Windows 10: Latest version and updates [Übersicht]

Windows 10: Current version


There are several ways to view the current version of Windows 10.

When Microsoft first introduced Windows 10 in September 2014, it was announced that there would be no new version numbers for Windows. This was also one of the reasons why the successor to Windows 8.1 wasn’t simply called Windows 9. The name Windows 10 remains. However, a lot of features have been added in recent years, the interface and pre-installed apps have been improved, so that Windows 10 no longer looks like it did when the official product launch in July 2015.

So what is the current version of Windows 10? How do I find out which version of Windows 10 I have? And what new features have the past Windows 10 updates brought? This article answers these and other questions about the topic.

Windows 10: What is the current version?

On March 10, Microsoft released updates for all versions of Windows 10 that were still supported. We will provide a separate message about the Windows 10 updates to patchday in March.

Which version of Windows 10 is installed?

Is your system up-to-date? To view the installed version of Windows 10:

  1. Open the settings using the gear in the Start menu or using the key combination (Win)+(i).
  2. Click System and then bottom left on Info.
  3. Scroll down.

In the area of Windows Specifications the installed Windows Edition And Windows version Displayed. The edition indicates whether Windows 10 Home is installed for the home user or Windows 10 Pro for users who need access to a Windows server-based network. The Windows version specifies the version number of the currently installed update. The names of the version updates are not displayed.

Alternative: Is my Windows 10 up-to-date? – Microsoft website finds out

Under Operating system build find the exact build number. Even within a large version of Windows there are different update levels, which usually differ only by corrected errors. Microsoft delivers a List of all build numbers with the error corrections contained in each case.

View Windows 10 version

© Screenshot / Christian Immler

Want to show your Windows 10 version? The settings reveal the currently installed version of Windows.

Updates are installed automatically

In most cases, you don’t need to worry about updates, but will automatically receive the latest version of Windows 10 to your PC a few days after the official release date.

Installing a six-monthly feature update is similar to reinstalling the operating system and can take over an hour. Therefore, these updates are not automatically installed like security updates, but only on confirmation of the user – preferably at night, while the PC is not needed.


Only on mini PCs and tablets with very small SSDs is not sufficient space for the feature updates. This problem has probably not been considered in the development of these devices. Here, updates are only possible via detours and external storage media.

An overview of the most important innovations in the Windows 10 versions

In the following table we give an overview of the key innovations of the Windows 10 versions. The top entry is the current version of Windows 10:

For updates from May 2019 update we have separate articles. For the version before that, look at the next pages of this article.

Version Key innovations
1809 Cloud Clipboard
1803 timeline, Bluetooth environment sharing
1709 System-wide sharing, OneDrive files on demand
1703 Paint 3D, Game Mode, Night Mode
1607 New Start Menu, Edge and Cortana Improvements, Windows Ink, Subsystem for Linux
1511 Children’s diseases eliminated, activation improved
1507 First version



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