Winter grievances-cherry blossoms of Chinese table tennis


As a candidate for the Tokyo Olympic performance with Long code and promise, the crowd is loved by the women’s favorite thanks to the birth letter.

The winter grievances boast the World men's singles championship 2016.

The winter grievances boast the World men’s singles championship 2016.

Fan Zhendong is one of the “Four Kingdoms” of Chinese ping-pong, besides Long code, Truong Khoa and promised. In 4/2018, at the age of 21, he became the number one world of ITTF. The world champion of Cantonese Champions 2014 at the age of 17 (youngest history). The biggest personal title of the grievance is the men’s singles championship 2016 in Saarbrucken (Germany). He has also twice crowned the Asian year 2015 and 2017.

Aside from personal accomplishments, around the winter grievances are colorful backstage stories

In 2015, when he was complaining to Dubai World Cup tennis team, his opponent was a ball-cutting expert. Although he won the gold HC with the men’s team in the world championships a year ago, the Chinese team leader expressed his concern for the new 18-year-old. During training and competitions, he rarely encounters such an opponent, as the Chinese team now does not have someone to cut the ball.

Top 10 shocks of the winter fan

Some impressive moments of the winter complain.

The air in the team was only subdued when Suh Hyo-won, who was dubbed the “Korean goddess of the ball” that appeared in the resort, near the place of the China national team. Suh is a defensive expert who has climbed to eight worlds, and especially the skill of cutting a variety of balls, remote desks to counterattack. Know the question, ask the number and ask the herd more than 10 years old, right at the place.

Suh Hyo-Won was surprised to receive a phone call from a strange number. However, thanks to the translation of the introduction of the “professional team” and “to be a teacher of the ball cut skills”, women who were born in 1987 still refused. When the Chinese football team stood out, she was brought up with the rising star of the mainland table tennis. It is unclear how much percentage of ball cutting skills were made, but the next day he easily knocked off the opponent, before the team won the gold HC.

Suh Hyo-Won is the famous South Korean women's table tennis...

Suh Hyo-Won is South Korea’s famous table tennis actress.

... She frequently on the cover of magazines like SI, Maxim thanks to her beautiful appearance.

She regularly on the cover of magazines such as SI, Maxim thanks to her beautiful appearance.

A winter grievance invites Suh Hyo-won to the celebration of victory. Both photographed jointly with the team, with a variety of intimate gestures, and sparked rumors about “my friendship with her”. However, their relations after many years did not evolve. They occasionally visit each other, when they join the world championships or the World Cup, but do not go further.

In addition to age issues, Sina Said that the complains was strict about the love affair from the previous teachers. In 2012, when he was 15 years old and the feet wet on the foot, he was acquainted with another “goddess” of the sports village-the death skater, born in 1996-via social network. They regularly message, comment on WeChat, Weibo. 16th birthday of the death, complaining greetings, with the icon rose on social network.

Troubles happen from here. At the same time, his teammates in ping-pong-Chu Vu also had an eye on the army. Almost at the same time as the children’s wishes, Chu also sent “Roses” on the Weibo page of the beautiful female VV and, in fact, that “it’s your home”. Despite the deletion of these words, the inhabitants of the network were rumored to love the three between him and her. Fans also said that between the complaining and Chu, who won the country first, will win the heart of beauty.

Military theory is considered to be the Chinese goddess of skate art. Her Weibo accounts are hundreds of thousands of followers.

Military theory is considered to be the Chinese goddess of skate art. Her Weibo account is visited by hundreds of thousands of followers.

To the ping-pong team, and the training board summoned to speak seriously. The meeting content is kept confidential, but SiNa, He was asked to focus on the competition and did not think of romance to the Tokyo Olympics. Along with the Luong con, the fan is considered the future of Chinese Ping, sufficient to replace Long code, promised later. Therefore, according to the master of the trauma, it is too early to keep him focused.

Since then, it is almost not “back” on social media, even when women’s skater art skating at the end of 2018, at age 22. In front of the trauma there are always two options: or learn the men as Long code, promised to “love the Secret” for seven, eight years before public relations. Or on the path of the faculty, there are two strikes, which are close to marriage to the actor. The first way seemed safer, because at the time of technology, no matter what the title is and is considered as the second most or most historic, the scientist still gets less emotional from fans.

Jeon Ji-hee has been in the table tennis team with many years of shock, while holding Chinese nationality.

Jeon Ji-hee has been in the table tennis team with many years of shock, while remaining in Chinese citizenship.

Say no to the love but “sub-tables” (the affectionate way that the Chinese CCP for the winter, meaning “fat guy”) still has the power to be strong with the opposite sex. During the interview in the first year of 2020, South Korean women’s team of Chinese descent Jeon Ji-Hee (formerly filled with Lucid VI) devoted much affection to the youngest brother of the team years old. When asked who would choose to live on the desert, Jeon chose Suh Hyo-won if she had to choose a woman, and if it were male.

Aravind Nair (According to Sina)


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