Nearly 5.5 million people infect global nCoV


The world recorded nearly 5.5 million people are infected with nCoV, of which more than 346,000 people die, with South America being the new Covid-19.

213 countries and territories noted 5,491,193 cases and 346,326 deaths, rising 94,223 and 2,744 in case compared to yesterday, of which 2,298,806 had recovered.

Total infections and deaths in U.s.a, the world’s largest translator, is 1,684,860 and 99,268, increasing in turn 18,616 and 607 cases. This is a significant decrease in daily mortality in the United States. New York, the state’s most heavily damaged by Covid-19 in the United States, only recorded 109 deaths, up from 84 CA yesterday.

All 50 U.S. states have loosened blockades at different levels. The US President Donald Trump’s 22/5 issued a order authorising a maximum of 10 people in any state, as long as they maintain a community-wide guidance. From this week, the United States will prohibit all non-American nationals from entering Brazil, the largest region in South America.

Brazil An additional record of 15,813 infections and 653 deaths, increased infection and death in turns 363,211 and 22,666 respectively, continuing to be the second most translated zone in the world. Experts say that actual infections may be 15 times higher than the figures published due to limited test capacity in this South American country and the epidemic in Brazil must come in the new 6 months.

The country 210 million people were rated a discrete reaction to the epidemic when President Jair Bolsonaro repeatedly compared the Covid-19 with “small flu” and opposed the limited measures imposed by the State Government. This week, the Brazilian Ministry of Health was instructed to recommend physicians who use anti-malarial medications to treat people with nCoV infections, including mild symptoms.

Infection and death from nCoV Russia 344,481 and 3,541, up to 8,599 and 153 respectively, in the last 24 hours. Moscow, which suffered the most heavily damaged by Covid-19 in Russia, is said to witness death rapidly increasing this month.

Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday 22/5 the Russian declaration of epidemic was stable, creating a favorable environment to loosen the limit, but he also emphasized the need to maintain the capacity of the hospital in case of the new wave of infection.

The mortality from the Covid-19 in Russia was only about 1%, significantly lower than in many other countries, causing the western suspicion of Russia to conceal the deaths. Russian officials rejected this allegation, stating that low deaths reflected extensive measures of effective and laboratory precautions.

The disease situation in Europe has many improvements when the majority of the countries have crossed the peak. Spain The report added 482 infections and 74 deaths, slightly increased compared to yesterday, raising the total up to 282,852 and 28,752 respectively. The Government of the country began unloading orders that were most stringent in Europe from the beginning of the month, however, Madrid and Barcelona still maintained limited orders due to uncontrollable disease.

Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez yesterday 23/5 the Spanish declaration would allow foreign tourists to enter from 1/7 and restart the top La Liga Football tournament on March 8/6.

Kingdom Recorded 259,559 infections and 36,793 deaths, rising 2,405 and 118 respectively, mitigated compared to yesterday. The British officials announced that from 8/6 would quarantine people entering the country for two weeks. Those who violate the quarantine request may be fined to more than 1,200 USD.

Queen Elizabeth early this week confirmed that he canceled this year’s census due to the effects of the epidemic. He also encouraged people to return to work if their work could not be done remotely, such as manufacturing or construction.

People are not limited to outdoor exercise, can participate in many sports such as golf, tennis and fishing, as long as the accompanying people are members of a family.

Workers dressed in burial protection of victims of Covid-19 in a cemetery in the suburbs of Sao Paulo, Brazil on 20/5. Picture: AFP.

Workers dressed in burial protection of victims of Covid-19 in a cemetery in the suburbs of Sao Paulo, Brazil on 20/5. Photo: Afp.

Italy There were 531 additional infections and 50 deaths, infection and death in turn 229,858 and 32,785 respectively.

The Italian government is expected to allow freedom of travel from 3/6, opening back to the entire airport, border with neighboring countries and uncovering the mandatory isolation for entry.

Infection and death from nCoV France Currently 182,584 and 28,367, it increases in respectively 115 and 35 compared to the previous day. From the date of 11/5, the medical officials continue to recommend people wearing their masks when visiting each other and disinfecting surfaces such as Door handles.

Germany An additional record of 342 infections and five deaths from nCoV, which raised the number of infectious and deadly deaths in the country to 180,328 and 8,371. 16 German states gradually discharge restrictions at varying degrees from 20/4. Germany eased border control with several neighboring countries 16/5 and set the aim to restore freedom of travel in Europe from mid-March 6.

Peru is the second largest epidemic in Latin America, after Brazil, with 119,959 infections and 3,456 deaths, increasing in turn 4,205 and 83 cases. The health system of Peru on the brink of collapse with public hospitals faced serious equipment shortages. The epidemic also caused the Peruvian economy to be paralyzed.

Peru ordered the blockade from 16/3, which was one of the earliest to command the blockade of Latin America. President Martín Vizcarra strictly adhered to the World Health Organization’s recommendations and mobilizing the police, the military to enforce strict quarantine.

However, after two months, the epidemic in Peru was exacerbated. The world observed, despite the strict measures, the sense of compliance of the people was very low.

Chile And Mexico Is the next largest epidemic in South America. Chile recorded 69,102 infections and 718 deaths, while Mexico recorded 65,856 infections and 7,179 deaths.

While mortality in Chile is low, the mortality rate in Mexico is much higher due to patients suffering from background pathologies such as diabetes, hypertension, and obesity.

In the Middle East, Iran The report added 2,180 infections and 58 deaths, raising the total up to 135,701 and 7,417 respectively. Although the infection and death continued to rise, President Hassan Rouhani yesterday 20/5 said Iran “Nearly has been restrained” and most of the deaths were between the ages of 70 and up.

Arab Saudi An additional record of 2,399 infections and 11 deaths, the total increase of 72,560 and 390 respectively. Arab Saudi blockade nationwide during holiday holidays Eid al-Fitr from 23/5 to 27/5 to prevent viral spread.

United Arab Emirates (UAE) The report adds 781CA infection and a death, raising the total to 29,485 and 245 respectively. UAE from the end of last month has loosened the restrictions imposed since mid-3 months. The city of Dubai allows commercial centers, restaurants and cafes to reopen but must comply with the Department of Translation.

In South Asia, India Recorded 138,536 infections and 4,024 deaths, increasing in turn 7,113 and 156 respectively. India allows the continuation of domestic flights from 25/5 after two months of downtime. Some federal trains have operated back a week ago.

In South-East Asia, Singapore Remains the region’s largest epidemic with 31,616 infections, up 548, of which 23 people die. The infection in Singapore is mostly migrant workers living in hostels. Singapore will allow transit passengers in Changi airport since 2/6.

Indonesia Ranked second with 22,271 infections and 1,372 people dead, increasing in turn 526 and 21 respectively. The medical staff of the country still complained of the delay process even though one month had passed after President Joko Widodo promised to accelerate the tests.

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and East Timor are countries in the region that have not yet recorded the deaths by nCoV.

Xuanle (According to Afp, Worldometer, Guardian)


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