has been a minor. They asked the representatives of Mutu, Giovani Becali and his brother Victor to hide Mutu. “I brought Mutu to my house and kept him there for 10 days, until he signed with Dinamo,” Giovani recalled. “One of Dinamo’s shareholders came to my house with 700,000 USD. He made the pledge for me to watch, they were full of dust and smells weird. He pays and Mutu is signed to Dinamo “.

Romanian journalist Emanuel Rosu once explained on the page The Athletic: “Right from the baby, Mutu has been in contact with a variety of insanity, like kidnapping to sign Dinamo. Those things have influenced Mutu’s minds very much, and the consequence is what went on later. ”

When Mutu was preparing for the journey to London, he was accustomed to appearing on the front page many newspapers in Romania. 22 goals in 36 battle for Parma was an impressive achievement, prompting Chelsea to gaze at it.

But at that time, Mutu’s marriage also encountered a problem and the ability to break up her wife Alexandra Dinu, a popular actress and television MC, was unavoidable.

When Mutu was on his way to England, the divorce was also being carried out by lawyers. Mutu lived in an apartment in western London, which was hired from his fellow frankincense Petrescu, the former defender of Chelsea. He only had a close relationship with the Becali brothers.

Chelsea agrees to pay about 45,000 tables a week, plus a hand charge of 330,000 boards and bonuses for goals achieved. This is a considerable amount, especially for a 24-year-old guy who is single and living in a large, new city and many temptations.

One of the first Mutu to do is shop now the Aston Martin Vanquish supercar for about 200,000 pounds. Giovani Becali thinks Mutu can buy a super car The amount of fines submitted to the London traffic Police Department. Mutu has the habit of being that parking is all over London.

There is another indication of Mutu’s extravagant nature as he wears diamond earrings in a new CLUB premiere. Initially, Mutu’s emerging family appearance is still accepted by talent on the pitch. “His end skill is not ideal. Shoot well with both legs, beat the head and have superior class. Apparently, Chelsea had a great contract. He also persisted after a training session for the penalty, “Neil Sullivan – former Chelsea goalkeeper – re-told.

Immediately the players in the Premier League were threatened. Mutu scored in his debut, Chelsea met Leicester City, continuing to draw with Blackburn Rovers before having a brace to help Chelsea win Tottenham. The four goals in three games were the beginning to be more wonderful. The “Mutuuuu” sounds became popular in the stands.

Adrian Mutu's goal against Leicester City

Mutu’s first goal for Chelsea-to the Leicester City grid.

Mutu also quickly learned English and soon gained favor in the dressing room by bringing six new teammates at Chelsea to Italy to travel as he returned here to receive an award. On the pitch, he went on to score to help Chelsea defeat Lazio and Everton, but it was also the time he started to enjoy London’s nightlife.

After Chelsea lost a game in the Champions League group stage against Besiktas in October 10, he made his fellow player Daniel Pancu, who played for Besiktas in trouble. After the stone is finished, Mutu goes to drink with Pancu to forget the way back.

The COACH of Besiktas, Mircea Lucescu has telephoning Mutu’s representatives and said, “Giovani, I can not find Pancu. He’s not at the airport, we have to fly to Turkey without the Pancu. ” Giovani searched for Pancu in London but did not see. After all, he calls for Mutu and knows the two are cups of English cups at a nightclub. They had to escort the Pancu to the airport in a intoxicating condition.

The drug began as a matter of Mutu when he had a persistent injury and underwent a 13-game dry Goal series. Despite the advice of traveling with Marcel Desailly, John Terry, Mario Melchiot and Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink to benefit his career, Mutu is increasingly silent and moody.

There were many players coming to Chelsea that summer. They all strive to stabilize lives, make friends and influence, but Mutu doesn’t like that. He is not a group of English-Irish players including Duff, Scott Parker, Joe Cole, Glen Johnson, Wayne Bridge, Frank Frank Lampard and Terry. You seem lonely. The journalist Stucan flew from Romania to London to write a post about Mutu and he noticed that the anxiety of this star reveals quite clearly.

That’s what two people reflected in a live interview on the sheet’s Facebook channel Gazeta Sporturiloror was done the previous month. Apparently, Mutu has suffered quite a lot of pressure of expectation. In addition to Chelsea’s expectation, he also had to live up to everyone’s expectations in Romania, who regarded him as the heir to Hagi’s throne.

After all, Mutu was given the iconic number 10 shirt of Hagi at the team. “I was not prepared for those pressures. When I joined Chelsea, I was young, I was confident. I had a great season in Parma. But England is another world, “he tells. “When I come to London, I know what supercars are, super powers, superheroes mean. Now, I realized that, when signing with Chelsea, my life completely transformed. Must be active, practiced, played at the highest level.

A player reaching that level needs to be trained mentally skills. At Chelsea, the patience for the player is not much. Nobody waits for you. We have 25 super players in the squad and you don’t have time to do a second. You don’t have more than two matches to handle the error.

You cannot be angry or upset. Your opponent, player in your similar position, is probably as good as you. You must always make 100% of capacity. If I didn’t get 100% of that, I would take the seat to CRESPO 100%, Hasselbaink 100%, Didier Drogba-striker came after me a year-100%.

You have to take control of that pressure, and at my age, I have not prepared and do not know how to manage that pressure. At Dinamo, I’m also in pressure, but that pressure is nothing more than here. In the end, I fell into a depressive state, and the fervor became a spiritual fatigue.

I feel empty. My physical is still OK but The spirit is down. I can only deliver with ‘ one things ‘.

“One things”, which the man now 41 years old mentions the terrible stage in London, is the drug.

The Happy Days of Mutu in Chelsea don’t last long. Photo: Afp.

Mutu merged well with his first COACH at Chelsea-Claudio Ranieri. In fact, they can converse comfortably in Italian. Although Ranieri attempted to do so, he also did not understand the importance of controlling his personal life.

Mutu confessed in May 11/2004 that, the first time he had entered cocaine was around 2 years later. He initially used wine to break down the pressure, but the intoxications made Mutu more tired. I want something better, more effective.

Before being fired at the end of the 2003-2004 season, Ranieri compiled a record of the current lineup for the successor to read. When he wrote about Mutu, Ranieri warned that it was a model that the player can decide for themselves a match but the private life is problematic. Model of rebellion.

The reader all of this is Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese COACH had a good relationship with the brothers Becali, and met when Mourinho had been scouting for Barcelona when the capital Bucharest was host to the European U21 Championship in 1998.

“Special people” did not waste any minute in arranging a meeting. Becali recounted the encounter as follows: “Mourinho knew about Mutu playing the drug. He called and asked me to hurry to London to meet. Mutu is also there. We talked for three hours. He told me that he had understood all the problems of Mutu and asked my host to stop inhaling cocaine. But Mutu didn’t say a word. His eyes were tied to the floor during the discussion. He can’t stop playing the drug. ”

Five years ago, Mourinho also admitted to having such a meeting, shortly after the news of the scandal was first to be the Beng. “I met Mutu the first day about Chelsea with his two representatives. I tell all three people that I have information about Mutu playing cocaine. They’re laughing and saying it’s a blatant lie. ”

Things get messy pretty fast. Chelsea self-arranged a separate test in July 7, an action that was generally usual, the CLUB would have to bear a penalty of 40,000 from the English Football Federation in 2006 as it resisting the conventional protocol. When the result is positive, the CLUB transfers details to the anti-Doping Authority so that the organ conducts a formal examination.

Before the results of the second prototype were announced, Mutu was dropped to a secondary role under Mourinho. The press said that he did not compete due to problems in the knee, but there was something wrong. It was, Mutu began to abandon the training sessions without asking for permission.

He played only 49 minutes when he was substituted against Crystal Palace and Aston Villa in the first few months of the 2004-2005 season. When Mourinho tried to stop him from playing for Romania in December because of physical strength, Mutu ignored and played a full 90 minutes of the qualifying World Cup match against the Czech REPUBLIC.

Mutu ignored Mourinho’s warning, returning to Romania.

The stressful situation becomes public when Mutu insists that he is pinched by Mourinho and does not crave interest in the EMPLOYEE’s punishments threat. President of FIFA Sepp Blatter also participated, voiced by the support Mutu. However, shortly afterwards, Chelsea claims that Mutu is positive for the banned substance.

“This is a insanely extreme point in Romania when that happens. When Mutu failed to test the drug, the whole country was shaken for three weeks. The bomb has exploded. All news programs begin with the Mutu theme, “journalist Emanuel Rosu thanks for the time.

Chelsea has been deliberately doing this for a long time. Before the end of October 10, they came up with a statement that Mutu was fired. “We want to be transparent that Chelsea does not have a tolerance policy against drugs,” the release of the announcement. “When making a decision about this case, Chelsea believes the CLUB is socially responsible to fans, players, CLUB staff, and other stakeholders. We do not let the financial considerations ruin the image of the CLUB “.

Mutu complained about the decision to be made before the official FA hearings take place. He was also unhappy about the CLUB’s lack of support for his comparison with the Arsenal defending and helping Tony Adams and Paul Merson encounter problems in his personal life because of alcoholism in the years 1990.

The Association of Professional Footballers (PFA) also felt the same but Chelsea’s CEO, Peter Kenyon, responded to the unequivocally criticisms: “Mutu has been given the opportunity to correct wrongly But he does not take and lie about the use of cocaine. ”

At the hearing with the FA in early Nov, Mutu willingly revealed it all. The honest, manifest regret and willingness to participate in the center for Sports addiction is the main factor that makes him only suspended for 7 months, a penalty is said to be quite tolerant.

There are conspiracy theories appearing in Romania and even in the thinking of Mutu. They said that this story was a form of the Revenge of Mourinho against Mutu for refusing to not be played for the Romania national team in Oct.

That clearly appears in what he said in the sheet Gazeta Sporturilor: “I don’t want to think Mourinho wants to use me. Right then, and for a long time later, I believed he had deliberately done this to me. What a crazy COACH to ruin a player. I trust him. I remember Mourinho had come to me when I was new to Chelsea and told me he wanted to build the team around me. It’s a lesson for me. I don’t have any problems with Mourinho. I met and talked to him. It’s all my fault. ”

Mutu practiced under the supervision of Jose Mourinho.

That would be a enough story all “dramatic” but it didn’t end there. Mutu then appealed for a suspension but was both issued by the Premier League and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). However, he joined Livorno in May 1/2005 while he was still banned from playing.

Later, less than two weeks later, he was sold to Juventus without playing a game for Livorno. By this, Chelsea thought that they should not lose their finances. In May 5/2006, shortly before Juventus sold Mutu to Fiorentina for about 5.5 million boards, they came to FIFA to claim compensation from Mutu. The service was summarized as follows: Chelsea, initially, the request was compensated 22,661,641. They argued that it was the money to pay for Mutu replacements when they purchased Shaun Wright-Phillips of Man City for a price of 21 million pounds in May 7/2005, plus damage to their reputation and legal costs.

In January 5/2008, FIFA ruled in favor of Chelsea, though the total amount of Mutu paid was lower: 13.5 million. However, 12 years later, there is no indication that a coin was moved back to Chelsea. Both Chelsea and Mutu do not provide the latest information about the service.

Mutu appealed to the CAS, the Supreme Court of the Swiss Confederation and, most recently, the European Court of Human Rights (2018) and all were thrown out. There was a point, in 2013, when FIFA ordered Livorno and Juventus to also be responsible for the amount of 13.5 million that Mutu had to pay for Chelsea, but the CAS rejected this 18 months later.

One source indicates that Chelsea is still actively demanding Mutu, but with a period of time passed and the amount of money that is too big for a player who has been “chained”, it is difficult to think of the possibility that Chelsea would receive the money.

Do we think that these tragedies will help Mutu get the lesson for themselves?

69 table after 143 the appearances for Fiorentina showed what Chelsea had missed. However, in 2010, Mutu sticky The positive result with another banned substance-sibutramine suppresses the appetite-and has been suspended for 9 months (then dropped to 6 months).

Unlike Chelsea, Fiorentina stood by him-but they were not answered. The final season of Mutu here, the 2010-2011 season, was a major disappointment. Mutu only scored four goals and caused more controversy by disappearing without asking for permission over a period of time.

The patience of Fiorentina finally runs out and Mutu begins to become a drift. He plays for a class of CLUBS such as Cesena in Italy and Ajaccio in France, Petrolul Ploiesti in Romania and a CLUB in India.

Mutu now finds peace party wife Tuesday-former Miss Romania Sandra Bachici.

So, Mutu now what? One can think that his life continues in a spin of the abyss. But not.

In 1/2020, he was elected to the U21 manager of Romania. Well, Mutu is being entrusted by his country to the task of leading young talents. Before you think that football officials in Romania are out of position, it must be true, Mutu’s life seems to be reborn.

From the deepest place of the soul, he turned everything. As Mutu said lately: “I’m no longer 10% of the naughty old Man”.

Now, Mutu lives happily with his third wife and has five children to take care of. Party boys have become a model and a Taskmaster-good character copied in the world of Marvel superheroes. For example, when you see one of the players I started to pamper myself with a prominent hairstyle or tattoo, Mutu quick treatment.

“I have put my life in the right direction when deciding to become another human being. Now that I’m a husband, a father and a COACH, I have to be an example for everyone else. I hope the players learn from my mistakes so that they don’t do it.

I had the worst experience in my life, I paid for it, but I got back from there. I told his players that they must be 24/24 players, even when eating or sleeping. They have to always think that this is good for you, and whether it affects your performance.

Football has changed drastically, it differs much physically, the rhythm is higher. The football player must be mentally prepared and physically 24 hours a day. Only two hours of training per day is insufficient “.


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