OxygenOS: Tips and tricks for your OnePlus smartphone


OnePlus’ Android interface Oxygen OS has long been considered a bloated version of Stock Android. Among purists, OnePlus smartphones are still the insider tip when it comes to finding an alternative to Google Pixel. In this tips-and-tricks article, we’ll show you features that make Oxygen OS special:

Oxygen OS: Install updates earlier

Can’t wait any longer and want to install the new Android version on your OnePlus smartphone right away? Oxygen OS based on Android 10 is available for OnePlus smartphones from OnePlus 5. If the automatic update (OTA) has not yet reached you, you can also check its availability on the official site:

The especially brave ones among you can already try out the upcoming version …

Use Oxygen Beta

For OnePlus devices, there is also a beta section in the download section linked above. You can find the link above the product photo to your respective OnePlus phone. The most recently published Berta version as well as suitable installation notes can be found on the same page.

oneplus website beta toggle

Above the device image you can see the link to the Oxygen OS beta. / © AndroidPIT

But take a close look: Occasionally, the stable version is more up-to-date than the beta. Also note that when switching between Beta and the stable firmware, you may need to reset your smartphone. Therefore, a comprehensive backup is worthwhile before switching to the Oxygen OS beta.

Dark Mode

Oxygen OS 10 provides a color scheme that could be called “Dark Theme” or “Dark Mode”. OnePlus itself calls it “Nuanced Dark”. You set it in your personal adjustments.

oneplus dark theme 2020 04

Nuanced Dark is the dark mode in OnePlus devices. / © AndroidPIT

As part of the Android update, individual apps should also detect this setting. So WhatsApp should automatically put on the dark dress accordingly.

Zen Fashion

Zen mode was introduced in 2019 along with the OnePlus 7 Pro. In the meantime, it was able to update on older devices down to the OnePlus 5. It is essentially a more thought-out non-interference mode. You reduce the functionality of your OnePlus smartphone for a period of time and also slow down incoming notifications.

oneplus zen mode

Zen mode cannot be interrupted after startup. / © AndroidPIT

How you exactly configure the Zen mode of the OnePlus smartphone with Oxygen OS, we explain in the separate article.

The game mode

Many users set up their new smartphone like the old one using the same applications and shortcuts. As a result, some people have probably missed the fact that there is a game mode in the Quick Options when you drag the notification bar down. Since it is hidden on the second side, it is easy to miss it.

But that would be a pity, because the mode is very useful if you gamble on your smartphone from time to time. Activation blocks the display of notifications, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the game. Not only is it a simple “Please Don’t Disturb” feature, but it also adjusts the network settings so that you have an optimal internet connection while playing, and gives you maximum performance for lavish games.

androidpit gaming mode oneplus

Thanks to the game mode, you won’t be bothered by annoying notifications when you gamble. / © AndroidPIT

Under Settings > Utilities > Game Mode or by long pressing the button in the quick options you can configure the mode. There you can specify what to do when the mode is activated. You can choose from, for example, network optimization, disabling automatic brightness adjustment or notifications, answering calls from the speaker, as well as automatically activating when certain apps are started.

Navigation through gestures instead of virtual buttons

Google has implemented a new gesture control with Android 9 Pie, which will be extended even more with Android 10. For example, the back button is replaced by a swipe gesture at the edge. But it will take a while before the next Android version arrives on the first smartphones. Fortunately, some manufacturers like OnePlus already offer this feature.

To configure it, simply go to Settings > Keys & Gestures > Navigation bar & gestures > Navigation actions and activates the navigation gestures here. The operation is very simple:

Swipes up from the center of the bottom of the screen to get to the home screen. If you pause briefly in the middle of the screen during the gesture, you’ll get into the multitasking view. If you swipe right, you will switch directly to the previous app. If you swipe up from the left or right side of the bottom of the screen, you’ll take a step back in the navigation.

androidpit navigation oneplus

Gesture navigation on current OnePlus smartphones already works better than Google itself. / © AndroidPIT

The app lock

OnePlus provides a lock on your applications by default, allowing you to make sure you have a code to open. This can be useful, for example, for parents who want to prevent their children from accessing specific apps.

Goes to Settings > Utilities > App Locker and selects the applications you want to block. You can also choose to no longer display the contents of notifications from the blocked app.

androidpit app loose

A little more security can’t hurt. / © ANDROIDPIT

The OnePlus Shelf

For some time now, oneplus smartphones on the left side of the home screen also have the so-called “Shelf”. An additional page of the home screen, where you get a quick overview of various information such as storage space, battery level, weather and more, as well as quick access to contacts, tools and apps.

While this is certainly useful for some users, there are also those who can’t do anything with it. And they will certainly be happy that the shelf can be deactivated. Simply hold your finger on a free space of the home screen and tap in the subsequent menu Home screen settings. Here you only have to use the switch at Shelf Flipping.

Of course, if you’re there, you can also take a look at the other options available here, such as customizing the app icons or layout the home screen.

androidpit shelf menu

If you don’t use Shelf, you can easily disable it. / © AndroidPIT

The reading mode

OnePlus also knows that many users use their smartphone to read messages, long articles or eBooks. Therefore, there is also the so-called reading mode on the smartphone. Depending on the lighting conditions, the calibrates the colour temperature of the display differently in order to optimally adapt it to the environment for reading.

You can activate it via the quick options, where it “hides” next to the game mode on the second page. Under Settings > Display > Reading mode or by long pressing the button in the quick options you can configure the mode. Here you can set certain apps where the mode is activated automatically and also have notifications blocked.

androidpit reading mode

A very handy feature if you like to read a lot on your smartphone. / © AndroidPIT

Do you still have tips and tricks for OxygenOS? Then off to the comments with it! We will update this article here regularly and expand it with new tips.


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