Unc0ver unlocks all iPhones until 11 and iOS 13.5, what you need to know

The famous underground developer Pwn20wnd has unveiled a new tool to apply a jailbreak to any iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from the iPhone 6s. Exploiting a vulnerability in virtually every version of iOS from iOS 11, it’s applicable even with the latest version of the operating system. Jailbreak is the equivalent of “root” on […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 with tariff, Xbox One X + GTA 5 free – Deal...

Saturn and MediaMarkt have reissued a bargain evergreen: the Samsung Galaxy S10 is available in combination with a contract in the Vodafone or Telekom...

Buy e-bike: Checklist for those interested in buying

E-bikes or pedelecs are popular, the number of models and price ranges...

How to find the best deal

Huawei has since unveiled its new Smartphone flagships P40 and P40 Pro. Although the devices will not be officially available for sale until 8...

Xiaomi Mi 10 (Pro): The end of low prices?

The Chinese tech company has released the long-awaited top phone Xiaomi Mi...

iPhone SE vs. iPhone 11: The 5 Main Differences

Apple has taken out of the iPhone-XR-Fauxpas and reissued his best-selling hit...

Nokia 1.3 and 5.3: Strong new smartphones for entry and middle class

The manufacturer of the current Nokia smartphones HMD Global is today showing...

Buy used iPhone and iPad: What to look out for

If you buy a used iPhone or iPad instead of a new device, this saves not only the wallet, but also resources. GIGA expert...

Corona Crisis: Internet Gifts through Providers and Platforms the Internet

What a reaction to Corona. It's hard to say whether Telefonica first removed the throttling from mobile phone contracts or whether Telekom is donating...

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What Is Kolkata Fatafat Game?

Kolkata FF result – Fatafat result As we all of aware with matka game. Like this game Kolkata FF is also played in West Bengal. More than 5 million people play the game and earn a good amount of money. People of West Bengal knows very well about this game. Here we will discuss about this game […]

Hong Kong security laws are hardly reversed

Activists Nathan Law reiterated "The Miracles" of Hong Kong Proteinans created in the past, but they could hardly stop the law of security. After...

Android TV, 4K, HDR10, it arrives in France with a hot price from 349.99!

Xiaomi has just launched its new connected TV in France, the Mi TV 4S. The device comes in three 43" and 65" LCD TVs...