Over 312,000 global deaths


The world noted that more than 312,000 people died from nCoV in more than 4.7 million infections, some of which stretched the blockade to prevent the outbreak of relapse.

213 countries and territories recorded 4,714,141 infections and 312,293 deaths, rising 94,652 and 4,185 CA in respectively, while over 1.8 million people recovered, according to the statistics of Worldometer.

The deaths of Covid-19 were buried in the suburbs of Moscow, Russia, 15/5. Photo: Reuters.

The deaths of Covid-19 were buried in the suburbs of Moscow, Russia, 15/5. Photo: Reuters.

The total number of infections and deaths by nCoV U.s.a 1,505,250 and 89,521 respectively, after recording an additional 22,726 infections and 1,097 deaths in the last 24 hours.

New York, the state most heavily influenced by Covid-19 in the US, said that the majority of new infections were recorded as people who left home to purchase necessities, exercise or social communication, instead of employees in important tasks such as previous comments.

Most U.S. states are reopened in stages. Maryland and Virginia reopened from 15/5. Washington continued to ask the people at home until June 6 because the epidemic situation was not improving. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Delaware will reopen the beach from 22/5. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) predicted to date 1/6, the U.S. will record more than 100,000 deaths.

Spain, the largest epidemic in Europe, which reported an additional 2,138 infections and 104 deaths, increased infection and death in turn 276,505 and 27,563 respectively.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez wanted to prolong the state’s emergency in the end of 6 months before the complete blockade. The nationwide blockade order in Spain has been renewed 4 times, with the strictest limitations the world applies to 47 million people. Spain enters the first stage of the blockade plan to return to normal state, expected to be completed by the end of March 6.

Russia is the third largest epidemic in the world with 272,043 people, up 9,200 ca. The country noted an additional 119 deaths from nCoV, an increase in the record 24 hours, raising the total number of deaths to 2,537.

Mayor Sergei Sobyanin the real-size warning of Covid-19 in Moscow may be much larger due to many asymptomatic infections so they do not know their Covid-19 and continue to spread in the community. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov dated 15/5 confirmed that the country did not hide the number of deaths in the epidemic.

Russia loosened limited measures to prevent nCoV and terminate the paid holiday of the majority of workers from 12/5. Putin gave the Russians a holiday to pay on 28/3 and renewed twice thereafter. Russian president admits epidemic and measures of strong impact on the economy and “hurting millions of citizens”.

Infection and death from nCoV in Kingdom 240,161 and 34,466 respectively after the report added 3,450 and 468 CA respectively. This is now the most deadly epidemic in Europe.

Starting this week, he “actively encourages” people to go back to work if their work is not able to do remotely, such as manufacturing or construction. People also receive unlimited outdoor fitness, which can participate in many sports such as golf, tennis and fishing, as long as the accompanying people are members of a family.

Italy An additional record of 875 infections and 153 deaths, the total increase of 224,760 and 31,763 respectively.

The administration will allow the intercity travel from 3/6, marking the large limited easing after Italy is the first European country to blockade nationwide in 3 months. The store is expected to open back on 18/5.

Germany There were 569 additional infections, up to 176,247, of which 8,027 died, up 28 ca. The mortality rate in this country is much lower than other regional and global epidemic regions.

Germany lifted some limited measures after Prime Minister Angela Merkel said the country had walked through the phase one of the epidemic. However, she warned the water to remain facing the risk of increasing new infections if the people were not complying with the spacing measures.

In Latin America, Brazil Remains the largest translation area with 233,142 cases, up 14,919 in case. 15,633 people died, up 816 ca. Brazil surpassed Italy, becoming the 5th World translator. Experts believe that the number of actual infections may be more than 12-15 times higher than those published as the test capacity is limited in this country.

Brazilian Secretary of Health Nelson Teich resigned less than a month of work, possibly due to disagreement with The approach of President Jair Bolsonaro.

Mexico The report 45,032 infections and 4,767 deaths, increasing in turn 2,437 and 290 respectively. The administration will allow the opening of several automobile factories from 18/5 days after many calls from the American car carriers.

In the Middle East, Iran The report added 1,757 infections and 35 deaths, raising the total up to 118,392 and 6,937 respectively.

Iran had lifted the ban on the intercity and allowed the commercial center to reconnect operations. Last weekend, prayer gatherings were resumed in 180 cities and Iranian towns are considered to be at low risk of infection. Schools across the country will be open next week.

Arab Saudi An additional record of 2,840 infections and 10 deaths, the total increase of 52,016 and 302 respectively.

Arab Arabia will blockade nationwide during the holiday period Eid al-Fitr from 23/5 to 27/5 to prevent viral spread. Until then, business operations were maintained and people were able to move freely over a period of 9 hours to 17h, except in Mecca, which had remained in a 24-hour curfew.

United Arab Emirates (Uae) Report 796 new infections and 4 more deaths, lifting totals respectively 22,627 and 214. The UAE since last month has loosened the restrictions imposed since mid-March. Dubai, the UAE’s business hub, allows commercial centers, restaurants and cafes to reopen from 23/4 but must comply with the Department of Translation.

China And South korea No data is published.

In South Asia, India The report 90,648 infections and 2,871 deaths, increasing in turn 4,864 and 118 respectively.

The state-operated rail system from the beginning of the week resumed operations from the capital of New Delhi to 12 other cities, including Mumbai, Chennai, and Bengaluru. Passengers are required to wear a password throughout the journey, being examined for body temperature before boarding, and also to register for an application that traces the contact on the phone.

In South-East Asia, Singapore Remains the region’s largest epidemic with 27,356 infections and 22 deaths. The country is working to strengthen the test by recruiting more sampling people in places such as dormitories of migrant workers with the promise of high wages.

Indonesia Ranked second with 17,025 infections and 1,089 people dead. The medical staff of the country still complained about the process of delay, a month after President Joko Widodo promised to strengthen the number of tests. Indonesia is the only country in the region to record deaths exceeding 1,000.

Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and East Timor are countries in the region that have not yet recorded the deaths by nCoV.

Vu Anh (According to Reuters)


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