Voting and the transformation of football into money


It was considered the boss of many teams, following the transfer of Hanoi team B for Ha Tinh and the U21 team for Phu Tho, but the elect is successful with a different process.

The Hanoi players named after SLNA 2-0 won the V-League in 2018 for the first year of the tournament. Photo: Forest deal.

The Hanoi players named after SLNA 2-0 won the V-League in 2018 for the first year of the tournament. Photo: Lam Agreement.

Mr. Ha Thanh is known for the first time in the world of high-altitude football, when transferring in the form of funding from Da Nang in 2008. The Han River team, theoretically, probably never owned by the elect. But his football dream began a few years earlier, from receiving many of the players of an amateur team to start playing from the Third Division in 2006. At the beginning, the road then. 15 years as the football of the elect has just been marked by the transfer to Phu Tho team U21 just won the national championships.

The teams with “apricot, cheek roots” to elect can be named by the itinerary as follows: The first is Hanoi is built from the original, then Da Nang received the transfer from the local. By the year 2011, through its subsidiaries and “anonymous funding” contracts, it is said to be the true owner of Quang Nam. In 2016, when the first team in Hanoi was promoted, he was forced to change his name to Saigon FC, and moved “his household” into HCMC. In 2019, the Hanoi youth team was transferred to Ha Tinh to become Hong Linh ha tinh. As such, Phu Tho second team is the sixth team that is easily visible to the elect. But according to many rumors, Mr. Ha Thanh also reached the influence of Quang Ninh, Can Tho and SLNA, depending on the specific stage.

The interlaced relations, both directly and indirectly between the teams, were easy to evoke the manipulation of the elect to the Vietnamese football, especially the V-League. The actual pitch shows, since 2010, the teams are said to have won the V-League in total, seven times, in which Hanoi, Da Nang and Quang Nam each team once. In those championships, only two years in the league, 2018 and 2019 were to express their strength clearly, thanks to a country player with up to 10 people. But the rest of the Championships have “the mark” of the relationship of scores between Hanoi – Da Nang – Quang Nam. This is the reason why the Germans said that no team could pass through Hanoi to champion, simply because “a fat man that hit each other with a sick year” loses.

But therefore, a question is laid out: Elected to continue investing for football, continue to transfer his team to many localities to do? At that time, the relationship with the force was confirmed, Hanoi has the power to dominate the V-League more and more years, himself establishing records in the history of Vietnamese football. If you take the championship as you get in the bag, is there anything interesting that the vote has to be despite the treatise to turn the V-League into “private toy” like a rumor blowing? As the V-League championship is still “missing, it is boring”, yet to the point that the master has poured money to the champion’s investment as much as possible. In fact, the HAGL, Dong Mind Long An or Binh Duong also… Bored of Champions.

As a result, it is likely that the voting of the V-League should be a different reason. That could simply be a form of football business according to his own approach of voting each building a team from the lowest point.

In 2010, when he was satisfied with the V-League championship ambition for the first time, the elected relatives were to proceed with the training of youth football institutions and build the system from under 17 to 19. As a result of the year 2011, the youth teams of Hanoi won the U19 and national U21 each award five times, not counted three times in the finals. The source of the player is filtered to the first team, but the more the residual, right down to the youth football team, first class. Then when the number of players and the team rises, Hanoi begins… Sell. Saigon FC is a typical trade.

When elected to bring the team of Hanoi B into HCMC, he still had to continuously appear with the events of the team as an attempt to market. At the same point, the elect is sold immediately to HCMC which is “thirsty” football. But after a few glitches, it took four years to make a new success for Mr. Nguyen Cao Thuong in the 2020 season. When Hanoi B entered HO Chi Minh City, it was still a youth team, with the addition of several players from the big team in the form of “denomination”. Thus, in terms of investment, voting has sold the full team with the price is not cheap, not to mention the “Loi” in 4 years Saigon FC the V-League when still in relation to Hanoi.

The size of the market is As Ho Chi Minh City that voted to be sold by the team, the transfer to places without the V-League air is simpler. Ha Noi moved the youth team to U19 Vietnam 2018 for Ha Tinh. Another group formed the Phu Tho team. Observing the whole process, it is possible to see Hanoi is selling players right from the very “school”. The word has formed a very clear flow: the child is good to take the first team in Hanoi. The lost veterans move to other teams in the form of semi-medium-help, in the style of Samson to Quang Nam. The teams that sell locally will be in the form of “beer with a stray”, besides the player also has a COACH and professional sponsorship. In short, the elect is trading players, trading the team in a spectacular way, despite the addition of which he suffered the voice of “The boss of many clubs”.

This model is not in fact the elect. It is the most critical of the judges to do the same. On HAGL at the peak, the homeland of the German national team was Binh Dinh. At the height of the Dong mind Tiles, Bau Thang owns the first class, Dong do team, tile bronze stone. It was elected to receive the Bank of East Asia after the negative 2005, transformed into the Dong Tam paint and sold the package to the school to form the team Vissai Ninh Binh later. The model also nearly made the Binh Duong deploy, but half the road broke down because of training the young player does not mean.

Go after the other elect, but the successful invention in the proof of Vietnamese football can still make money by investing both in human beings and the ability to manipulate. Since the day he personally entered the Cua Lo to have just bought, sponsored “the Furnace” VST’s brother writers last year 2009, the Model “training-team-level-promotion-sale” was elected to fully deploy. In the end, it is also the way that the business of Ha Thanh is learning from his journey to football.

What about selling the team but collecting money or something? Is the transfer process legal? The elect has one hand in manipulating the V-League, which causes the number one Vietnam Football League to become boring, and to turn off the desire to invest in other CLUBS? This is another issue of Vietnamese football, which belongs to the managers.

Song Viet


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