Thousands of volunteers infected with nCoV


U.s.aAt the age of 18, Abie Rohrig decided to donate kidneys, saving a person. Now just 20, Rohrig has continued to sign up for nCoV volunteers.

“My mother was worried much more than my kidney donation. Is she hesitant, ‘ what? I don’t know ‘ and it was quite skeptical, ‘ he recounted.

Rohrig is one of more than 16,000 people, most of the young, advocating the shocking vaccine development methodology: actively spreading nCoV to volunteers. They all register for the 1 Day Sooner (earlier a day) campaign through the official website.

Abie Rohrig, 20 years old, a volunteer active nCoV in America. Photo: CNN

Abie Rohrig, 20 years old, a volunteer active nCoV in America. Photo: Cnn

Active human-challenge study helps shorten the normal vaccine research process to a few months. Instead of waiting for a long time to assess the number of immunologists after vaccination, scientists will directly spread the virus to them via parenteral, oral, mosquito bites or nasal spray.

This method is a “double blade knife”. Although Covid-19 affects older people more than teenagers, this is still a new, unpredictable pathogen that can make the most healthy athletes hospitalized. Besides, the treatment methods are limited. If the risk occurs, the volunteer will have to take the consequences.

After four months of exacerbations, the Covid-19 remained unforeseen, killing more than 316,000 people. Many scientists claim that performing more breakthrough studies than usual are worthy to stop the epidemic.

The idea of infecting nCoV for volunteers stems from an analysis in the journal Infectious Diseases. The authors identify whether the test is at a certain risk, but “every week there is no vaccine, the world pays thousands of dead”.

“At first, this is a controversial method. However we think that if the participant chooses and proceeds properly, the risk will be surprisingly low, certainly within the allowable limits, “article writing.

Proactive viral infections on non-new people. This approach plays an important role in the development of malaria, flu and hemorrhagic fever.

Volunteers have different reasons for participating in the test. Many people arise from charity, others are more realistic. For Abie Rohrig, the decision was made after reading the news of the stroke in the deficiency of Covid-19.

“I know there will be risks. If I do this and suffer not good, the family will be very upset. But there must be someone impulse, “Rohrig said.

According to Dr. Nir Eyal, Rutgers Medical University, the mortality rate when proactive nCoV infection is equal to the kidney donation, about 3/10,000 people.

However, not all volunteers are of the ideal age of 20. John Gentile, an entrepreneur in Alabama, just walked to the age of 41 on 14/5. Like Rohrig, Gentle believes that he is contributing to the effort to find a method to repel the epidemic, to help the society.

But he also has other reasons, much more practical to participate in the program. As an entrepreneur, he regularly has to visit warehouses and travel between countries. Gentle for whether or not, I will surely have Covid-19.

“I feel the nCoV infection in a controlled environment would be much better than spreading the disease without knowing it, until the symptoms are so bad that they themselves realize,” he said.

John Gentile businessman with his family. Photo: CNN

John Gentile businessman with his family. Photo: Cnn

In fact, the test by the active method of infection on the person is carried out under strict conditions. The report in Infectious Diseases recommends a few weeks of volunteer isolation, ensuring they have access to modern medical equipment if necessary.

“As part of the test, they will be assured of absolute care”, Marc Lipsitch, epidemiological specialist, Havard University, said.

However, the problem is more than the compensation regime when there is a risk. If the funds are too little, the research may not attract volunteers. In contrast, too large compensation can cause many people to participate because of money, not membrane to the safety of themselves. The second scenario occurs during a gold vaccine test.

Seema Shah, German medical specialist, associate professor of Feinberg Medical School, University of North West, said that nCoV volunteers were paid about 2,300 USD in the recent 40 days.

“Some suffer from impact, others want to experience, but also someone who really wants to help the community,” she said.

“Many people are willing to take risks, life threats for General benefits. This is not just an act, it’s a beautiful high gesture. We are not the advisable but also depend heavily on this, in all areas of life, “said Lipsitch supplementation.

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