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After a seductive first Galaxy Fold, Samsung is expected to launch its successor in the second half of 2020. The Galaxy Fold 2 will pick up the right ingredients from its predecessor and make some improvements to the foldable format. While waiting for its official presentation, here is a complete update on its price, its release date and its technical sheet.

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Tired in recent years by the lack of innovation in the smartphone market, fans of new technologies have been taking their eyes off it since 2019. If we are only at the beginning of folding smartphones, we will certainly all use them in the years to come. Samsung believes in this and has not hesitated to invest to offer the first consumer model.

The Galaxy Fold presented itself as a smartphone capable of unfolding to become a tablet. A technological feat that, beyond the Wow effect, is of particular interest in daily use. We saw this in our galaxy fold test published at the end of 2019.

At the beginning of 2020, the Galaxy Z Flip, also folding, was of less interest to us. Beyond the “Proust madeleine” effect caused by this clamshell format, Z Flip brings few benefits to use. Nevertheless, with this model, Samsung demonstrates that foldable screen technology can be available in multiple formats and thus extend the ranges.

While some have confused the Galaxy Z Flip with the Galaxy Fold 2, they embody two totally different smartphones. Besides, the second one should not go out until the second half of the year to make room for his brother.

This does not prevent serial leakers from regularly publishing new information about them. So much so that we can slowly see his profile drawn. To see more clearly, we therefore propose to make a full point about the rumors about the Galaxy Fold 2. Price, release date, fact sheet, here’s everything you need to know about Samsung’s next folding smartphone.

📅 When will the Galaxy Fold 2 come out?

While the first Fold of the name was born in the first half of 2019, Samsung would wait until the third quarter of 2020 to launch its successor. The Korean would take advantage of the presentation conference of the new Galaxy Note 20 to unveil the Galaxy Fold 2, its third folding smartphone. Despite the coronavirus crisis, the launch conference date would still be August 2020. In a statement, Samsung confirmed the arrival of a second Galaxy Fold.

💸What will the price of the Galaxy Fold 2 be?

While it is still too early to know its price, some leakers say a price between 1500 (such as the Z Flip) and 2000 euros (like the first Fold). Last I heard, Samsung decided to lower the starting price of the foldable smartphone by offering a variant with less internal storage. Several leaks abound in the direction of a falling price.

📺What will be the features of its screens?

Don’t expect a big aesthetic shake-up with the design of the Galaxy Fold 2. It would take little or no design from its predecessor with some adjustments here and there. Dressed in stainless steel and ceramics, the Fold 2 would first stand out removal of the notch, one of the black spots of the first Fold. Samsung has finally decided to integrate the selfie sensor into a hole in the foldable screen.

galaxy fold 2 rumors

Like the Galaxy Z Flip, the Fold 2 would be subject to strength improvements. First, the Fold 2 could be waterproof and water and dust resistant. The screen would be covered with the same ultra-thin glass protective film as the Z Flip. The hinge would be reinforced. Rumors also suggest the integration of a larger screen, inside and out. Open, the Fold 2 would display a 7.7-inch slab 0.5 inches more than the first Fold. The exterior screen would be the most significantly improved as a 6.8-inch slab would this time cover a large part of the front. Samsung would correct one of the Galaxy Fold’s big weaknesses. Finally, the Korean would use a new screen format called Infinity V with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, like the latest Galaxy S20. Despite these additions, the smartphone would be lighter than the first Fold.

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⚙️ What technical record should be expected?

Samsung would incorporate everything it can do best, or almost. The Galaxy Fold has been widely criticized for not shipping the best processor on the market, the Fold 2, which should escape this criticism. According to the latest rumors, it would carry the Snapdragon 865 chip Qualcomm, which implies 5G compatibility. It would be accompanied by 12GB or 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage like its predecessor.

The Fold 2 would incorporate a larger battery to power larger, more energy-intensive screens (120 Hz). The supplied charger would deliver between 25 and 45 W of power, without further details. The Fold came with a 15W power supply. Wireless and reverse charging are also mentioned in some rumors.

Finally, on the photo side, some sources point to the integration of a 108-megapixel sensor (the same one that equips the Galaxy S20 Ultra) accompanied a telephoto lens that can zoom in up to 5x (optical). However, camera information remains unreliable. Other observers say the Fold 2 would incorporate two 12-megapixel sensors, one of which would be paired with an ultra wide-angle lens.

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🖊a Galaxy Fold 2 with S-Pen?

The craziest but also the most seductive rumor evokes a Galaxy Fold 2 accompanied by an S-Pen, housed in the hinge wide enough to accommodate it. A few elements, including a reputable leaker, indicate that this hypothesis is entirely possible. First, the Fold 2 should be presented at the same time as the new Galaxy Note 20 whose particularity is to incorporate a stylus. However, a leak claims that Samsung is still hesitant to accompany the Fold 2 with a stylus, visibly fearing for the durability of the screen.

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Then Positioning the device which will probably be the most premium in terms of the price of the range seems to actually address it to the same audience as the one who buys smartphones from the Note range. This would allow it to change its name. some imagine it to be called Galaxy Fold Note or Note Fold.

Here are for now all the rumors about the Galaxy Fold 2. By the time it is officially launched, more accurate information should certainly appear on the web. We will also update this file on a regular basis. In the meantime, stay tuned! We leave you with a little dream and pleasure for the eyes.

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