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“This app is no longer shared with you.” – This error message is currently a headache for some iOS users. Certain apps— including WhatsApp, Amazon, and YouTube — simply can’t be opened anymore. A connection to iCloud Family Sharing is very likely.

Update from May 22, 2020, 7:20 PM: The bug apparently affects not only WhatsApp, but a whole range of apps on iOS 13.5. We’ve also seen him on YouTube, Amazon (Shopping App) and Tumblr. The problem occurs worldwide, as reported by 9to5mac and Forbes about the error message, which reads in English: “This app is no longer shared with you. To use it, you must buy it from the App Store.” On Twitter, too, reports from iOS users have been piling up for several hours.

Three possible solutions to the problem are known so far:

  • Delete the affected app, then reinstall it (create a backup of the app data beforehand if necessary). Can remedy this situation, at least for a short time.
  • Offload and reinstall the app. This, too, is a short-term solution.
  • Our recommendation: Wait until the affected apps (or iPhone operating system iOS) receive an update that permanently fixes the bug. Perhaps Apple can solve the problem in a timely manner.

The good news is that there may not be a basic problem with the iCloud account, it is probably a temporary malfunction. “Most likely, there’s some mess with Apple servers that prevents iOS from checking if you’ve already purchased an application,” 9to5mac speculates. At this time, there is no corresponding confirmation from Apple itself, at least the status page of the servers shows no problems.

Original article:

WhatsApp version 2.20.52 on iOS: iPhone app can’t be launched

A serious bug currently seems to affect some iPhone users: Version 2.20.52 of Messenger does not open. After tapping the app icon, the text “This app will no longer be shared with you will appear. To use it, you’ll need to buy them from the App Store.” There are two options underneath: “Show in the App Store” and “Cancel”. The first point leads the user to the App Store of iOS, which is not a solution: There you can only see the button “Open” – so the system assumes that you have already installed the app. If you click on the button, you will land again at WhatApp and the error message.

On an iPhone in the GIGA editorial office (iOS 13.5) this problem also appeared, we took a screenshot:

WhatsApp version 2.20.52 error message on iOS 13: The app cannot be opened (Picture: GIGA).

WhatsApp won’t open: Family sharing on iOS as a possible reason

The error may be related to iCloud Family Sharing on iOS 13. This allows purchased apps from the App Store to be shared with family members. The error message with the purchase notice is somewhat confusing in this context, because WhatsApp is known to be free. In our case, the user has not made any changes to the family release (role: organizer) that could explain the error.

The iPhone ticker and apple patient blogs report that apps other than WhatsApp may also be affected, such as the Facebook app.

WhatsApp annoying? Then it’s time for an alternative:

“This app is no longer shared with you”: Possible solutions

What can be done? A simple restart of the iPhone 11 did not help in our case, WhatsApp still could not be opened. Only the Delete and reinstall the app brought the hoped-for solution. We were able to restore the old messages when we reinstalled them from a previously set up iCloud backup. However, this process can take a lot of time depending on the amount of data – it is best performed in the home WI-Fi network in order to save the mobile data volume.

The other possibility in the current situation: Wait for a quick WhatsApp update of the developers and forgo the app as long as possible. We expect the bug to be fixed soon and that a working version will be deployed in the AppStore. Have you noticed this error and which app(s) are affected by you? Please write your experiences to us in the comments.


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