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U.s.aPrior to the outbreak of Covid-19, Lindy Fox, a dermatologist in San Francisco, received 4 to 5 patients who were billed a year.

However in just a few weeks of APR this year, dozens of people have arrived at her medical facility with similar symptoms. Their toes are swollen and glossy. Lesions appear early, when the patient does not have any other problems. This pathology is called a charge, which is common in winter, when the weather is cold and humid. This is a resident form of capillaries. The disease usually occurs in children and the elderly.

Some cases can be extremely painful, causing a burning sensation or itching. Initially, the patient’s toes are red. Over time, the bump can turn purple.

Hannah Spitzer, 20 years old, student at the second year at Lafayette College, hurt all 10 toes. She said very unpleasant sensations, painful daytime and itching snoring at night. Spitzer can’t even carry socks. Travel is incredibly difficult. She also took sleep for many nights.

“Initially, I thought it was because of my shoes. But the symptoms are worsened. Most of my toes are red, swollen and almost shiny, “Spitzer said.

She uses Hydrocortison pills, Benadryl and ice packs to relieve pain. The wound itself disappears for several weeks.

“Our clinic is flooded with people to visit their toes. They were not usually in the previous freight, many patients who had never had this disease, “said Dr. Fox. She also said it was not easy time for the year. The United States is in late spring, while the disease mainly occurs in winter, when the weather is too cold and humid.

The toes of the patient with nCoV are mild swelling, red transfer, burning sensation or itching. Photo: Science Source

The toes of the patient with nCoV are mild swelling, red transfer, burning sensation or itching. Photo: Science Source

Dr. Fox’s Hospital is not the only place to record this situation. In the city of Boston, Dr. Esther Freeman, Director of Dermatology, Massachusetts General Hospital, said the remote clinic was also “overloaded by toes”.

“I have to add clinical treatment sessions to these patients. Everyone was especially concerned, “she said.

The expert calls this phenomenon “Covid Toes”, another manifestation of nCoV infection, besides dry cough, shortness of breath, loss of smell… Despite not being supplemented by medical officials on the typical list of symptoms of Covid-19, many dermatologists believe that there is enough basis for further study of this type of injury.

Some medical reports from Spain, Belgium and Italy also noted that the number of people suffering from benign inflammation in the toes, heels, and feet was spike. But it is unclear if these patients have nCoV infection. They look completely normal and have not been tested by medical supplies scarcity. Most are children and adolescents.

Many experts believe that this is only a manifestation of the immune response in healthy people with the virus.

“The most important message is not to panic. Most patients with this form of lesions are normal. This is a benign clinical manifestation. They are at home, have felt better and the bruise in the leg will gradually disappear, “said Dr. Freeman.

Scientists are only conducting recent research. To date, the “Covid toes” are considered to be a symptom of mild nCoV infections. Lesions may also appear several weeks after the stage of acute infection ends.

The doctor recommends that the person who is suddenly swollen, violet red toe should consult a general practitioner or dermatologist, but should not massively go to the emergency room to prevent the risk of cross-contamination for both yourself and the medical staff.

The people of Italy are tested for antibodies in the city of Cisliano. Photo: NY Times

The people of Italy are tested for antibodies in the city of Cisliano. Photo: NY Times

“The good news is that this same-rate symptom means you’ll be fine. It is often the positive sign that shows your immune system is against Covid-19 “, Dr. Fox said.

The problem is that many adolescents have “Covid toes” test negative viruses. Dr. Amy Paller, chairman of the dermatology department at Feinberg University of Medicine, Northwestern University, explained that it is possible for patients to be very mild nCoV infection, too low viral load, causing the test kit to fail detection.

The Hannah Spitzer patient also tests nCoV’s negative after suffering a leg pain. Nevertheless, the doctor believes that the damage she encountered is the body’s delayed response to the virus. She has acquired Covid-19 without getting out, by negligible symptoms.

There are hypotheses for that “Covid toes” lA consequence of blood clotting, often seen in the heaviest infections. Dr. Humberto Choi, pulmonary expert at the Department of intensive resuscitation, Cleveland clinic, says the blood clots can be very small, blocking the vessels in the extremities and causing the toe rash.

However, many scientists responded to this opinion, pointing out that the “Covid toes” noted in healthy people were significantly different from those of serious patients.

Shushan (According to NY Times)


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