Make a backup for iPad and iPhone: How to do it via iCloud and...

If you want to back up the data to your iPhone or iPad, for example before a big update, Apple has different options for creating a backup; wirelessly via iCloud or on your home PC or Mac. Here we explain the advantages and disadvantages of the backup methods and how your step-by-step backup is created. […]

release date, price, fact sheet, everything you need to know

Apple is soon to unveil connected glasses, often referred to at this stage by their informal name "Apple Glass". The device appears to be...

Huawei without Google: Everything is earthless

In the first part Huawei without Google: What are we really losing? I showed a pleasingly long list of apps...

Hands-on: IOS 13.5 and iPad OS 13.5 can do that

Apple has released iOS 13.5 for iPhones and iPad 13.5 for iPad. Some are already calling it Apple's...

what’s new and everything you need to know about the update

Android 11 is already available as a preview version for developers. Google's 11th mobile OS update brings a lot of new features, including native...

series and movies to watch

Make way for the New Netflix of June 2020! Each month, the editors of Phonandroid reveal the new series and films offered in the...

release date, price, features, photo and design

The Galaxy S20s are Samsung's latest high-end smartphones. Technical sheet, release date, price... We take stock together on all the information available on the...

And the best Bluetooth audio codec is …

The 3.5 mm jack dies out. Bluetooth and True Wireless earbuds take...

WhatsApp backup for Android: Transfer chats to a new smartphone

You have a new smartphone and want to continue using WhatsApp with...

WhatsApp Web: How to solve the most common problems

Find out here where you can find WhatsApp Web, whether you need...

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What Is Kolkata Fatafat Game?

Kolkata FF result – Fatafat result As we all of aware with matka game. Like this game Kolkata FF is also played in West Bengal. More than 5 million people play the game and earn a good amount of money. People of West Bengal knows very well about this game. Here we will discuss about this game […]

Hong Kong security laws are hardly reversed

Activists Nathan Law reiterated "The Miracles" of Hong Kong Proteinans created in the past, but they could hardly stop the law of security. After...

Android TV, 4K, HDR10, it arrives in France with a hot price from 349.99!

Xiaomi has just launched its new connected TV in France, the Mi TV 4S. The device comes in three 43" and 65" LCD TVs...