Permanently delete Your Account: The step-by-step guide


How do I delete my Facebook account? Every Facebook member has probably asked himself this question at least once. If you want to separate yourself completely from Facebook, you have to keep an eye on many things. For example, when is the best time to delete your Facebook account? How do you get your Facebook data? And how do you keep in touch with your friends afterwards? We clarify all this in this article and help you with the painless exit from the social network.

At a time like this, when not only one data scandal is chasing the next, but Facebook is also losing public trust, many are thinking about disabling or even deleting the Facebook account. If you decide to take the step, you will ask yourself some questions on the subject. That is exactly what we want to answer here. You can jump directly to the individual parts, but we recommend to proceed in turn

1. Preparation

Informs your friends early and correctly that your Facebook account will be deleted

Obviously, the biggest power of Facebook sits is that the platform connects most of your friends with you. You wouldn’t get many birthday greetings without the social network, some weddings and births completely missed. It’s more complicated to stay in touch with people without Facebook.

When you save your Facebook data (below) you will receive email addresses and phone numbers from your Facebook friends. However, details of their birthdays are missing. So manually make a note in the calendar to congratulate your most important friends on their day of honor.

Then, when you post the message in your timeline announcing your exit from Facebook, you must be aware that…

  • … the post will not be visible to all your friends.
  • … the message quickly disappears.
  • … cannot be pinned to the top of your timeline.
  • … will probably be overlooked or forgotten by most of your friends.

A simple chronicle message is not enough. So change your banner or even the profile picture with a corresponding message. Such updates appear more frequently in your friends’ streams.

And take the time to write to the most important of your contacts individually in Messenger. Informs them about it…

  • … from when you are no longer reachable via Facebook.
  • … how you will be reachable from then on.
  • And ask how you can reach them from then on (whether email and phone number are still correct).

Wait, of course, for the answers. You don’t have to explain why your Facebook account is deleted. Many people feel amazingly patronised or unintentionally taught when they are told their motives for deleting a Facebook account.

Tell your friends before deleting your Facebook account. / © MichaelJayBerlin/Shutterstock

Delete Facebook log-in account from websites

Another practical feature was the log-in via Facebook account. This will become correspondingly more complicated without the latter. So you’ll first need to open the list of websites where you’ve used the Facebook log-in. You can find them in the settings at Apps and websites.

Weigh up: Either you simply delete the log-in, or you go to the website of the service and additionally deposit an email address and a password to register there Facebook-independent. Now it may be time for a password manager.

Request your Facebook data

You can download your profile, contact info, complete history, all photos, videos, the friends list with contact information, messages and a list of connected apps as a bundle. My eight-year-old chronicle was just over 220 MByte; it is about 330 MByte. Depending on your activity, there will be more or less data for you. You can find the corresponding section on Facebook in the Settings – Your Facebook information.

facebook loeschen
Here you can download your Facebook data. / © AndroidPIT

Facebook will ask you to enter your password before preparing the download. It will then take a few minutes for you to receive the email notification. Then you can download your data in the same place. If you unzip the zip file, you can download the included index.htm and conveniently scour the data offline in the browser.

Here we have put together the most important steps in a moment:

  • Log in to your Facebook account and open the menu via the arrow at the top right (next to your own profile)
  • Selects the menu item “Set” and goes from here (left) to “Your Facebook information”
  • In the “Download your information” section, you can click on “View” and you can choose which data you want to download and what form you want it to have
  • Click on “Create File” at your choice. When the data download is complete, you will be informed by e-mail.
  • Click on “Download-Link” in the received mail. Here, as mentioned above, you need to enter your password in order to access the ZIP file and unzip it
  • In the unzipped zip file (folder) you will now find all your Facebook activities

2. Should I delete or deactivate my Facebook account?

It is up to you to determine how final this decision should be to leave Facebook. A Facebook fasting month can help you expose your dependencies to the network. Both processes can be cancelled by simply logging back to Facebook. The Facebook Support distinguishes as follows:

“Disable Facebook account” means …

  • You can always reactivate the account.
  • Others can’t see your chronicle.
  • You cannot be found in the search.
  • Your chat messages remain visible.

“Request deletion of Facebook account” means …

  • After a maximum of 90 days, your data will supposedly be deleted from the server.
  • Your account will not be reactivated for good after that.
  • Before the real deletion, the deletion process can be canceled by logging in.
  • From the moment of application, your account is deactivated (see above).
  • Friends keep messages shared with you in chat.
  • Some “logs” are anonymized, but not deleted.

If you have informed your friends and relatives, backed up your data and weighed up all points, it is now time to say goodbye to Facebook. Whether you have decided to deactivate your Facebook account at short notice or want to delete your Facebook account completely, here you will find the appropriate instructions.

How to deactivate your Facebook account

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Opens the menu via the arrow located in the upper right corner (next to your own profile) and goes to the “Settings” area
  • Now select the “General” section on the left and searches for the “Manage account” item.
  • Select “Edit” in this one and you will find the “Disable your account” button.
  • Click on the button and follow the instructions below.
  • Facebook hides your data.

If you want to use your Facebook account again, you can free it from its Sleeping Beauty sleep whenever you want. All you have to do is log in with your credentials.

How to delete your Facebook account

If you want to delete your Facebook account, you have two options to choose from. This allows you to remove your account on the PC and via the website. You can also delete your Facebook account via iPhone or smartphone. Here you can see how to delete your account via website:

  • To permanently delete the Facebook account, click on this Link and sign up
  • Go to the item “Delete account” to delete your account and data
  • Follows the following information. Then confirm your action with your password.
  • Now you will be logged out.
  • If you want to use your account again, Facebook gives you a 14-day window. In this you can log in again. If you have done so, the deletion will be canceled.
delete facbook account
The link will take you to this page. The “Delete Account” button is smaller (bottom right). / © AndroidPit

Are you on the move and want to get the account deletion behind you quickly? Here you can see the procedure if you want to delete your Facebook account via iPhone or smartphone:

  • Open your Facebook app on your smart or iPhone and press the menu button (you’ll find it in the top right corner)
  • First go to the “Settings and Privacy” area and then to the “Settings”
  • Search for the item “Your Facebook information” and there the section “Account Ownership and Control”
  • In the “Deacionation and Deletion” section, you can now select the “Disable account” setting and access your accountEyelets

4. Know more

Stop sniffing via Facebook graph

In a separate article, we’ll go into more detail about how Facebook and other web services don’t just watch you on your website or with the app. In order to stop these sometimes extensive partner networks, including Facebook Graph with data, you need to modify your internet connection. In the case of Facebook, adds the address in your router’s blacklist or in a browser plug-in such as uBlock Origin.

How to use your Facebook account securely without deleting it

Many of you will have good reasons why deleting your Facebook profile is nuptours. Nevertheless, the current debate gnaws at conscience and one thinks: “Actually, I should…” Mozilla is now capitalising on this niche and releasing the new browser extension “Facebook Container“.

It is an isolated Facebook tab that cannot communicate with the other open websites via cookies. Also the above mentioned graph requests can no longer be directly assigned to your Facebook profile. Of course, Facebook will understand in the long run that you are the same person inside and outside the container based on your online times and IP address.

Conclusion: Delete Facebook account, yes or no

Because of the deep, extensive dependencies, a Facebook exit is not something you make casually – especially if you’ve used Facebook frequently until then. Many aspects of our social life take place first on Facebook; some exclusively. It’s hard to see what you’ll miss in a year without Facebook: birthdays, births, deaths.

In many of these events, however, we have simply forgotten how we learned about them before Facebook. Because information gathering was less convenient. But she was also unfiltered: the friend’s death notice was between those of many others. And it was also more tedious to get the information. We had to remember the birthday ourselves. Even take the listener in his hand, call the person, congratulate him and at worst ask if he is doing really well.

Of course, these were not 500 “friends”, but perhaps even outside the kinship five. But with these, we really wanted to know if they were doing well, and why. Perhaps the bottom line is that this approach is more of an asset than a large number of contacts.

It’s not just Facebook that can make it hard to delete the account. Help and tips & tricks for further deletion procedures can be found here:


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