Nearly 4.9 million people infect global nCoV


The world recorded almost 320,000 deaths by nCoV in nearly 4.9 million infections, many of which support international investigation of the Covid-19.

213 countries and territories recorded 4,885,038 shifts and 319,779 deaths, rising 86,893 and 3,272 CA in respectively, while 1,902,554 people recovered, according to the statistics of Worldometer.

U.S. police patrol on the streets of Los Angeles 18/5. Photo: Reuters.

U.S. police patrol on the streets of Los Angeles 18/5. Photo: Reuters.

The total number of infections and deaths by nCoV U.s.a 1,548,830 and 91,873 respectively, after recording an additional 22,004 infections and 900 deaths in the last 24 hours.

US President Donald Trump reveals he is taking Hydroxychloroquine, a anti-malaria drug that his government specialists say is not suitable for anti-nCoV. Trump noted he had taken negative duties with nCoV and had no symptoms, adding that he took the drug as a precautionary measure.

Federal consumer Protection and Human Rights oversight agency Russia (Rospotrebnadzor) recorded a total of 290,678 nCoV infections nationwide, the second highest in the world, of which 2,722 were killed. This country today 18/5 noted an additional 8,926 of nCoV people, marking the first time of a new daily infection in 9,000 since the beginning of January 5.

Anna Popova, the head of Rospotrebnadzor, thinks that the rate of infection is declining and Russia is advancing to the “stability we would expect”.

“The epidemic situation is still very difficult, but we have blocked the momentum of raising new infections,” Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin today.

Spain The report added 469 infections and 59 deaths, raising the total up to 278,188 and 27,650 27,709 respectively. This is the second consecutive daily death number below 100.

Many business establishments in Spain have resumed operations. Bars, restaurants and religious establishments in some areas are reopened. In Madrid and Barcelona, where the most stringent restrictions are imposed, the store is now able to receive customers without an appointment, and the museum can be re-opened despite the limited amount of guests. Stores wider than 400 m2 are allowed to reopen across the country, but also limit the number of guests.

Infection and death from nCoV in Kingdom The 246,406 and 34,796 respectively after the report were added in turn 2,711 and 160 CA respectively.

From last week, he “actively encouraged” people to go back to work if their work could not be done remotely, such as manufacturing or construction. People also receive unlimited outdoor fitness, which can participate in many sports such as golf, tennis and fishing, as long as the accompanying people are members of a family.

Italy An additional record of 451 infections and 99 deaths, the total increase of 225,886 and 32,007 respectively. The government will allow freedom to travel again from 3/6, marking a major limitation of relaxation after Italy was the first European country to blockade nationwide in May 3.

France The report added 358 infections, the total increase to 179,927, of which 28,239 died, an increase of 131 ca. The government has ordered a nationwide blockade that lasts almost 8 weeks, but emphasizes they are willing to re-tighten restrictions if necessary.

Germany An additional record of 638 infections and 74 deaths, the total increase of 177,289 and 8,123 respectively. Mortality in this country is much lower than other regions in the region as well as globally.

In Latin America, Brazil It is the largest epidemic with 254,220 infections and 16,792 deaths, increasing in turn 13,140 and 674 cases. The country is now the fourth largest epidemic in the world.

A poll in the last week showed that 2/3 Brazilians agreed to need “community ways”, which were supported by governors and medical professionals. Meanwhile, President Jair Bolsonaro attempted to reopen the gym, hairdresser’s and other business activities.

Mexico The report 49,219 infections and 5,177 deaths, increasing in turn 2,075 and 132 respectively. Experts say that the Mexican is at risk of dying because the nCoV is much larger than water because of the background diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

In the Middle East, Iran The report added 2,294 infections and 69 deaths, raising the total up to 122,492 and 7,057 respectively.

Arab Saudi An additional record of 2,593 infections and 8 deaths, the total increase of 57,345 and 320 respectively.

United Arab Emirates (Uae) Report 832 infections and 4 deaths, the total number of up respectively 24,190 and 224. UAE from the end of last month has loosened the restrictions imposed since mid-3 months. Dubai, the UAE’s business hub, allows commercial centers, restaurants and cafes to reopen from 23/4 but must comply with the Department of Translation.

China And South korea No data is published.

Vu Anh (According to Afp)


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