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The US is one of the largest tech nations in the world. But how do the Americans themselves feel about all this? Which trends inspire them, which go completely past them? This is exactly what Marinela Potor – directly from the USA – reports on at regular intervals in the BASIC thinking US update. This time it’s about a crazy social media battle: the Chicken Sandwich War.

Greta Thunberg and Deutsche Bahn, a make-up tutorial of the FDP or the strange attempt of the CSU to be hip: Just when I thought I had already seen everything on social media, I was surprised again: by the Chicken Sandwich War of the American fast food chains.

Chicken… What? Yes, you read quite correctly. We are talking about a chicken war. This does not mean the Polish rebellion in the 19th century, nor is it metaphorical to understand. Rather, it is the social media battle over chicken sandwiches.

Chicken Sandwich War: It all starts with a tweet

It all starts on August 13, 2019 with a tweet from Popeyes. Popeyes is a fast food chain originally from New Orleans that specializes in Cajun-style poultry products.

Popeyes posts in August Following twitter to promote his latest chicken sandwich:

Popeyes, Chicken Sandwich War, Twitter

(Photo: Screenshot / Twitter)

Just a few days later, on August 19, Chick-fil-A counters with this tweet.

Chick-fil-A, Chicken Sandwich War

(Photo: Screenshot / Twitter)

Chick-fil-A (pronounced chick fil-et) is an Atlanta-based fast-food chain that also specializes in chicken products. Above all, she is known for her chicken sandwich, which she advertises in the tweet.

By the way, it’s this famous chicken sandwich that has made Chick-fil-A the third-largest fast food chain in the US after McDonald’s and Starbucks.

Popeyes takes Chick-fil-A’s tweet as an opportunity to Retweet- Return carriage and retweeted chick-fil-A’s post with the simple Comment: “Y’all good?” This means, in a similar way, that you are all satisfied? And that’s where the Chicken Sandwich War begins.

Because it turns out that apparently everyone on social media has an opinion on chicken. And if not, now all U.S. citizens want to answer Popeye’s question. Is Chick-fil-A’s better-known sandwich really better than Popeyes’ new product?

Really everyone wants to know now and it just hails taste tests and sandwich comparisons on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Co. Journalists, too, take it upon themselves to to rate the sandwiches.

As both Chick-fil-A and Popeyes have their follower numbers in this first phase of the Chicken Sandwich War, significantly increased, now of course other fast food chains want to take a piece off the chicken sandwich.

Next, Wendy’s and Shake Shack climb into the ring. And at the latest now you get the feeling that the social networks have all become completely chicken-crazy. There are live videos of taste tests. Video diaries. Video reactions. And of course Memes.

Chicken Sandwich War, Memes, Memes

(Photo: Screenshot / Twitter)

After two weeks, Popeyes’ new sandwich is completely sold out, so almost everyone thinks Popeyes won the Chicken Sandwich War. But this is only the beginning.

Now also McDonald’s

Popeyes will bring its bun back to the stores in November 2019 and now it’s getting exciting. Because now a real heavyweight is rising into the chicken ring: McDonald’s.

McDonald’s, of course, has had the McChicken burger for a long time. But he wasn’t so much in demand, given the hysteria surrounding Popeyes buns. This is precisely why McDonald’s launched a own version.

In the meantime, I hardly know a fast food chain that doesn’t have its own chicken sandwich.

This war could actually be over. But whenever I think now the Chicken Sandwich War is over, something happens again. For example, recently at the game show “Family Feud” in Canada.

When asked “What is Popeye’s favorite food?” a candidate spontaneously replies “chicken” instead of spinach. The family is giving away the chance to win 10,000 US dollars.

But the fast-food chain Popeyes is then giving her a food voucher of 10,000 US dollars and can win another battle in the Chicken Sandwich War.

Tell me what sandwich you’re eating and I’ll tell you who you are

Of course, the overwhelming social media reaction to the question of the best chicken sandwich doesn’t come out of nowhere.

For one thing, there is a political component in the Chicken Sandwich War. Chick-fil-A is a religious-conservative chain that closed on Sundays, for example. Something that is the absolute exception in the USA, unlike in Germany.

Add to that a little fun fact from the Chicken War. When Chick-fil-A promoted his sandwich on “Chicken Sandwich Day,” the chain overlooked the fact that the day of the sandwich just fell on a Sunday. Popeyes had the laughs on his side again.

In addition, the chain is also considered to be Homophobic, so for many it was also a kind of political protest to publicly support Popeye’s rival. But there is something much more fundamental behind this chicken craze.

Chicken is the new steak

Americans are becoming more health-conscious. This may sound a bit strange, because it’s still about fast food.

But U.S. citizens have reduced their meat consumption in recent years. This is also one reason why the Beyond Meat burgers are so successful in the US. In particular, they do not use beef.

For a long time, beef and, above all, steak were considered the food in the country. However, from 2005 to 2015, beef consumption in the US by almost 20 percent. Now it is being replaced more and more by chicken.

The Chicken Sandwich War reflects this change very well and it is probably just the beginning.

Because the supermarket chain Costco recently launched its super-cheap fried chicken and thus initiated a new phase in the Chicken War: the Chicken Supermarket War.

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