Samsung Galaxy S10 with 6GB LTE, Xbox One X + GTA 5 free


The Samsung Galaxy S10 is available in combination with a contract in the Vodafone or Telekom network, 6 GB LTE volume and telephony flat for 26.99 euros per month and a one-time 44.94 euro. Special treat: An Xbox One X with GTA V is available for free. The arithmetic profit in this contract is over 200 Euros!

Update May 22, 2020: Vattatach Father’s Day is over, but the offer is still valid. We have therefore republished our article.

It took a while, but now it’s finally time again: MediaMarkt and Saturn are finally smashing Xboxes as a free gift for mobile phone contracts among the people. If you can use both your mobile phone and the console, you can even make a mathematical profit. We’ll show you like. First of all, however, the equipment and the contract.

The phone: Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung’s 2019 top-of-the-range model is still not old iron, but is in excellent health – both in terms of performance and update supply. In a few words: pop design, beautifully compact, super camera, crazy display, neat memory and performance. Weaknesses? Battery life more so medium and the fingerprint sensor in the glass is not so true. A great 88% rating nevertheless there were for the Samsung Galaxy S10 in the test of GIGA, other media judge similarly.

The contract: m-d Green LTE 6 GB on the Vodafone or Telekom network

Whether you choose the contract in the network of Telekom or Vodafone is basically a question of taste, because the terms of the contract are almost identical. Advantage for the contract in the Vodafone network: Slightly more LTE speed. Advantage for the contract in the telecom network: VoLTE and Wifi Calling for better voice quality.

Are there hooks? Unfortunately, there are no SMS flats included in both tariffs, you pay 0.19 Euros per message. In addition, the telecom tariff should be noted that it is a 2 GB tariff, which receives 4 GB of data per month as a “data snack”. Unlike a “real” 6GB tariff, the volume of data is reduced to 2 GB if you use the contract for longer than the minimum contract term. As always, we recommend that you terminate your mobile phone contract in good time, i.e. at least 3 months before the end of the contract.

Here are the hard facts:

  • Provider: Mobilcom-Debitel
  • Network: Vodafone or Telekom
  • Tariff: Green LTE 6 or 4+2 GB
  • Minimum term: 24 months
  • Allnet-Flat for telephony in all German networks
  • SMS: 0.19 Euro in German networks
  • 6 GB LTE data volume (Vodafone network: max. 50 Mbps, telecom network: max.: 21.6 Mbps)
  • Wifi Calling and VoLTE supported in the tariff in the telecom network
  • freenet Hotspot-Flat
  • EU roaming included
  • Basic fee per month: 26.99 Euro
  • Hardware surcharge: one-time 1 Euro
  • Provisioning fee: one-time 39.99 euro
  • Shipping costs: 4.95 Euro

The console: Xbox One X

The Xbox One X has more power than any other console of the current generation. That means cross-platform games optimized for One X almost always look better on Xbox One X than on the PS4 Pro. While Sony fans like to cite the better “their” platform’ exclusives, Microsoft also has a lot to offer with the Gears series, Forza, Halo and other franchises. Besides, there is only here the ingenious game subscription Xbox Game Pass. Those who are already toying with the next generation of consoles can access with peace of mind, because the Xbox Series X becomes fully backwards compatible with one X, many titles are released for both platforms and only need to be purchased once. Here you can find the Xbox One X in the white version.

The Game: GTA 5

To GTA 5 you don’t have to say anything, don’t you? Okay, the latest part of the gangster epic, as always on the touchline of pop culture, brutally and over-staged. GTA V is still a lot of fun today, even though it is already … Take a moment, seriously? … is almost 7 years old. In the GTA V test, there was the full score at the time – 10/10 and the conclusion “a masterpiece”. Should you have played. Here in the premium edition available.

The offer: Is it worth it?

Schaumermal: Over the minimum contract term, the total amount of €692.70 in basic costs (24 x 26.99 Euro + one-time 39.99 Euro connection fee + one-time 1 Euro device surcharge + one-time shipping 3.95 Euro).

Thereagainst us, we keep the value of the hardware. According to idealo price comparison, the Xbox One X currently costs at least 329.99 euros online. For the Samsung Galaxy S10 you pay at least 559.89 Euro (each reputable dealer, including shipping costs). GTA 5 costs at least 24.85 euros (premium, disc). Makes a Total hardware value of 914.73 euros.

In other words, you’re making a computational use of this bundle over 200 Euro profit, compared to the individual purchase of the products. In addition, there is a really usable mobile phone contract. So should the deal be done? Yes, you should.


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