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If you want to buy a security camera and pay attention not only to quality, but also to the design, you should take a closer look at Canary’s IP cameras. The technology company, which is part of the Smartfrog Group, offers several great-designed cameras that have already won both the Red Dot and the IF Awards.


With Canary’s cameras, you can’t just protect your home from burglars. They can also be used as a baby monitor or to see what your pets are doing. Canary IP cameras can also assist in the care of the elderly, for example to check the medication intake.

And many classic car owners take a look at their garage gold. In short: The Canary cameras are real all-rounders.



Canary scores with a simple and fast setup of the cameras. If the iOS or Android app is installed on your phone, it will walk through the setup process, which is very well described and illustrated.

After creating a user account, the camera is connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth and then to the WLAN.


In the app’s settings menu, you can choose from many options, such as whether to send push notifications to your smartphone only when a person is detected or when each registered movement is registered.

Various privacy options can also be set for the Canary cameras. Three modes are available: on the road, at home and at night. In on-the-go mode, movements are recorded and reported in front of the camera.

In home mode, monitoring can also be interrupted on request. The night mode can also be set individually, i.e. the time span and whether to monitor or pause during this time.


The operation is very simple: the recording takes place when moving in front of the camera and activated monitoring function, without the need for the owner’s intervention. The current live image can be viewed anytime, anywhere.

Clicking on “Timeline” shows events of the past 24 hours that can be retrieved as video. Those who opt for Canary’s premium service will even have access to the recordings of the past 30 days.


What unites all Canary models is the great design and timeless elegance. The Canary Pro and Canary View are similar in design. At first glance, the elegant, cylindrical case looks like a modern work of art.

Thus, Canary Pro and Canary View can be inconspicuously integrated into any room design. A real eye-catcher is also the Canary Flex. It makes an excellent figure both outdoors and indoors.

Technical details

All Canary cameras offer HD resolution. If something moves in the camera’s field of view or noises are registered, the user receives a push message in the app. Practical: The sensitivities can be adjusted for both movements and noises.

In the dark, Canary’s cameras automatically switch to an infrared mode. For this purpose, a small infrared lamp is activated, which illuminates the area in front of the camera. Depending on the location, Canary offers various solutions.

Canary Pro

The Canary Pro makes crisp video and high-quality audio recordings with automatic night vision and a wide-angle lens. Thanks to the wide field of view, the user can see the living room or children’s room, the kitchen or the cellar wide and crystal clear.

In addition to the built-in microphone and speaker, the Canary Pro features a 90 decibel siren. The security camera also allows users to check temperature, humidity and air quality.

Canary View

The best-selling company from the USA has recently also inspired Europe. The Canary View has a wide-angle lens (147 degrees). Whenever unusual events occur, the owner of the camera is informed via tablet or smartphone with live images.

The 15 centimetre small and around 380 grams light Canary View can be installed wherever electricity and Wi-Fi are within reach. During the development, attention was not only paid to the integration of useful AI technology, design and ease of use, but also great importance was placed on data security.

Canary Flex

The security camera is designed for outdoor use and certified according to IP65 protection class. This means that it easily withstands wind and weather in the temperature range of -10 to 45 degrees. The battery lasts long.

Of course, the camera, which is eleven centimetres in size and around 240 grams light, can also be used in rooms. In addition to the camera with 116-degree wide-angle lens, the scope of delivery includes a wall mount and mounting material.

The holder fixes the camera magnetically. This allows it to be rotated freely.


The camera and microphone can be turned off completely via a “private option”. All videos and data are Bank-level data security standards (SSL/TLS) encrypted and stored in certified high-security data centers.

Price and scope of services

Canary shows that security doesn’t have to be expensive. The cheapest camera is already available for 99 euros. The Canary Premium Service is particularly useful. This allows you to view the videos of the past 30 days, the use of microphone and speaker (2-way audio) as well as many other features.


The Canary cameras have proven themselves in the test and work very reliably. They can be set up quickly and easily and conveniently operated. The app is very clear and comprehensible, the use uncomplicated.

The Canary Cams provide a stable video image that can be conveniently accessed from anywhere over the Internet. The quality of the night shots with infrared is impeccable.

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