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In the series “Homescreen!” we regularly present the home screens of people from the social media, marketing, media and tech world – including exciting app recommendations and tips for everything from to-do lists to the small game for in between. Today: Julia Besson, founder of Beazy.

I am a generation Z child, born in 1998. Most of the things in my life are digital. I can’t stand a whole day if I forget my smartphone. I use it all the time, both for private and business purposes.

Nor have I ever owned a watch or printed a plane ticket, and I hardly write on paper. I talk to my doctor and monitor my health and illnesses through an app.

My homescreen definitely reflects the way my smartphone is absolutely essential to both aspects of my life!

How I keep it all together

I am always on the road and have many meetings throughout the city during the day. With Google Calendar (for Android) I can keep track of everything, my personal schedule, but also about business events and meetings.

I write everything relevant that happens during the day in my notes and use Minimalist (for Android) to keep track of my daily tasks.

As a list person, I always write a list for every single thing that comes to mind. Whenever I’m on the road, I use Google Maps (for Android) and the BVG app (for Android). After all, who needs to cut down more trees if you can get your ticket online?

Julia Besson, founder of Beazy.

How to stay connected

Facebook (for Android), Whatsapp (for Android), Linkedin (for Android), Instagram (for Android), Bumble Bizz (for Android), Twitter (for Android): Social media is there to be social!

For all networks, I have a private and a work account that I use throughout the day to interact with our followers, users, potential customers, but also with friends and family.

The main social media channel for Beazy is Instagram. We regularly use apps such as Later (for Android) to plan our contributions, Focalmark (for Android) and autograph tags to generate relevant hashtags.

Instagram algorithms are becoming increasingly difficult to handle, and hashtag leads aren’t as efficient as they used to be. Therefore, I may delete these two applications soon.

Working Tools

Most of our files are available on Google Drive (for Android) so that we can share them with our teammates at any time and edit them live. Hubspot (for Android) helps us to track our respective e-mail communications.

Above all, it helps us to provide the best possible customer support with immediate responses to our users’ requests. We use our projects to communicate and manage our projects Slack (for Android). Asana (for Android) is used to assign tasks and track progress.


I have two private online bank accounts: Revolut (for Android) and N26 (for Android). This is such a revolution compared to traditional banking! For our business we use the online bank for professionals Holvi (for Android), Paypal (for Android) and Stripe (for Android) to monitor peer-to-peer transactions.

Julia Besson, Beazy, Homescreen, iPhone, Apple, Apps

The homescreen by Julia Besson, founder of Beazy.


Beazy is also about organizing events – a lot of events. We track ticket sales with Eventbrite (for Android) and Meetup (for Android). These are two great canals to discover local events in your own city.


Living in Germany and not speaking fluent German is a real challenge if you run your own company! Google Translate (for Android) is definitely my best friend.

In addition, I try to Duolingo (for Android) as often as possible. I have to admit that it is a real struggle to stay motivated. Therefore, it could disappear from my homescreen.

Bless you

Strange, but also cool: I have a biosensor under my skin that measures my blood sugar level.

It works with Bluetooth and I can use my type 1 diabetes via the Libre Link app (for Android) by simply moving my phone in front of the sensor. Via the app I can also communicate directly with my doctors in France.

Photography, Reading and Art

Our start-up is active in the creative industry and art is a big part of my life. I use Lightroom (for Android) to edit my photos, Google Photos (for Android) to share recordings with friends and Beazy users, and Moldiv (for Android) to create photo collages.

Pinterest (for Android) is my best source of inspiration when I create or photograph something. I love to read and read regularly on Medium (for Android) about the latest trends in the creative sector and in the world of start-ups.

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