Pilgrimage campaign over 300 Vietnamese citizens trapped in India


More than 300 citizens stranded for Covid-19 around India preparing for water on a flight by the Embassy of Vietnam to arrange for the past two months.

Afternoon 18/5, one day before the departure time from New Delhi to Can tho, the logistics team of the Embassy of Vietnam in India to turn on the preparation of 360 rice balls, salt, sesame, cakes, water, fruit. They are conducting final stages to complete the special Repatriture campaign to bring more than 300 Vietnamese citizens to the country at 20h 19/5 (13h30 Vietnam time), which Ambassador Pham Sanh Chau called “Ho Chi Minh Campaign of the Indian version”.

“We recently licensed the Vietnamese government to launch the Repatriary flight 14/5”, Mr. Sanh Chau, Vietnamese ambassador to 3 Indian countries, Nepal and Bhutan, shared with Vnexpress. “Unlike in other countries, repatriating Vietnamese citizens in India is extremely difficult, as the country has large area, complex procedures, the circumstances of special citizens and the time of the nationwide blockade. However, we are determined not to step back, implement the plan right on 19/5, the date of birth President Ho Chi Minh. “

A group of nuns was present in the city of Pune 17/5 to fly to New Delhi and return to Vietnam tomorrow. Photo: Vietnamese EMBASSY in India

A group of nuns was present in the city of Pune on 17/5 to New Delhi and boarding a flight for Vietnam on 19/5. Photo: Vietnamese EMBASSY in India

Two months ago, the Vietnamese EMBASSY in India began the process of receiving applications for the country of citizenship, working with airlines, preparing documents prescribed for the two-country government. The hardest is a full set of Vietnamese citizens living throughout India on the point of departure in New Delhi in this country, which orders nationwide blockade to curb the nCoV spread.

The EMBASSY hired 3 domestic flights from the cities of Bangalore, Pune and Gaya, projected to land in New Delhi in 19/5, keeping her boarding for Vietnam on the evening of the same day. The Charter of private aircraft is extremely complex due to many strict requirements of the airline’s procedures, the flight licensing authority, the airports and the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Besides, the transportation by road to the airports is also very difficult when commercial vehicles are prohibited and any personal vehicles operating must also ask for the travel Certificate of the Ministry of Indian Interior. In addition, the States have their own test pin, people moving from the severely affected state of the Covid-19 to the lighter states can also be forced to quarantine or be banned through the department.

In order to ensure smooth movement, each citizen must bring 5 sets of documents, including road passes issued by the embassy, public approval by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Air ticket, charter agreement, and ID. Someone from the city of Varanasi, in the state of Uttar Pradesh, exceeds more than 1,000 km to New Delhi in very bad road conditions, hot weather and dining outlets on the road have not opened. There are sailors on the ocean train who are looking forward to dock to move hundreds of trees to catch a domestic flight back to New Delhi.

“A total of 340 people will come from different points in 15 states to reach 3 local airports and finally New Delhi Airport”, Mr. Chau. “The EMBASSY has made efforts to get permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Interior of India and the local governments where she is residing and will pass through the consent to travel between states.”

Initially, the EMBASSY also attempted to bring some Vietnamese stranded in Nepal to the country but in the end, the Government of India did not agree to permit them to transit to the New Delhi Airport.

On 17/5, the Indian Interior Ministry declared further renewal of the blockade of the order at least 31/5. India has now recorded more than 100,000 nCoV infections, higher than that of China, of which more than 3,000 people died.

Prior to this situation, all 30 employees of the Vietnam Embassy in New Delhi and the Consulate General in Mumbai steep the full force to coordinate activities, solve the procedures and follow the route of each group of people.

Vietnam embassy staff in New Delhi test body temperature A citizen is here today to prepare to fly back to the water tomorrow. Photo: Vietnamese EMBASSY in India

Vietnam embassy staff in New Delhi (left) body temperature inspection a citizen is here to prepare to fly on water on 19/5. Photo: Vietnamese EMBASSY in India

Mr. Chau said that in addition to tourists, engineers, entrepreneurs, among the citizens of the country, there are nearly 200 people who are increasing NI, Buddhists are in retreat in Buddhist institutes in India. The circumstances of the cultivators were difficult, unable to be left between the blockade command but also not enough financial ability to buy Airfare. Many people used to raise their intentions for the water because of anxiety before the epidemic.

The EMBASSY has organized donations for some particularly difficult cases, besides the aid of some of the donors. Some groups do not have accommodation, they are located in the building waiting for the day to fly.

In addition, among those returning to Vietnam there is also an Indian entrepreneur who is the textile factory owner in Nam Dinh Province is also licensed for Vietnam entry to return salary for 700 workers awaiting.

Currently the national airline of Vietnam has been granted a permit to take off of the government of Vietnam, the landing permit of the Government of India, the licence to fly through Myanmar and Bangladesh. Just a few hours before the departure time, the new embassy received a domestic license from the Government of India and a permit from the Indian Department of Defense to open the Pune military airport to the 80 citizen flight from here on the way to New Delhi.

The entire distant groups have moved to the three states of Bangalore, Pune and Gaya in 10/5 a.m., under the direction of the group leaders.

“We look at this challenging repatriate campaign such as the Indian Campaign of the India edition,” said Chau. “13 groups of 340 people like 13 troops commanded by Commander with the spirit of supplication and safety. They moved on 66 cars, three planes, crossed tens of thousands of kilometers of 15 states and went day and night to keep up with the troops at New Delhi Airport.

From here, citizens will board a four-hour long flight to return to Vietnam.

“Experiencing many of the heart of Phen, now every procedure for this special flight is complete. We look forward to people stranded in India returning to Vietnam safely and in peace in the 130 year anniversary of President Ho Chi Minh, then we can breathe relief, “said Chau.

Anh Ngoc


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