Rooney-Ferguson: From the volcano to the iceberg


The master relationship between the two great figures in the history of Man UTD-Sir Alex Ferguson and Wayne Rooney-how deteriorated?

A Friday noon of the month 12/2004, a few months after Rooney joined Man UTD, a press conference took place at the training field. Before the start time, reporters were reminded to think for real careful if he wanted to ask about Wayne Rooney.

Under The Athletic, perhaps none of the reporters there forgot to be a non-second press conference in the history of English football. The meeting room door is right at the front desk. The front is only a table, a series of chairs and a multi-year coffee machine that has not yet been operational. Curtains are as always closed and TV cameras are not allowed to put here. It is the place where people have witnessed the fierce wrath of Ferguson.

But on Friday afternoon, all witnessed the rage of the celestial neurotransmitter, far beyond the data. A week earlier, the camera captured the moment Rooney used his hand in the defender of Bolton Wanderers-Tal Ben Haim. He fell down and pretended to hurt. In the following years, Rooney called Ben Haim’s response when he was “dropped as a department”.

The replays of the Israeli defender and Rooney’s response then caused the most expensive player of the history of Man UTD to be banned from playing three matches. Ferguson was worried about it for a week. And what they see when, when the door closes, is a MANAGER who is ready to protect the students.

The following is a tape content that was saved that day, but was hidden from the most vulgar languages that the legendary Scottish army uttered.

Sir Alex, we would ask about Wayne Rooney, about how he slapped the player of Bolton.

-Because it’s Wayne Rooney, and because we’re Man Utd, you’re interested in that, easy to understand. But the most worth saying, you nobody is sad to say, that’s what the Bolton player has done. The fallen man sorely and pretends to hurt for two minutes.

-I think we all agree on these things….


This is where the “dryer” starts to open on the maximum mode.

-You wrote about that! You just take care of Rooney just because the boy gently touches the guy’s face and cravings for other things in the match. Be frank with each other. It’s the guy who’s in the FA penalty. You’ve completely ignored the fact that the damn guy was eating. You’re just all right at Rooney, and nobody comes to that guy, Ben Haim. Why is that Rooney?

Ben Haim rolled upside down, pretending painful, causing Rooney a cold penalty in 2004. Photo: The Athletic.

And what do the rooms say before the rage like Zeus is going to thunder? A timid man who breaks the space is afraid of heaviness in the room:

-But Mr. Alex, he is probably the most famous…

-Get out! Celebrities are also a boy, and the boy is just as human as anybody. It’s only 19 years old. God, what are you guys wanting? Want to shed blood? Those people nailed it. It’s only 19 years old! “

A reporter in the top seats attempted mediation:

-Nobody’s nailed…

But the effort failed. Ferguson did not come to his good intentions. He came through the table, almost leaving the couch:

-Play? That Ben Haim is so standing in front of the FA to make crap. It’s disgrace. I * * * want to say anything more about this anymore, what do you like to say. That guy, a bastard. Rolling as if it was painful. If it’s not Rooney, then maybe * * * who cares.

In this way, Ferguson hands off the table on the wall, three meters away. A ship of Diana Law, Chief Communications Department of Man UTD at the time. The machine is broken, the battery is all over the floor.

It was a spectacular hand, even when we considered the “standard” of Ferguson’s anger.

British media is no stranger to Sir Alex’s wrath. But before that, when the anger was subdued, he had a habit of switching from a state of “hair drying” to soothe, frolic in just 30 seconds. His face will come from red to return to normal state, and polite ask everyone what else the question is.

But that Friday afternoon is different.

Ferguson wants to pass a clear message: If in the future, if you ask about Rooney in such a way, he will feel offended. And since then, journalists have spread one term as “Rooney law”, which means Think carefully before asking what Ferguson doesn’t like. And he who asks continually will be cast out of the meeting room. He knew that the papers about Rooney were a guest, and that made him uncomfortable.

The task with Ben Haim is only Rooney’s first scandal in the Man-colored Utd coat that Sir Alex must hand over defending. “All right?” is Ferguson’s last word to step out of the door. “You’re all right. Press conference finish. You’re crazy. Good work. “

Remembering the so-called “innocent” of Ferguson, it is clear that many people will feel sad when he and the pupil he is in the heart of protecting have no longer kept the same master’s gratitude. The most successful COACH of English football and the greatest shot of history Man Utd had a decade of working together. But in the end, the relationship of the two became cold.

“They still respect each other”, a former Man UTD member shares. “There is always respect. But they also disappoint a lot. “

In his memoir, Ferguson, in addition to praising Rooney’s talents, gave him some criticism. As the long-standing leader of a leading CLUB, he made sure that the comments did not become heavy and were considered personal attacks.

In contrast, Rooney always mentions Ferguson as a major public in the formation of his career. He always flirting Ferguson about the time Man Utd dominated the fog football. When Ferguson had to get into the Institute for Brain Surgery, Rooney left a message on Twitter Personal: “Be healthy, boss.”

Ferguson is strict, but always reviews the talent of Rooney. Photo: 90mins.

You and Ferguson all know, no matter how bad the two sides are, they’re still the beautiful half of each other. The two halves are great, rather.

“I love to work with Wayne,” Rene Meulensteen, one of Ferguson’s assistants, told The Athletic. “A longing player. He will always meet me every morning before the episode and ask, ‘ Rene, what do we do now? ‘ A hard-working player with intense soccer love “.

“Look back on his brilliant career at Man Utd, look at the goals, trophies, trophies and the dedication on the field, you’ll see that career is illustrious. His goals will be forever handed over decades. “

Ferguson recalls the young Rooney on the day that possessed the talent of playing the shadows, but also needed more time to mature. “The boy was a serious and devoted player, always yearning for the pitch,” he once said.

Yes Sir Alex also sees the silhouette himself in Rooney.

He liked how Rooney always prioritiate victory rather than the ear, clothes, or game. He liked the naked, dusty place in England, which helped Rooney to accept the “dog” at Everton. He even dared to re-enable Roy Keane when being removed by Captain Man Utd. “I’m not afraid of Keane,” Rooney ever told. “I’m not afraid of anybody.” And Ferguson also did no one ever. Many times, over the years, he regarded Rooney as a proud son.

For example, in the evening of Rooney making the Hattrick in his debut against Fenerbahce, Ferguson noted that the Unreferee was given the ball to celebrate. When he learned and knew the cause of the misunderstanding, Ferguson left the dressing room to find the referee and just minutes later, he returned with a ball on his hand.

Rooney up the first time in the Champions League

Ferguson’s love for Rooney is also reflected in the kind of need whenever he tells the story of his school.

A story he loves is about the COACHES – Meulensteen, Tony Strudwick, Mick Phelan, Jim Ryan – took a few moments to hold off Man UTD’s training matches, and they were always concerned by making adverse decisions for Rooney’s team. Rooney is the oldest, but is willing to turn them back, making them always by Ferguson, who has supreme powers. “No matter where I’m in the scene,” Ferguson refuses. Man UTD even intended to bring about the arbitrators to treat Rooney.

Also at Ferguson and the assistants had to intervene to prevent Rooney from overtraining. “There were Friday mornings, I was scolded because the kid didn’t get into the holiday”, Eric Steele, former goalkeeper COACH, told The Athletic. “It kept the penalty kick with scoring. Then finally, we have to go on vacation and wear it. “

But there’s a while, nobody can wear the shelves Rooney. “I admit that I was scold the Wayne mine,” Ferguson writes in his diary. “He’s going crazy.Bees dressing room Every time I criticize its destination. His eyes will be long on the striped casino as if I want to eat enough. To the next day it will apologize. When the anger goes, he knows I’m right, because I’m always right, and that’s teasing it. ”

The other players are very much in the way that Rooney plays a more emotional touch than tactics. “I see him once rebuke Rooney,” said Ritchie de Laet, former defender Man Utd, to share. “We rock on the home field. The hour between him, he came and told Rooney, ‘ You’re a striker ‘, I didn’t tell the words that he said – ‘ You must be over, deep back to what? ‘ Rooney said, ‘ But I do have the ball. ‘ If no one is going to plan, he will be crazy. ‘ I told you to stay there, you gotta be over there! ‘. Second half, Rooney scored two goals. I can imagine how frustrating he was in a great battle. “

The history will always be the name Rooney, who broke the record scoring through all ages of Sir Bobby Charlton for Man Utd and England team. During the Ferguson period, the alias “Shrek” scored 197 goals after 253 matches for “Reds” and had 64 goals after 120 caps for “three monks”.

Rooney has also been five times Premier League champions with Old Trafford. In tribute to the glory, he hung the mannequin medallions on a Man Utd collar in the Family gallery, at the villa in Cheshire.

The squad of Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez was the most dream frame that Ferguson had led. They were just not fortunate enough to clash the Barca of Pep Guardiola, one of the strongest teams in the history, in the Champions League framework. But they still had the Moscow night 2008, and soon the moment Edwin van der Sar was able to successfully attack Nicolas Anelka’s penalty, Alex Ferguson, at the age of 66, jumped up and brandishing his legs oddly in the rain. It is possible how he celebrates the Ungraceful victory as Gene Kelly dancer, but it has been the expression of Ferguson’s feelings when he owned a silver Cup of fame after nine years of waiting.

The Champions League is the culmination that Rooney has reached during Sir Alex’s academic years.

All of that makes us unforeseen when Ferguson-Rooney’s relationship gradually spilled the tank by five months. What happened? Why did the two individuals together reap the glory of each one?

The short answer is, in football, sometimes things will, especially for one of the hottest COACHES. Roy Keane can verify that. A few others too. As Rooney said, “I’m not the only player to be in peace with Alex Ferguson.”

According to revealing from a close relative to Ferguson, he himself came up with the idea of giving David Moyes about leading the red demon.


In Ferguson’s final match at “the theater” before Swansea City, when the player ranks at the top of COACH, only one handshake through the speakers between the great COACH and Rooney. An occasional interaction, they didn’t even look in their eyes.

That day was Ferguson’s great day. He ended the 26 years leading out of the Premier League, with an English premier trophy waiting for the field.

But Rooney had no name in the squad, and Ferguson picked the same day to go against his own philosophies. A person who regularly keeps a secret of internal problems evokes them. He said, “I think Wayne doesn’t want to rock, simply because he’s got the idea.” And the journalists had been driving through the other direction.

Is it real? Did Rooney have requested to abandon the newly-crowned team from Man City?

Rooney has always been resolutely that the truth has been distorted, and he has the right to feel frustrating because the private conversation is publicly available.

I mean, you’re unhappy with the loss of the main kick over the last few weeks and tell Ferguson that if Man Utd no longer considers him to be the number one choice, there’s nothing to stay with. It is entirely different from “the formal request for departure” or “to be untold” as to how Ferguson declared on television. And their ties broke from it.

It is clear that Ferguson has slowly lost faith in Rooney. “In my last year he had been sitting for a few times, and I felt he had difficulty keeping up with people, and losing his enthusiasm,” Ferguson admitted in the memoir. “He still has extraordinary contributions… But the time passed, I noticed that he struggled a lot in 90 minutes, and his feet were tired. ”

Everyone knows their relationship at Old Trafford has been chipped from May 10/2010. Rooney, then, was not only skeptical of Man Utd’s ambitions under Ferguson, but also frankly expressed his desire to explore opportunities if he was headed for Man City.

Rooney publicly wished wanted to join Man City and it was like spilling water, causing his relationship with Ferguson to break.

Rooney then claimed to transfer and apologize, from publicity to apologized to teammates individually. But it was the difficult stage of the CLUB, and Ferguson, after countless students ‘ acclaim, felt this was a challenge.

Since when does a player dare challenge Ferguson on his transfer policy and accbe him of not being ambitious enough?

Rooney was unhappy when Cristiano Ronaldo traveled to Real Madrid, and did not restore the Chris Smalling contract and did not tolerate the Man City-the neighboring team was acquired by Saudi Arabian billionaires, becoming the future of English football. Now, he’s in the contract renewal time, and recently, when he aired Soccerbox by Gary Neville on Sky Sports, he openly acknowledged his suspicions with the staff’s vision of the year 2010.

“I was disappointed by Ronaldo to leave. I’m going to see Alex Ferguson and ask him what’s going on? We’ve sold Tevez and Ronaldo, who will replace them? ‘, no idea what to do, but we bought Smalling without any doubt whether he was good enough. If I had to stay for five years, I wouldn’t want to sit for five years to wait for Alex Ferguson to rebuild an outstanding framework. “

Rooney, meanwhile, even asked Ferguson to explain that Man UTD was not racing with Real Madrid to win Mesut Oezil from Werder Bremen. “My answer is ‘ not your job ‘”, Ferguson writes in his signature. “I said he just played the competition. I will pick out the right people. And now I’m not wrong at all. “

Rooney is even more “playing wild” and as everyone knows, Ferguson will not let the players bring their thoughts to overthrow him.

“It’s a situation where two factions want to defend their point of opinion,” said Rene Meulensteen. “It’s still happening sometime. Sir Alex opposite and solve it, and the problem will not stand up ever again. Football is football. Sometimes people will have different perspectives and perspectives. “

Is the problem even more popular? Many people at Old Trafford believed that the case in the year 2013 was a case in which Ferguson acted as a decisive role. They believe that Ferguson decided that Man UTD would be better without Rooney, and that he had accelerated the process of “Shrek”.

Eric Steele, Sir Alex’s crew member, is loyal to both, and will talk about Rooney’s contributions to Old Trafford. More specifically about the melancholy goals of the number 10: The bike owls back into the City grid, the innocent to Newcastle grid or a shot from the center to West Ham. “Wayne deserves to be one of today’s greatest players,” Steele is out of praise. “The record at both the CLUB level and the team is the most obvious.”

Similarly, Steele praised Ferguson for proper logical decisions. “You cannot be a MANAGER. Mr. Alex was always on his body with those against him. ‘ Why sell Kanchelskis? Stam? Ronaldo? ‘ No matter what he’s going to challenge him, “he shares.

Former goalkeeper COACH added: “Everything is about Man Utd, it’s about the team, not about any individual. There will always be these words, but for the same, when people challenge the COACH, it is also the team challenge. Sir Alex is the master in seeing the career length of a player and can look ahead of their contribution years to the CLUB “.

In the last season Sir Alex worked at Man Utd, Rooney was pushed to the bench.

The media also found that Ferguson had no lake when he spoke of him as before. Everyone knows the hobby of smoking, drinking, and especially the partying of Rooney. Ferguson said that Rooney “needs to be careful” and that his qualities “will be corroded by Satan”. And perhaps Fergie’s patience for the pupil was steadily exhausted.

Rooney was removed from the squad during the match against Blackburn in the eve of 2011, along with Jonny Evans and Darron Gibson, after appearing at a workout that smelled wine for the Boxing Day in Southport. It not only caused Ferguson to question the professionalism of Rooney. Some of his teammates also wondered why he could behave so between the thick competition schedule at the end of the year.

In the last season of Ferguson, the players and staff did not disappoint at least the way he behavers.

Rooney’s opposite of him would replace him with Robin van Persie where the public was also a problem. Rooney has always praised Dutch players and said he enjoyed playing football with him. But at least one teammate at the time believed Van Persie’s success made Rooney really happy.

“Robin’s rise is harmful to Wayne,” the unnamed player tells The Athletic. “Robin becomes a nuclear, a spearheaded striker. Wayne’s relationship and COACH down the level, getting worse when he was no longer kicking in the bridge battles. We were wise. We could see they were cold, but there would be a way away from your COACH. And in Man Utd, only when you get through that, you can become great “.

Rooney lost his kicking power to Danny Welbeck in the Champions League quarterfinals against Real Madrid. With an aspiring player like Rooney, it’s such a public insult. But that’s also part of the campaign. He had been replaced in four of the five games. Among them was the match against Aston Villa where Van Persie set up the Hattrick to determine the 13th Championship title for Ferguson.

Rooney did not warrant the secondary to the Persie Van for the last few years in Man UTD.

Rooney did not leave his mind until Ferguson retired from his match against West Brom at the end of the season. He was looking to pursue Charlton’s record of 50 goals, but soon he learned that Ferguson would sit in the advisory chair and continue to accompany the team. Rooney then called the representative Paul Stretford, and told him to find him another CLUB.

But Ed Woodward did not want to sell Rooney, even if the player and Ferguson both thought it was the most possible approach.

It was Woodward’s first summer after taking over the chair from David Gill and he clarified from the start that Man UTD could not be reckless so that Rooney joined a rival and scored 20 goals per season. Chelsea, under Mourinho, was twice drafted but failed.

“I want things to take place at least in Sep,” Woodward said after the transfer market closed. “Wayne is unplaceable and very amazing. I’m glad he’s still wearing a red shirt. “

For Moyes, he wants to know whether he is inheriting a talented Rooney or just a faint shadow of himself.

The first question he told Rooney when the first two people were chatting in summer 2013 was “Do you think I was a top player?”, which aims to be an unpleasant pupil.

Rooney said, yes, he still thinks he’s excellent.

“Why would Chelsea pay only 25 million pounds?” Moyes curious.

COACHES after Ferguson, as N Moyes and Van Gaal were not able to help Rooney regain the same style.

Moyes wanted to see Rooney’s response, and was like Italy. Rooney was excellent in the first half of the season but slightly. As Louis van Gaal took over, the reality shows that Woodward was generously overpowered by his striker with a five-year contract. Van Gaal had many years later proved tough to say that Rooney had “walked across the slopes” since he was 28 years old.

Now, Rooney, at the age of 34, jacket on people colored Derby County and stand in the middle of the first-class league transcripts. With the CLUB remaining four years after Ferguson resigned, and great contributions to Man Utd, he was worthy of praise from both spectators, the Derby meets the “Red Devils” in the FA Cup framework in the last March.

“After all, you look back at Wayne’s journey and think, ‘ that’s… The greatest goalscorer in Man Utd and England, “Steele said. “I think, United will still be warmly welcome and remember him forever. There are still outsires outside the pitch, but the key is the contributions to the CLUB and the team. You can’t shove Sir Bobby Charlton’s record if you keep playing on the bargain “.

An evening in 4/2010, when ManUtd confronted Bayern in the Champions League, which was led 2-1 in the Bavarian engagement, Rooney wanted to play out to the backyard with the ankle ligament injury.

The diagnostic medical team he would sit out three weeks, but Ferguson still wanted to hit the dose. Rooney is not allowed to run straight lines. He was substituted after 10 minutes in the 2nd half and missed the battle against Blackburn. One thing that nobody or now is that Rooney agrees to the field, although he had to use crutches to go to the field. Until the dressing room, Rooney recently removed the guard. Since then, he has always had a fish-eye bandage at the battle.

“With these caliber players like Wayne Rooney, I don’t think the notion of ‘ downhill ‘ is right,” Meulensteen said. “His career has gone through several stages. He is from a young talent at Everton, causing the British premier to wake up, move to Man Utd, and conquer every title with this team. ”

The Rift relationship with Sir Alex does not diminid the symbolic position of Rooney in Man Utd.

“He scored a lot of great goals and was also a comprehensive player. You can ask him to play anywhere – and we’ve done How. Sir Alex used him as a striker, Number 10, right wing, left wing, sometimes even a midfielder. Wayne doesn’t matter where he plays. As long as he’s playing football, he’ll always be happy.

Huaisheng County (According to The Athletic)


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