Which iPad 2020 to buy? iPad Pro, iPad Air and 10.2 iPad in comparison


In the spring of 2020, Apple unveiled a new iPad. Time for an overview: Which tablet should you take, what’s good and bad about iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro and the “ordinary” iPad? GIGA makes recommendations.

In March 2020, Apple launched the iPad Pro updated in both model sizes. Furthermore, there is the iPad Air And that iPad mini, they are from spring 2019. The cheapest Apple tablet 10.2 inch iPad, apple released in the fall of 2020. Each of these tablets has its right to exist, each addresses a different target group.

We go through the devices in order, name the advantages and disadvantages compared to the other models and give sales recommendations.

10.2 inch iPad: The Price Cracker

The cheapest Apple tablet is simply called “iPad”. For the unambiguous designation, the screen diagonal of 10.2 inches is usually mentioned. The recommended price is 379 euros, on the market it is a little cheaper to get. The display has slightly enlarged Apple compared to its predecessor, the 9.7-inch iPad. In addition, there was support for the Smart Keyboard, a keyboard that is connected to the tablet via a contact point. Unlike Bluetooth keyboards, you don’t need to charge a battery with this keyboard.

+ Again, this is already a high-quality tablet
+ Apple Pencil (1st gen) and Smart Keyboard can be used
+ Very cheap

– Display not laminated
– Chip power mediocre
– Loudspeaker only on one side

Review: Since the display is not laminated, it does not look as high-quality and the operation is not as immediate as with the other iPads. In addition, Apple has only half-heartedly upgraded the chip. This slightly tarnishes the use. In general, however, it is a good tablet for …

Suitable for: School, leisure, at home – for example, for children and adolescents who use a tablet as a drawing block. Watching news and surfing works just as well.

iPad Air: The reasonable choice

The 10.5 inch iPad Air from spring 2019 is recommended as a “standard iPad”, as it makes a very good figure in all conceivable applications – at an acceptable price of 549 euros (RRP), but with 64 GB of storage space. The display in particular distinguishes it from the low-cost 10.2-inch iPad: it has a good size, is laminated (pen inputs and display are therefore better) and true tone technology adapts the color representation to the ambient light.

+ Top tablet with top performance
+ Very good display
+ Apple Pencil (1st Gen) and Smart Keyboard can be used

– Loudspeaker only on one side

Review: With the 10.5 inch iPad Air, you can’t really do anything wrong, it’s an excellent compromise solution. Well, the one-sided sonication is unsightly. If you want to watch a movie, the best way to pair your iPad with a Bluetooth box is to do so. Then the sound is even better than with an iPad Pro.

Suitable for: School, leisure, home, office – including more demanding assignments. Compared to the 10.2 inch iPad, the “upscale” solution.

iPad mini: The small powerful

The iPad mini from 2019 (5th generation) is almost entirely similar in technical equipment to the iPad Air presented above. However, the screen diagonal is 7.9 inches. Thus, it is clearly (!) smaller, but also more portable.

+ Top tablet with top performance
+ Small
+ Very good display
+ Apple Pencil (1st gen) can be used

– Loudspeaker only on one side
– Without smart keyboard support

Review: The performance is up to all bets, but the screen size is not. Out of embarrassment, you shouldn’t buy the iPad mini, but because you know you want this little tablet. Otherwise, the 100 Euro surcharge for the iPad Air is worthwhile, because the Mini costs at least 449 Euro (RRP).

Suitable for: Leisure time, work – on the road, including demanding assignments.

11 inch iPad Pro: The top model

The iPad Pro features some differences compared to other Apple tablets: face recognition Face ID instead of fingerprint sensor Touch ID, USB-C port instead of Lightning, support of the Apple Pencil 2 instead of 1. Main feature is the extremely high performance and the equipment at the top level. Compared to the 2018 model, the iPad Pro from 2020 (11 inch 2nd generation) shines above all by:

  • the new camera module (dual camera with wide angle and ultra-wide angle) including LiDAR scanner for depth detection for augmented reality,
  • Trackpad support (see the new keyboard Magic Keyboard) and
  • the powerful chip.

The iPad Pro uses cutting-edge technology. With the USB-C connection, it allows professional users to connect accessories such as a digital camera.

+ Top model among iPads with highest performance
+ Best display with 120Hz support
+ 4-speaker audio for good stereo sound, both in landscape and portrait format
+ Support for Apple Pencil 2nd generation with more features, Smart Keyboard Folio and Magic Keyboard.
+ Best camera, only it offers 4K videos and LED flash; Dual camera with ultra-wide angle.
+ Front camera supports portrait mode and animojis.
+ 128GB to 1TB of storage

– Expensive
– Accessories are more expensive
– iPad Pro with keyboard is noticeably more voluminous than iPad Air with keyboard.

Review: If you value cutting-edge technology, you’re in the right place. Where USB C is often used, this model can also be the most practical choice. With its high performance, sophisticated accessories (Apple Pencil 2nd generation) and good audio setup, the iPad Pro is a great tablet. Whether you’re creating 3D models or just looking at a series.

Suitable for: Graphic artists, draftsmen, developers and all intensive users who simply have a buck on it (and the necessary account balance).

12.9 inch iPad Pro: Top-of-the-range model even bigger

The 12.9-inch iPad Pro from 2020 is similar to the 11-inch iPad Pro – apart from the fact that it’s only significantly larger with a 12.9-inch screen diagonal. And more expensive.

Suitable for: For those who need an iPad Pro with the widest possible display.

By the way: While the 11-inch iPad Pro 2020 is nicknamed “2nd Generation,” the 12.9-inch iPad Pro 2020 is the 4th generation because Apple has been offering this screen size for a long time.

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Which iPad 2020 to buy? Conclusion

In principle, there is nothing wrong with it – at most, perhaps too much money. We can recommend any current model. For the iPad mini, however, we would like to point out once again: If it does not have to be as small a tablet as possible, the surcharge for the iPad Air is worthwhile.

One should still consider which concrete execution one would like: The Housing color is a matter of taste. If you have your own Mobile phone tariff for the tablet, take the cellular version. If you usually have Wi-Fi and only occasionally need an internet connection via mobile phone, the extra charge is not worth it. Then you’d rather use the iPhone hotspot than access. The third selection criterion is the Memory. If you only email and surf a little bit, 32 GB of storage will be enough. If you want to store large games, magazines or movies locally, you need at least 64, if not 128 GB of storage.

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