Saigon FC-The rare story of Vietnamese football


Being relegated by the team from the national Cup is not too bad, but it does show that the magnificent commitments of Saigon FC are becoming incredible.

When the chairman of the CLUB Vu Tien Thanh, he held the board to steer the director of Hoang Van Phuc suddenly resigned with “a delicate reason” after the 1st round of V-League 2020, it could be the solution. A president who is always in the position of COACH directing on the field is rare. The first game he vu advanced into holding troops, Saigon FC wins Da Nang, thereby reaching four points after two rounds. When the tournament was suspended for Covid-19, fans believed it was the tailor of Saigon FC for more time to find a new EMPLOYEE.

So, after more than 70 days, standing by the border of the competition remains the COACH “all in one” Vu Tien Thanh. Maybe, Saigon FC thinks president and COACH are serious stories?

President and COACH Vu Tien to lead Saigon FC players at the win in Da Nang 4-1 in the second V-League 2020. Photo: German bronze.

President and COACH Vu Tien to lead Saigon FC players at the win in Da Nang 4-1 in the second V-League 2020. Photo: German dong.

Speaking about the level and passion of football, not everyone is more than Mr. Vu Tien Thanh. Many people who stick with football sometimes because there is no better choice, but with him, it can be said to be a “commitment”. Like football, but drop in talent, then go to college football and then cultivate in places that are considered the “Holy Land” of the bridge such as Brazil, Germany. He was in the country as a football tutor and MANAGER of HO Chi Minh City post office, interpreter assistant for the Year of Life COACH of the national team, served as managing director of Dong a bank, before the break-up for the negativity for the arbitration on this team in 2005. Jail expiration, the first that he made is football. In 2009, he founded a sports company under the name Saigon Gia Tien, reminiscent of the legendary Gia KY Star-the first team of the country. The work does not go well, he returns to business in the family, thought to have peace with other life but suddenly returned. May 12/2019 chairman of Saigon FC CLUB. Month 3/2020 as manager. 5 months, losing the first battle in Ba Ria Vung Tau.

He became a hobby of jeans collection. During his long business trips, he spent a suitcase to stack over tens of jeans. The form of this outfit is for those who like the convenience, quick but with him, each pants is a message when wearing up the person including it makes others… Understand or not. Perhaps, that effort was the motivation that made him into football, seeking to make others understand him even when… They can’t understand. So, looking at his football career, there’s nothing you never did. The problem is in place: he has not really left any marks in each category.

His excessive understanding of which component harms him. Presumably, his position was a strategic consultant rather than a real-estate operator. He also has no “charm” with CLUBS. Last time he was an EMPLOYEE of HO Chi Minh City post office. Two years after his departure, the team had to deliver and disassemble. The closest team he served as the chief executive was the East Asia bank as well as fate. Saigon Sports Company is also not seeing any activity.

With Vietnamese football, the future of a CLUB is difficult to judge. With football in HCMC, it’s more difficult. Since Saigon Port is officially dissolving, in many ways, the village of the bridge still has representatives in the V-League but only for a short time, the same outcome: disappear. In 2008, Tan Create group transferred the military Zone 4 and renamed Navibank Saigon, which played five seasons, won the National Cup 2011 and disbanded. Then, go to the Xuan Cement team to transfer the “household” from Ha Tinh, also won the National Cup 2012 and settle. Saigon FC was the team of Hanoi B, after promotion was elected into HO Chi Minh City to avoid the two teams with the owners of the same stone with a tournament. Thus, the “fate” of Saigon FC is no different Navibank Saigon or Xuan Thanh ago, hardly recognized officially as HO Chi Minh City CLUB.

What’s happening in Saigon FC makes fans shy. No one prohibits a president of the CLUB as manager. But in professional football, these two titles are completely distinct in nature. The president knows how to worry. From developing youth systems, exploiting business, establishing vision for 5 years-10 years, connecting the relationship between teams and fans. Meanwhile, the COACH is not a gentle task of managing tens of people and subjected to pressure, as well as the additional criteria from leadership. So, if you’ve done this, lThere’s enough time to do that. Also from that, if he can do two things at the same time, either he is too good, or the reality in Saigon FC there is not much work to do.

Saigon FC has practically been very stable. Their roots are from Hanoi B and a caring hand in the body. When Saigon FC was launched in HO Chi Minh City, the Hanoi players were still jealous when they saw the “a Saigon FC, two hours Saigon FC”. What Hanoi FC has, Saigon FC is immediately met. The whole of the body of the elected capital from Hanoi to the south to help Saigon FC be quite disadvantaged because of the young forces. Thanks to the platform, the outcome of Saigon FC was very good: two years in the top 5 (2017, 2019), twice as Saturday and eighth. This team is also rated as the most “benign” V-League with good people who are sympathetic as former chairman Nguyen Giang Dong (father-in-law player Nguyen Van Thu), Captain Nguyen Quoc Long. During that successful period, the two young staff members Nguyen Duc Thang and Nguyễn succeed (the son of COACH Nguyen Thanh Vinh). Saigon FC also contributed at least three players to U23 and national teams.

Whatever the elect to sell to the new boss, Nguyen Cao-An, is definitely a quality assignment. Saigon FC has a strong enough foundation to maintain the re-stay of V-League for a few years to help the new bosses have time to get more and more accepted. But, the first time they do is replace the entire upper level of management. The next year, there are two attempts to replace a COACH. No one knows what reason the CLUB’s new boss revamped the whole system of capital was safely operated to return the team back to the untold number of beliefs such as Saigon Navibank, Xuan Thanh in the former.

The road is long, and wait to see in Saigon FC, do you have more “progress”?

Song Viet


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