The risk of hot sun stroke in the elderly


The elderly are weak resistance, many diseases of old age such as blood pressure, cardiovascular… The risk of stroke when the temperature rises.

For a week, you take care of Mr. Nguyen Van Trung, 69 years old, HCMC. In addition to preparing the rice, the descendants he gathered, massaged because he centered off the body, stood unsteady. Between April 4, on the day of the sunny Ho Chi Minh City, while walking up stairs, elevated blood pressure made him fall. Luckily, the son at home works online by advocated social spacing due to the Covid-19 translation so timely take him to the emergency hospital.

According to Dr. Vu Ho Thanh, deputy head of Campus 2, University of Medicine and Pharmacy HCMC, Vietnam has more than 230,000 people with stroke, half of this death, the greater the risk of stroke. Common causes of alcohol use, long-term smoking, thermal shock or existing background diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension, blood fat disorders, cardiovascular pathology…

The breakfast tradition with Natto has been parallel to the world of cherry blossom.

The breakfast tradition with Natto has been parallel to the world of cherry blossom.

In the case of Mr. Trung, doctor Thanh identified patients with high blood pressure, common disease in the elderly, can cause diseases of the blood vessels, heart, brain and stroke. In addition, the changing weather makes the elderly body more susceptible to thermal shock, dehydration, more dense blood, and the creation of blood clots, causing a stroke of cerebral infarction (about 80% of the present stroke case).

From the date of the stroke, Mr. Trung is more conscious of body care. He was interested in reading newspapers, listening to the radio, watching the television programmes of elderly health, especially interested in the diet of the Japanese. According to Trung, long ago, Japanese people were famous for their longevity, little sickness, the number of strokes in this country decreased 85% from 1960 to the present.


Japan Nattokinase Association (JNKA) recommends that every day supplement the 2,000 FU Nattokinase to contribute to the prevention of stroke.

Japan is a good stroke check by the world of health that gives people a great emphasis on dangerous levels, preventing disease. In addition to periodic health visits, they offer a high level of nutrition, a scientific lifestyle.

The population of the country 126 million people focus on breakfast to maintain energy for a day of study, work. They tend to prepare simple food, low fat, sugar, salt, emphasis on fresh food choices, preparing many items in small quantities by conception should not be eaten too no.

A standard breakfast of the people of the cherry blossoms includes rice, fish, miso soup, fermented soybeans (natto) and many seasonal nutritious foods. Like Vietnamese pho, the traditional breakfast with Natto has been with the world’s generations of cherry blossoms. The Natto loafers store their classifieds every early in the Edo period, before becoming an indispensable breakfast.


Nowadays, people are gradually familiar with the use of health food protection that contains Nattokinase for the prevention of strokes for the whole family.

Natto is a spicy fermented flavor bean, abundant protein, iron, vitamins and dietary fiber… Just mix with hot rice, the Japanese have a nutritious breakfast. The Japan National Cancer Centre has watched 90,000 people aged 45-74 for 15 years to detect that, eating 50g Natto per day decreased 10% risk of death and stroke. Prof. Hiroyuki used to hunt down 200 food in the world famous stroke, but did not find any kind of safe and outperformed Natto.

Gifu University (Japan) has also researched natto, over 29,000 people for 16 years. The results showed that people who ate most natto most (about 7g per day or 35g per week) decreased 32% of the risk of ear variables compared to the group hardly eaten. Nattokinase absorbed into the bloodstream will contribute to dissolving blood clots, cleanse the vessel, improve blood flow, reduce the risk of hypertension, stroke, stuffing heart muscle.

Mr. Trung wants to add natto to his diet menu but in Vietnam, it is relatively difficult to find Natto food. So he actively learn about the health protection products that contain Nattokinase that are clearly derived, certified by the Japanese Nattokinase Association (JNKA) for the use and prevention of strokes. The active substance when tolerating the body will absorb into the blood will contribute to melt blood clots, clear the vessel, improve blood flow, reduce the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, stuffing heart muscle.

Not only applies to himself, he also convey knowledge to children in middle age, subjects at high risk of stroke because often work with high pressure and practically the number of young people with illness increased by 50% over the last 12 years.

For hot-season strokes, in addition toThe Science Diet, sleeping on time, on the hot, sunny spots, when the outdoor temperature rises, the elderly should be limited outside the road, especially at sunny, Sun noon. People can find out, choosing products that contain Nattokinase that contribute to the prevention of strokes. Currently, Hau Giang Pharmaceutical is a business containing the active ingredient Nattokinase in Vietnam, which has stamped the logo of JNKA as a certificate of quality, origin of products.

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