Valdano, Redondo and the water tide of Tenerife


Good drink. Swimming pool to the photo. Sunscreen. That’s what you think of Tenerife (Spain). But in fact, there is a story about Fernando Redondo, Jorge Valdano, Jupp Heynckes, Juan Antonio Pizzi or Rafa Benitez.

In 1985, CD Tenerife dropped to the third division. What, Tenerife in our head is a resort with beautiful beaches and full of hot bodies. Except, Javier Perez, a medical professor specializing in women’s studies, who decides to do something.

Javier Perez has a small physique, always wearing a pair of goggles. It seems to be the current member of the CLUB that he became president. He did not need big luxury items but had the money to save the CLUB, and that money came from the eyeglasses and ophthalmology shops in the island.

Later, Jorge Valdano tells the El Diario de Avisos: “He has strong comrades and great thoughts, great. He wanted to put the CLUB in the same position as the Spanish football “.

President Perez at birth.

In the first three years of Perez ‘ presidency, money and strategy led Tenerife to La Liga after two promotion. They earned their play in La Liga in 1989 by a 4-1 win over Betis in the play-off round.

But life in the highest division is risky. Tenerife is almost exclusively due to the hard victory 1-0 before Deportivo right at Riazor. However, when it was safe, Perez began building a foundation towards challenges from Europe.

The first change of Tenerife is the COACH position. After a La Liga campaign filled with anxiety, COACH Xabier Azkargorta was out on the road. The owner of the hot seat is Jorge Solari, the uncle of the future star in Real Madrid, Santiago.

Jorge Solari has just led Independiente to win the Argentine national championships, and decided to bring some of their own to Tenerife. It is Tata Martino, a seasoned midfielder and knows how to be scored with thunder shots. The second is one of the greatest talents in South America.

No one can explain how the tri-CLUB of Argentinos Juniors do and how the whole player suddenly runs out of contract and becomes a freelance person. The entire team is then re-signed, with the exception of one-Fernando Redondo, who will arrive in Tenerife.

Redondo came to Tenerife without knowing that she would contribute to the “dual disaster” for Real-CLUB, which would actually make his name.

“They presented me with a great idea that they were building a strong enough team to be able to occupy the UEFA Cup and win the Cup”, Redondo later told the reporter La Nación On the approach from Tenerife that summer.

Argentine players were soon convinced by the ambition of Perez and the director of sports Santiago Llorente. Redondo signed a meal after a grilled chicken dinner at the El Ministro restaurant in Tegueste. With the price of a meal, Tenerife secured a god for his great-work later.

It is not known whether it was made by Redondo or not, which Argentine players often had the charm of signing life-changing contracts in the restaurant and on the dining table. Lionel Messi’s contract is an example, on a piece of food paper.

A midfielder is seemingly unfit for the new team. He captured the island after only 15 games. The staff of the COACH Solari gradually helped the CLUB stabilize in the middle of the transcript, but for Perez, the same was still a failure. With the remaining eight matches of the 1991-1992 season, Tenerife was led by other COACHES.

Wicked Double Butt El Tenerifazo

The alternative Solari has no coaching experience. When he is playing, he can be an illustrious talent player but this is a whole new field. However, Jorge Valdano is not the usual former player. Many places have been wanting to invite him for training, such as Cadiz.

But after all, Valdano was attracted to the ambitious and talented player in Heliodoro. Perez pretended to the level that the Argentine COACH refused to reach the CLUB, hoping that the official announcement would give people a big shock.

Change of logistics, yes. Valencia was the first major defeat of Tenerife in Valdano. They were defeated in a thrilling victory with a 2-1 ratio thanks to the goals of Pier and Felipe. Barcelona is the next victim of the rising red tide of Canaria. However, ask any Tenerfino (the name of the Tenerife) about the season, which will refer to a team: Real Madrid.

The COACH Leo Beenhaker arrived at the island on 7/61992. Their task is simple: win the final match of the season, And they will become the La Liga champion. The mishaps began to appear in the previous.

Real’s logistic preparation encountered a problem, and the team was forced to move in the little-broken planes, which caused the players to suffocate and undergo unwanted steam screens. Furthermore, technical glitches forced the planes to go back to Madrid for repairs, causing the Real journey to be extended to 12 hours.

However, when the one-half takes place, it seems Real will do what is necessary. The goals of Fernando Hierro and Gheorghe Hagi have helped the team to reach the lead before 2-0. Barcelona, meanwhile, is in an adverse situation. They won the European Cup full of fascination against Sampdoria, and proved unsalty in the match against Athletic. La Liga seems to have belonged to Real.

Quique Estebaranz gives Barca a first-rate fragile hope with a shortened table of 1-2. However, Tenerife’s need for legendary epic can overthrow Real from the journey to the championship, especially when the match has passed 70 minutes.

That’s what it appears to be. Ricardo Rocha writes a table of humor that causes the CĐ’S Los Blancos Everywhere disappointed and angry. And then Manolo Sanchis had a considerable fault, prompting Pier to score a 3-2.

The devil was dancing at Camp Nou, where Barca suddenly hit the Cup. When the whistle is over, COACH Johan Cruyff smiled and wrote a simple message to Valdano: “Thank you very much.”

Valdano (left) is considered a football philosopher. He worked in Tenerife for two years, before returning to lead a Real team.

Valdano, one of Real’s greatest ever players, right then, knew what he faced. Quique Estebaranz, who scored the first goal to admit, later scored a lot of similar desks, but none of them brought as much consequence as goals to that Real net.

With his continued play in La Liga, Valdano and Perez seriously planned for European ambitions. Diego Latorre, the first player to be named “New Maradona”, came from Fiorentina just two years after the 1991 Copa America win.

Argentine player forces have grown fast that time. The farewell gift of former Solari COACH is the inclusion of a quality striker, Juan Antonio Pizzi, whom he died tired of witnating this talent in Rosario Central and wearing Toluca in Mexico.

“I told Perez to recruit this player, but he shakes his head for not knowing who he is,” Solari tells.

Perez only changed his mind knowing about Pizzi’s fate, the forward, in most of his career, having played with only one kidney. Pizzi’s other internal organ was lost following a horror clash on the field with goalkeeper Roberto Bonano.

Perez, who had also been cut off an internal organ, had realized a strong spirit in the player. He felt the same illness and signed the contract. “When I walked up the island, everything was great for me. Especially the weather, “Pizzi said in an interview with the sheet El Gráfico.

However, the best thing in Tenerife is the football CLUB. Oscar Dertycia also joined, leaving the Argentine forces more crowded. This is the former striker of Fiorentina, who has lost the spirit to the loss of hair in the 1990 World Cup.

However, not only the Argentine people were able to add strength to the team but also the Spanish players. Felipe Minambres, Spain’s first World Cup 1994 squad, was also a pillar. Captain Tono has been transformed from a central midfielder into a defender to be effective.

Ezequiel Castillo inherits the “Filthy sweep” of Redondo. Paqui is a good left-wing defender while Chano manages the right defender role. With such force, Tenerife became a local to large clubs. Juanjo Ramos, the historian and a lifelong fan of the team, was happy to boast: “They made us happy to confess that it was Tenerfino.”

Perez, of course, did many things to inspire the rise of the CLUB, along with the dozen of fortunes. In 1991, he turned the LCB model into a mass company. He rebuilt the football field and earned the land to later build the training facility.

After all, Tenerife’s this time is not just a captivating distraction. They fought and were able to be brave, according to the best traditions of the two Argentine and Spanish bloodlines. This quality is very clearly visible.

As in the match against Osasuna, Redondo used a technique to trick the opponent into the face of the pitch and quickly put the lawn to the ball. And shouted, “Here, eat it, you fool.” The demon of Demons is so much here.

Angel Cappa, an assistant of Valdano explained on the Deporpress In the cause of Tenerife’s advancement: “Very simple, it’s a combination of good players, good MANAGERS, and good boss. Everyone understands the objective and mind the relative. Not progressive novelty “.

By the end of the season, the results are more than favorable. Tenerife achieved the ultimate goal: an UEFA Cup reserve. But they even made things bigger than they made Real slip before the other championship. Most Madridistas have laughed at the coral when they saw the schedule of the last round: as a guest of Tenerife. They believe, history doesn’t reappear.

However, it was they who had to worry. Again, Real encounter problems: wins the battle is champions or Barca will again suffer the trophy falling into the head. Baptist on the top page Sport Summarize the fear of Madridistas by playing the word: “What happens if it happens?”.

Tenerife is now very different. They led in front of both Chano’s and Dertycia’s public goals. COACH Benito Floro’s team was chaotic and unmotivated to witness the second wave of Canarian dreams.

This is impossible in football, an old man’s hoax created. How many times in your long history, do you go through two years of losing such bitter title? The Madridistas still remember forever until their El Tenerifazo dual nightmare.

The conquest of European marbles

In the 1993-1994 season, the first time, Valdano led Tenerife into European history. Auxerre and Olympiacos were defeated on Tenerife Road to the quarterfinals, where they would face Juventus by Roberto Baggio, Gianluca Vialli. Tenerife may have gone but the 2-1 victory at Heliodoro remains the best result in the history of the CLUB.

Valdano became a shining face in La Liga. That summer, Real invited him to be an EMPLOYEE. What do you think he can do, in addition to nod. To Bernabeu with Valdano, Redondo.

Probably, for the first time, Perez made mistakes when appointing Valdano successor. The work of the new COACH Vicente Cantatore has not fluency in a Redondo prime force. The position between the transcript did not save his chair. Cantatore was laid off while still nine games, like Solari.

In fact, the crowd in Tenerife has become spoiled by the success and the splendid attack of Valdano and Redondo. Cantatore style can not fit a CLUB that is embracing ambition for greatness.

Jupp Heynckes, meanwhile, need to rest. His initial success in Borussia Monchengladbach and Athletic was obscured by the terrible term in Frankfurt. And then, Heynckes, decided to accept the work in Tenerife to rescue his reputation.

Heynckes on the training grounds of Tenerife.

The German COACH inherited a round-robin and more experienced fighting team. Pizzi returned from Valencia and quickly won the Pichichi top scorer in the title. Slaviša Jokanovic is a brain in the middle line. Tenerife started competing in the UEFA Cup, preparing for another assault on the old continent.

But the great Europeans have made an eye to this little pebble. Tenerife has proven to be his own amber in front of giants. Typically a 5-3 win against Lazio with the Alessandro Nesta, Pavel Nedved and Pierluigi Casiraghi in the squad. Feyenoord was the victim to the next. This time, Tenerife marched into De Kuip and proceeded to the 4-0 bomb curtain. Tenerife’s opponents of the quarterfinals are Brondby and they pass in a simple way.

Ten years before the semi-finals to Schalke, Tenerife completed promotion from the Spanish Third division. From the stadium on the edge of a second-class town, they resurgence, overtake both Lazio and Feyenoord and hope to pass the semifinals to the first final.

Apparently, Tenerife touched the doors of heaven. Felipe’s penalty kick in the 6th minute helped them win in Santa Cruz. During the turn in Gelsenkirchen, the Germans were angry. Finally, between the second half, Thomas Linke defeated 1-1.

Tenerife has prepared for overtime. With Oliver Neuville still not yet playing, they could be the threat of a tired defensive row of home team. But, from Olaf Thon’s fine shot in the 107 minutes, Marc Wilmots unleashed the Bengt Andersson goalscorer. The moans of nearly 1000 broken hearts in the thoracic cage Tenerfino echoed on Gelsenkirchen.

Real’s experimentation with Valdano was effective, so they decided to play back the old post. Heynckes soon nodded to the Spanish capital, forcing the people on the island again to gather and thinking.

Victor Fernandez is the wrong choice for COACH chair. Even the star-bought contracts of Middlesbrough were Emerson and young talent Roy Makaay was also not effective. After the spectacular pillar of the 1997-1998 season, Tenerife eventually relegated, two years after the UEFA Cup riots.

Things get worse. Tenerife was sharply fired and only finished 14th at the Segunda 1999-2000. The boss Pérez was in pain witnessed the destruction of the CLUB but still had enough optimisi to prepare a final hit.

Not win the Cup but there are many nostalgic

Rafa Benitez is in the vacation time when he receives a call from Tenerife. And he became the COACH of this team. In the only season in Canaries, Benítez transformed the defensive, making it the second most robust deck of the tournament.

The scoring was entrusted to two generals of talent and explosion of Mista and Luis García. And Benítez led the CLUB to the promoted competitive play-offs. After beating Leganés and they returned to La Liga. But alas, the pilgrimage to this promised land is now all bitter.

They were relegated to the first season of the 21st century, and only returned in 2009. But it was immediately relegated.

Perez has been leaving long ago. He was ousted from chair president in 2002 because of financial problems and achievement instability. After a long battle with cancer, he died in 2004. After a funeral with thousands of attendees, he was buried in Tegueste.

Pérez sought to bring Tenerife into the attention of Spain and the world. This piece of land is not only a tourist paradise but a football CLUB. In 2015, President Miguel Concepcion announced the honor of Perez which will be carried out in the CLUB for a week.

The statue of Perez in Tenerife.

Before the crowd of tears at Grand Mencey Hotel, he gave her the widow Josefina a copy of the CLUB badge. Tenerife’s training field was renamed Javier Perez in his honour.

“We must treat him as a pioneer, a conqueror. He can trigger other people’s dreams. He climbed the top of the mountain to raise his CLUB “, Valdano told the Diario de Avisos.

Tenerife did not win any Cup from that moment, but they had memories. For this proud island, that celebration has great significance.

Tram Anh (According to Thesefootballtimes)


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